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Note: photo at link, looks very much like U.S. supplied firearms.

There is no room for IMPUNITY
07 / Feb / 2016
Hermosillo, Sonora

The crimes that arise in the State will not go unpunished, stressed Governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano, warning Sonora is not fertile ground for those who want to commit crimes.

So governor Claudia Pavlovich said, accompanied by responsible state and municipal security and CISEN delegates and PGR, plus federal and military forces stationed in Sonora, to deliver 32 patrol vehicles to the State Public Security Police for operating proximity in Hermosillo, and weapons and uniforms to the elements of the Police Procedural Sonora State Prison System.

Governor Claudia Pavlovich also announced close coordination between corporations and municipal, state and federal agencies, as well as the Army and Navy.
"Today is a day on which we are responding to those who think that impunity and crime are having territory in Sonora. Those who think they are so very wrong; Here we will work in coordination, as we are seeing, all forces; the Navy, the Army, the Municipal Police, the State Police, the State Security Police, of course CISEN, PGR, the Federal Police. Here they will be working on coordination, facing the challenges we have to face, " she said.

Referring to the crime in the early hours of Friday that occurred in the town of Miguel Aleman, Governor Pavlovich Claudia refused to let it go unpunished, "but mostly we will work hard to ensure that does not happen again."

"Those who do not align with the issue of working with integrity on behalf of citizens, will be out of my government, and those criminals who want to make their territory in Sonora, tell them we're here many more Sonora well and many more Sonora we will work to live in peace, "he said. "Sonora is not fertile ground for crime, will continue to work with facts and responding with facts, with hard work and courage, because as a woman I do not lack the courage to confront impunity," she said.

The Secretary of Public Security, Adolfo Garcia Morales, said that of the 32 patrols gave the Governor of the State,
16 are type pick up,
5 type and Patriot

11 Interceptor patrol type, the latter reinforced with ballistic steel thickness fourth level 4 Plus, Plus Level 4 ballistic resistance against AR 15, AK47y UZI machine gun type.

The weapons and equipment consists of:
22 nine-millimeter pistols,
7 nine-millimeter pistols
17 assault rifles,
242 tactical combat shirts and pants,
121 trimmings, embroidered badges,
121 pairs of shoes,
500 locks nylon,
121 handcuffs,
121 riot shields
121 anti stab vests,
121 ballistic vests with plates and
121 lamps.
"The vehicles will be earmarked for social proximity to combat drug dealing and monitoring of the city of Hermosillo, for the work we have done together the mayor and the state government," he said.

Present during the event, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (STJ), Francisco Gutiérrez Rodríguez; Commander of the Fourth Military Zone, Brigadier General, Norberto Cortés Rodríguez ; Commander of the 45th Military Zone, Brigadier General, Celestino Avila Astadillo; Vice Admiral Anselmo Diaz Cid; Government Secretary, Miguel Ernesto pompa Corella; and the Attorney General of the State, Rodolfo Montes de Oca Mena. In addition, the Mayor of Hermosillo, Manuel Ignacio Acosta Gutiérrez; the Chief of the Center for Investigation and National Security (CISEN), Fernando Castro Miranda; the delegate of the Attorney General's Office (PGR), Dario Figueroa Navarro; State coordinator of the Federal Police Commissioner Raul Avila Ibarra; the Director General of State Police Investigator, Manuel Angel Barrios Macario; and Commissioner General of PESP, Alonso Ulises -Gómez Méndez Manuell.


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