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Armed Coahuila police cross into US
by Editorial
22/02/2016 - 4:00 a.m.

Piedras Negras.- Two patrols of municipal police and Allende Coahuila Nava entered with its elements on board to the area of ​​US Customs at the border from Eagle Pass to Piedras Negras, when they tried to arrest a subject who fled an operation in which he almost hit a policeman.

The incident occurred at about one o'clock when officers Allende persecution first began about 40 kilometers from the border aboard a patrol in an attempt to intercept a late-model white Chevolet pickup with plates from Texas.

The chase patrol Nava joined, to extend this municipality flight, without being activated Code Red and fugitive headed for the international bridge number two which was congested with cars that were on their way to Eagle Pass, Texas.

The subject in the pickup broke the fence of the tollbooth of the international bridge two already in territory of Piedras Negras and half bridge crashed into a car.

The patrols did not stop their pursuit to reach and to Texan territory and were detained and amagados Customs officers and Maverick County sheriff's deputies.

After half an hour they were already assured the American side patrols, he was activated Code Red and after four hours the municipal elements, who did not provide the name, were returned to Mexico by Customs in Eagle Pass.

Two more of the municipal police units from Negras Peidras tried to stop the truck but they returned a half-bridge.

This is the second incident happens where armed Coahuila officers entered Texas with official vehicles during a chase and who are stopped and searched by US border authorities.


Note: " no justification for civilians to arm themselves and provide their own security,"

Exautodefensa released from prison and is reset; violation of state regulations

by Excelsior
22/02/2016 - 10:56 a.m.

Morelia, Mich.- Through its official Facebook, the former leader of the paramilitary group in Santa María de Ostula, Cemei Verdía Zepeda, published three photos on the Michoacan coast in which he is seen carrying a gun and a bulletproof vest.

pictured wearing a bulletproof vest and a gun is seen, which contravenes the disposition of the government of Michoacan, which announced last February 11 with the last block of exautodefensas trained to join the police in Michoacan, there would be no justification for civilians to arm themselves and provide their own security, so that the photos reveal that violates that provision of state authority.

Cemei Verdía was appointed commander of the Rural Force during the first stage of adjustment of self-defense two years ago, however, after the criminal proceedings faced murder and aggravated robbery was suspended from the police force without being been reactivated.


Note: Local interest mostly "Sika" = "Zika"

Call to fight dengue mosquito
22 / Feb / 2016
Contreras Eréndida Inzunza
New Day / Nogales, Sonora

The only way to prevent dengue virus, Chicungunya and Sika is avoiding the presence of mosquito transmitter of the three diseases, in areas where it operates.

This was announced by Epidemiologist Mexican Institute of Social Security, IMSS, Clemente Chavez Ramirez, noting that the mosquito, Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus develops in most regions and Nogales is no exception, because it has the weather for presence of said bug.

He said both dengue, sika, and Chicungunya have the same infection process is through mosquito transmitter and begins with the presence of a healthy mosquito that comes and bites a person ill with any or all of these diseases; then takes seven to fourteen days for playback or incubating the virus, later, the body of a mosquito becomes hundreds and thousands of ready virus to spread to everyone.

So far, he said, do not have treatment for the virus, the only way is to prevent the mosquito in the life of people and the recommendations are not loiter around or inside the houses, preventing stored water, because it is where develops the mosquito, even it has been found that within a few weeks the eggs generate hundreds and thousands of larvae best known as siboris and elsewhere are called corta-tripas.

Also, he said, it is necessary to keep covered containers to avoid water in flower vases, pots, use mosquito nets, pavilions and repellents, which somehow will avoid the presence of the mosquito.


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