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Note: As usual some of the numbers suspect to very suspect. Also not to forget the many thousands of U.S. firearms sent directly to the Mexican govt.

It is 127 million dollars in the illegal arms market; Senate toughen penalties drive
Of this amount, 80% came from the United States; common crime, drug trafficking and citizens, recipients

03/08/2015 6:58 Jaime Contreras Salcedo

In California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are 6,700 armories (firearms retailers), of which, 46.7 percent depend to some extent on demand in Mexico. Photo: Reuters / File

MEXICO CITY, March 8. More than 15 million guns are circulating illegally in Mexico; of which 65% is in the hands of organized crime and the remaining 35% on civilians for their alleged personal protection, according to data contained in a Senate bill that seeks to toughen penalties against possession of prohibited weapons.

The document proposed changes to Article 19 of the Constitution, a felony is considered for illegal carrying of weapons, states that is estimated at 127 million dollars a year that black market in Mexico, giving our country fifth place in the world.

Of the more than 15 million illegal arms circulating in the country, 12 million (80%) come from the United States, primarily a network of armories 6,700 installed on the border with Mexico.

The initiative highlights another factor that aggravates the illegal sale of weapons is the high level of impunity, and allegations of corruption or inefficiency of public servants responsible for procuring and administering justice, "because they put the country in a state of risk violations "against organized crime.

Mexico ranks fifth arms trafficking worldwide. It is estimated, according to data from the Senate, which currently circulating over 15 million illegal weapons and of them 80 percent from the United States (12 million) since 6,700 armories installed on the border with our country filled organized crime problem.

Those businesses, residents the same in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, are well distributed along the border with our nation at two establishments per kilometer, and as there is no law to prevent spread weapons of all kinds of calibres .

22,732 thousand homicides occurred in 2013; 14,122 were with firearms.
Linked to this phenomenon, in 2013, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), 22,732 homicides, of which 14,122 were committed with shooting handguns, rifles, shotguns, and other firearms.

Other figures that emerge from specialized studies on the subject, highlighted by legislators Armando Rios Piter and Zoe Robledo, demonstrate the seriousness of illegal trade of weapons into our country in a context of impunity and corruption.

14 percent of the 252,000 weapons crossing annually to Mexico are confiscated.
It has been estimated that authorities confiscate only 14% of the 252,000 weapons annually crossing illegally through the northern border (35 000), and that about 46.7% of US armories depend to some extent on the Mexican demand.

This further explains that in our country firearms were used in half the 120,000 homicides between 2007 and 2012.

Stands out even common criminals, organized crime and citizens acquire weapons on the black market worth an estimated $ 127 million annual amount. 65 percent of illegal weapons is in the hands of organized crime and 35 percent remaining civilians allegedly possess for personal protection.

Increased crime in general

Rivers and Robledo emphasize that the increase in illegal trafficking of weapons "was a factor in recent years Mexico has experienced an increase in crime in general, which has significantly affected the social, economic, political and institutional structures, causing a high perception of insecurity by its inhabitants and deterioration of the image of our country abroad. "

65 percent of illegal weapons are in the hands of organized crime.
Therefore, both senators filed an initiative to amend Article 19 of the Constitution to be considered a felony for the possession of firearms illegally, ie without permission.

What he wants this reform, these legislators aim is to inhibit illegal possession of firearms and explosives, "through a regulatory adaptation in order that it becomes a felony, and its location in the fundamental law of our country aand update the preventative detention ".

In the preamble to this initiative, proponents say it is increasingly common "learn from the commission of high-impact crimes such as assaults or homicides in which firearms larger caliber and power are used as those used for security forces of the State ".

Coupled with this phenomenon, the high level of impunity, and allegations of corruption or inefficiency of public servants responsible for procuring and administering justice, "exacerbate the problem of illegal possession of weapons, because society puts in a state at risk of violation and violence that grows every day. "


Before the unstoppable arms trafficking, it is proposed to officially a felony carrying firearms without permission.

The draft initiative Armando Rios Piter senators and Zoe Robledo also notes that this grave situation goes beyond a simple perception. The purpose of the numbers from the National Survey of Victimization and Perception of Public Insecurity (ENVIPE) "shows that in 2013 were generated in Mexico 33.1 million associated with 22.5 million crime victims 22.5, representing a rate of 1.5 offenses per victim (in 2012 the rate was 1.3 offenses per victim) ".

In addition, this survey estimated a rate of 41,563 crimes per hundred thousand inhabitants in 2013. Of the estimated 33.1 million crimes, the victim was present in 55% of cases, which represents, in absolute terms, 18.2 million. Of the estimated 18.2 million crimes where the victim was present, the criminals were carrying a gun in 50.2% of cases.

This represents 93.8% of crimes where no complaint or preliminary inquiry. This percentage represents the "dark figure" of the crimes committed, in which there was no previous complaint or inquiry was initiated during 2013.

The increase in the crime rate in 2013 compared to previous years is due primarily to the increase in crimes such as theft or assault in the street or on public transport, and extortion.
- Jaime Contreras

Note: the "Republic" of Chechnya is run directly out of Moscow. But Caracas and it's AK fabrica?

Threat Chechnya threatens arming Mexico if the US gives weapons to Kiev
"The supply of weapons to Ukraine would be a sign to take appropriate measures," said the president of the Chechen Parliament

03/26/2015 7:48 EFE

MOSCOW, 26 March- The republic of Chechnya in the Russian Caucasus, if Washington finally supplied weapons to Ukraine, threatens to deliver weapons to Mexico to help it recover "territories annexed by the United States".

The supply of weapons to Ukraine would be a sign to take appropriate measures, "said the president of the Chechen Parliament, Dukuvaja Abdurakhmanov, commenting on the recent US congressional resolution that urged President Barack Obama to send lethal weapons to the Government of Kiev to fight the pro-Russian insurgents.

To Abdurakhmanov, such measures would be "supplying modern weapons to Mexico to resolve the legal status of the territories annexed by the United States, which are currently states of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming" .

As indicated on the website of the Chechen parliament, the president also said that Chechnya "reserves the right to hold conferences in Russia, Mexico and the USA to raise the issue of the separation of those States of EU and delivering weapons to supporters of it. "

The Chechen responsible argued that since the Second World War "the US has not spent a single dollar in the development of Ukraine", while Russia and Ukraine have always been Ukraine's "brothers" so that Washington "has no right to give advice to Russia "about the current crisis.

The Kremlin today immediately disavowed the statements of Chechen responsibility, claiming that Chechnya is a subject of the Russian Federation and those words are contrary to Russian law.

These statements may not agree with Moscow. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters subjects of the Russian Federation can neither supply arms to a foreign country, or sell it, this is simply impossible from the point of view of our laws, "he said.


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