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There has been a middle eastern community in Cd. Juarez for many years, size unknown.
But to memory, never been more of a problem than others.
Don't think the cartel leadership wants any terror acts to happen along the border which would be very bad for business.
Possible? Of course, but unlikely as it is hard to have secrets in Mexico. People who don't belong are usually noticed quickly. Until can get some better info, hopefully we can put it in the file with the "Russian troops hidden along the border" rumor of many years ago.


Report ISIS camp site in Anapra
El Diario de Juarez | 04.14.2015 | 15:17


City Juárez.- The portal conservative judicial affairs, Judicial Watch, today released a report which says the Islamic state established a base in Anapra colony and one in Puerto Palomas.

The website cites as sources "an official of the Mexican army and federal police inspector" also in this country.

The exact location is "about eight miles from the US border, in an area known as 'Anapra' west of Ciudad Juarez area. Another cell ISIS is in Puerto Palomas and is eyeing the towns of Columbus and Deming, New Mexico, "says the website in a statement released today.

The site claims that during a joint operation between the (Mex.) Army and the Federal Police, "documents in Arabic and Urdu were found, and Fort Bliss maps and rugs for Muslim prayers".

It is not the first time the group 'Judicial Watch' reports reports in this regard. At the end of last August posted on its website that official source confirmed to him that ISIS cells operating in Ciudad Juarez and that these terrorists are planning to attack US with car bombs or other explosive devices improvised vehicle.

On his website he mentioned that the 'attack was so imminent that the general commander of the military base at Fort Bliss in El Paso had already been informed'. This report has already been deleted from your files.

Asked about the Fort Bliss spokeswoman Lt. Col. Lee Peters said doesn't know the validity of this information.

Other authorities of the Government of the United States as the Pentagon and the State Department reported that they lacked evidence that radical militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) uses the border with Mexico to enter the United States with purpose of conducting terrorist attacks.

In addition, Mexican, state and federal authorities responsible for border security in ruled out the presence of terrorist groups in Ciudad Juárez.

César Augusto Peniche, delegate of the Attorney General's Office (PGR) said immigration have no warning of movement or violence on the border, and the lack of a warning about the presence of terrorist groups in the town.

In turn, Figón Arturo Sandoval, a spokesman for the Attorney General of the State (FGE), said that until yesterday the agency was not aware of the alleged warning issued by authorities in Texas about a possible terrorist attack of the Islamic State by this border, as began to spread.

'The prosecution has not only coordination with national agencies, but the United States, but in this case were not taken communication to that effect; when the nation is at risk is the federal authority that may have information 'said Sandoval.

The course report caused such a stir in the news network CNN, the spokesman of the Department of Defense United States, Admiral John Kirbi, had to react. "I have not seen evidence that they are trying to get across the border with Mexico," he said at the time.


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