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Note: There are Uzi's in northern Mexico, real ones, not the semi-auto's exported to the U.S. Not yet known which model this one was.

Execute two in the colony Allende (Cajeme, Son.)

In the address where the victims were executed, three guns and two vehicles, one of them with theft report.
Juan Andres Bracamontes / Regional

Cajeme, Son.- Around 07:30 pm on Sunday, outside of a home located in the Allende colony, belonging to the police station in Tobarito were found dead two males, who had wounds from firearm projectiles.
The victims names of Ramon Alejandro Aragon Flores, 28 years old, who and had history on charges of possession of prohibited weapons, against law enforcement and administration of justice and lesions less than 15 days to heal and Jesus Martin Castro Miranda, between 20 and 23 years old who had his home in Colonia Los Altos de Jecopaco.

Local residents said that at dawn shots were heard, getting up in the morning when they noticed the bodies that were outside the home of Aragon Flores.

Staff Expert Services of the Attorney General of the State, coordinated by the Deputy Public Prosecutor's Office, said at the scene were several shell casings from handgun and rifle, four different calibers.

Also, in the interior of the house of Ramon Alejandro three guns were recovered, these being a sawn off 12-gauge shotgun; Uzzi a submachine gun 9mm, and .38 revolver special; and a bulletproof vest.

Similarly, outside of the house two vehicles were secured, which apparently of the victims, these being an Explorer, dark gray, model 1998; and Ford Ranger pickup, white, model 1996, with extemporaneous plates, which has theft report dated April 17, 2015.
The facts testified the Deputy Public Prosecutor's Office who ordered the lifting and transporting the bodies to carry out procedures of law. Social Representative issued an investigation order elements of PEI to find those responsible for private life to be victims.


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