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Only one victim has been identified by AUTHORITIES
31 / Jan / 2016
Román Perea

New Day / Nogales, Sonora

Two men shot dead were found early yesterday morning in a local road leading to the village of Cíbuta ranch.

According to official data, it was 3:44 in the morning when they received the notice at kilometer 28 of the International Road, in known as the "Saucito" ranch two bodies were lying in the dirt road.

Officers arrived and interviewed a woman, 50, who informed them that going in her pick-up to her home by the dirt road, saw the body lying on the ground.

Thinking it was one of the workers, descended from her vehicle to see what happened, so she tried to move it while screaming at him and having no response, she climbed back to her vehicle to continue and was several meters farther she looked at another body at the roadside, so she called the 066 emergency number to report the facts.

According to unofficial reports, one of the deceased was identified as Jose Noe Salazar Mendoza, 34.

Subdelegation La Mesa elements, who came and did a walking tour of the place, finding the body of a person wearing black pants, gray hoodie, red tennis shoes, of stocky build and found four fired cases, 39x 7.62 mm caliber and a .223 caliber and one 9mm.

Meters ahead was a second body, his hands tied behind his back with handcuffs, he wore blue jeans, red sweatshirt with white, black tennis shoes, and various cases of ..223 and one 9mm.

The officers cordoned off the area, presenting the Department of Expert Services, who tookf the cases and the medical examiner and funeral in turn for the removal of the bodies.



Note: Meanwhile back at the POE

They seize $ 276,000 in cocaine
Details Published on Saturday January 30, 2016,
Written by Drafting / El Diario

A man of 51 years of Nogales, Arizona, was arrested at the checkpoint Dennis DeConcini with $ 276,000 in cocaína. Agentes Customs and Border Protection sent him to a second review . Martin Ocano 51, who was trying to go back to Nogales, Arizona , aboard a Chevrolet automobile.


Authorities seize 39 pounds of meth
Details Published on Saturday January 30, 2016,
written by Rosalia Muñoz


The arrested person is called Francisca Cristina Romero.
Customs Agents and Border Protection at Dennis DeConcini checkpoint arrested a woman from Nogales, Arizona with $ 116,000 in methamphetamine.
The official conducting the first inspection to enter the United States, sent to a second inspection Cristina Francisca Romero, 30, who was traveling in a Ford Sedan.
During the inspection officers located several packages with 39 pounds of methamphetamine, for which was immediately forwarded to the relevant authorities and the seizure of drugs and car.


Note: Then this fun one. Imported, but from where?

Sonora registered leprosy patients
Details Published on Saturday January 30, 2016,
Written by Drafting / El Diario

Although many think that leprosy is extinct, this has existed since biblical times and still exists in our community; why January 31 is celebrated the world day against this disease that still affects thousands of people worldwide.

Sonora is among the states that recorded a higher number of patients; General Hospital in Nogales have registered two cases in treatment, one discharged and three under surveillance.

The coordinator of the department microbacteriosis in the HG, Asalia Gameros said that leprosy is a disease that occurs in the skin in the form of colorless or red spots, which when touched are "dormant" or nodules (balls) do not give pain or itching. They can go in one or more parts of the body and are caused by a microbe.


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