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Note: as mentioned before on occasion, looks like the zetas are
looking for more than control of drug / human smuggling.
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All security structure, infiltrated by Los Zetas
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The presence of the narcos in security institutions and law
enforcement, they can not hide or in speeches by President Felipe
Calderon and Attorney General Marisela Morales, is more than
infiltration. In the case of Los Zetas, is a take by assault the
command structures available to them at will of that cartel bosses.
This is shown in a court record that is described, with details,
names and amounts of bribes-controls how federal and local police and
the army would not only protect the drug dealers they work for them
as escorts, Hawks, informants , payers and even as assassins

The arrest of four members of the criminal organization Los Zetas has
revealed that his operations are performed, not only overlapped by
the Mexican Army, the Attorney General's Office (PGR), the Federal
Investigation Agency (AFI) and the Federal Police (PF), as well as
state and municipal police forces, both of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon.

Five years into Calderon's war on drugs, which accumulated more than
50 thousand dead and a similar number of missing, the federal
security forces did not escape the corruption that the president
repeatedly attributed to police and local institutions.

According to the preliminary PGR/SIEDO/UEIDCS/041/2012, made just
last February 8, soldiers of the Sixth Military Zone ran citizens
denouncing criminals, and their bodies disappear, in addition to the
PGR hide shipments drug.

The investigation adds that so did the PF agents, who also identified
and faced opponents of Los Zetas, placed checkpoints where they
showed them and guarding shipments. Also, implemented the payroll of
the Federal Support Forces (FFA) that sends the government
temporarily to fight the narco.

Meanwhile, other members of the PGR and AFI, with bribe at all
levels, were responsible for record with weak positions to members of
Los Zetas, free those who were detained and report to the heads on
all types of complaints, including anonymous.

In the case of corporations of California, Los Zetas witnessed
narconómina payment of the police state or city and had a link with
the state government to maintain their structure safely. (Excerpt
from article published this week in Process 1843, already in use)

Posted February 26, 2012, 1:46 a.m.
Napolitano crosses the border
The Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, visited the
Border Patrol in Tucson, Arizona.
Receive full report on the unlawful activity against the Arizona
Omar Chiquete
Nogales, Arizona - New Day

The Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, passing the
holiday of Washington's Birthday celebration with a general
supervision of the joint activities of the Department of Customs and
Border Protection in Arizona, accompanied by the Commissioner of CBP,
David Aguilar.
After spending the previous day in Scottsdale, Arizona, Napolitano
traveled to Tucson for a joint monitoring of the integration in the
newly created field "Joint Command of Arizona" (JFC-AZ).
After the initial conversation, Napolitano and Aguilar attended a
meeting at the Border Patrol station in Tucson, where they addressed
a mixed group of Border Patrol agents, CBP officers and air
interdiction agents. At the meeting, Napolitano thanked them for
their efforts in Arizona.
"As head of this department, I have overall responsibility for the
security of our nation's borders to ensure that people do not enter
our country illegally and smuggling," he said. "The Arizona border is
becoming safer as a direct result of their efforts commendable and I
just wanted to thank them personally."
Following muster, Napolitano and Aguilar received a report by the
Common Fund Imaging Operations, Command and Control, where Border
Patrol agents monitor the cameras and radar systems to detect illegal
activities at the border.
Napolitano and Aguilar concluded their visit with a presentation of
intelligence integration JFC-AZ where they were informed about the
cycle of intelligence CBP conducted to effectively link the
information to provide an accurate and timely operating system on the

Note: AMLO is the far left candidate, came in a very close 2nd in
last presidential election.

AMLO asked the U.S. to support the growth of Mexico, instead of
sending weapons
Monreal announced that next week will present a complaint to the
Fepade by the sayings of Chairman and the survey revealed to bankers
Aurora Zepeda

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 26. - At the end of a private meeting with young
people from Black, the candidate of the left, Andres Manuel Lopez
Obrador said that at its next meeting with U.S. Vice President Joe
Biden, asked that his country instead of sending weapons and armored
helicopters to Mexico, to support the development and growth of our

This, he said, to borrow cheap and easy to allow the growth of this
country and "temper" the phenomenon of migration, to ending the
"racism", "discrimination" and is not necessary to lift "walls" .

Meanwhile, debates on the adoption of this week will the IFE General
Council, Lopez Obrador said he would wait to see what is being
discussed, but insisted he needed 12 debates and said he did not
understand why their opponents only want two, but said he might worry
about not having "teleprompter", referring to the other candidates.

Moreover, Ricardo Monreal, Tabasco campaign coordinator, said that
next week will present a complaint to the Fepade by the sayings of
Chairman and the survey revealed to bankers.

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