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NOTE: Of concern is what is the criteria for seizing cash, weapons,
Especially when not in process of leaving U.S. and entering Mexico
Will my $80.00, a 1911 and box of 50 rounds of 45 ACP qualify?
Will adding a Sportsman's Warehouse gift card, my Ruger Nr. 3 and a
100 rounds of .223 put me over the limit?
Blythe is about 100 miles from the border

Yuma agents seize $62K, guns, ammo
March 07, 2012 6:07 PM

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents seized $62,286, two firearms and
1,600 rounds of ammunition in three separate incidents earlier this
week at checkpoint operations on Interstate 10.

According to Agent Spencer Tippets, of the Yuma Sector Public Affairs
Office, agents assigned to the Blythe Station referred a sedan to
secondary inspection on Monday after a canine team alerted on the

Tippets said the driver consented to a vehicle search, and agents
found $45,574 cash hidden throughout the passenger compartment.

"It was obvious they did not want the agents to find it," Tippets
said. "It is not illegal to have large sums of money. What is illegal
is to obtain it illegally."

But that is not all agents found in the vehicle. Agents also found a
Colt .357 revolver, 12-gauge shotgun, 1,000 rounds of .223-caliber
and 640 rounds of 7.62x39 ammunition hidden in the trunk.

The driver and passenger, both U.S. citizens, the currency, the
weapons and ammunition were turned over to the La Paz County
Sheriff's Office.

On Tuesday, Tippets said, agents referred a Honda Accord to secondary
inspectionafter a canine team alert. A search of the vehicle revealed
a vacuum-sealed package containing $15,020 cash hidden in a backpack.

After the driver denied ownership of the money, it was seized by La
Paz County Sheriff's Office.

Tippets said later that same day, agents found $1,692 in U.S.
currency and a small amount of marijuana in a silver sedan that had
also been sent to secondary inspection after a canine alert.

The cash and marijuana were turned over to the La Paz County
Sheriff's Office.

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