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Altar Valley ranchers believe gas pipeline will destroy a way of life

8 hours ago • By Joe Ferguson

Sasabe residents in the Altar Valley are nervously watching as construction crews bulldoze land just across the Mexican border.

They believe, or more accurately fear, the corridor the size of a football field being carved into the Mexican desert is evidence that approval of a proposed 59-mile Kinder-Morgan pipeline through their area is little more than a formality. With a decision from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on the actual route of the pipeline not expected until next year, Altar Valley residents are left to wonder how the 36-inch natural-gas-pipeline extension expected to cut through a path through their ranches and sensitive wildlife corridors will affect their lives.

The sound of heavy equipment clearing desert can easily be heard from the historic guest ranch that Richard Schultz runs a few hundred feet from the international border.

While walking through a thick grove of mesquite trees between the 90-year-old ranch once frequented by Hollywood stars and Washington, D.C., politicians, Schultz says he can only guess as to where Kinder Morgan wants to put the pipeline in relation to his ranch.

He points to some small hills just west of his guest ranch, noting his sole communication with Kinder Morgan has been a single postcard notifying him of a public hearing.

Schultz worries that a massive, denuded section of land near his ranch will hurt his business, which has for decades attracted people from around the world looking for a true taste of the Old West.

Sarah King can trace her husband's ranching roots in the Altar Valley back to 1895.

Fences crisscross the 55,000 acres her herd of roughly 300 cows graze on.

Her worries focus on smugglers who might use the north-south path of the pipeline to bring drugs into the county.

History, she says, has taught her that criminals use the path of least resistance, cutting a fence even if there is a gate 20 feet away. A cut fence might not seem like a big deal, she said, but it impacts her bottom line every time a cow escapes.

Kinder Morgan, she said, has told her that it won't be responsible if an increase in smuggling leads to problems on her ranch.

King said it is impossible to know how much the pipeline will threaten her family's century-old ranch.

A small pond fed by seasonal rainwater on one end of the Sierra Vista Ranch has provided Melissa Owen with countless hours of enjoyment.

Her motion-activated camera has caught bobcats, javelinas, deer and even a jaguar getting a late night drink. She is concerned the earth-moving equipment will destroy the precious watering hole.

"This is an extremely important area for wildlife, not just my ranch, but for all the nearby ranches," Owen said.

She faults the draft version of the environmental impact statement for not looking at the hydrological impacts the pipeline would have in the area.

History is on her side, pointing to the surveying stake put in the ground a few years ago when El Paso Natural Gas — now known as Kinder Morgan — wanted to build a pipeline to send natural gas from Mexico to Tucson.

Officials offered to route the pipeline around the pond, but the new route would essentially cut off the runoff from nearby hills after the monsoons.

With the eastern edge of her property bordering the Buenos Aires Natural Wildlife Reserve, Owen believes Kinder Morgan is playing politics with the route of the pipeline.

The preferred route was moved out of the boundaries of the wildlife reserve because the pipeline did not meet its goals or mission.

Owen, who said her property isn't for sale at any price, wonders why Kinder Morgan won't listen when she says the denuded no man's land created by the pipeline doesn't meet the core mission of her ranch.

"What happens to me is a microcosm of what happens to the entire Altar Valley," she says.


Note: Couple reports of training exercise at Nogales AZ/Son. mostly computer english

Clashes "kills" one during binational exercise
Details Published on Friday 6 December 2013 ,
Written by Cesar Barragan / The Journal

An agent hit, a thug shot dead and several detainees, was the result of a binational mock chase began in the neighboring country and culminated in this border where authorities attended the three levels of government.

This action surprised and stunned residents of different colonies , drivers and traders in areas where the drill took place .

The operation began minutes after 10:00 hours on the Mariposa checkpoint when emergency bodies were alerted by U.S. authorities on a vehicle pursuit with several criminals who were fleeing to Mexico .
Upon admission to the country by the fugitives at that checkpoint , ran over a Fiscal Agent, they continue their flight to the south of the city , beginning a chase by the Mexican authorities.
Tax Agents , members of the Municipal and State Police joined the pursuit on the peripheral Luis Donaldo Colosio, at the height of Pima II housing complex , where gunfire was exchanged .

Continuing its path south on the boulevard said to reach the Canoas colony where suspected criminals were interned at an abandoned building parking lot where his vehicle collided with a patrol vehicle.

The fugitives managed to get out of the car shooting at the agents before the unit exploded, then hiding inside of that abandoned mall, the building was surrounded by members of the various police forces .

Finally, the Task Force of the Municipal Police went to the scene to deal with the armed group , resulting in a criminal shot dead and one wounded officer, as they tried to flee were arrested by members of the Federal Preventive Police.

Red Cross rescuers , arrived at the scene to treat the injured while elements of Fire Gustavo L. Manriquez, smothered the fire wrecked car .


Posted December 6, 2013 , 1:41 a.m.
Cause binational mock expectation
For two sides joined forces to federal secured the air and bring down the criminals.
Vehicles covered by criminals crossing the border, wound a police checkpoint Foreign Trade in Mariposa and undergo Canoas by federal forces

Hiram G. machi

Nogales , Sonora. - NUEVO DIA

A binational drill was staged yesterday morning with the participation of the three levels of government in both borders , in order to gauge reaction to the strategies of organized crime activity and assess the communication and information sharing between agencies of both nations.

The scenario was the presence of conductors with two units of assault rifles and ammunition , U.S. officials fleeing , going one to Mexico , while the second vehicle was insured with gunmen in the country.
A pickup truck manages to cross the border at the Mariposa POE, rolling to an official Foreign Trade , initiating a response from Mexican authorities, who minutes before were alerted by neighbors to the north .

In the red alert issued in both country, the operation, called "Mirror" , implemented by the Federal Border Police is the first force to arrive at the site , joining several units of Foreign Trade official persecution of the Assassins .
Simultaneously, the Red Cross called paramedics , warning of the official Customs injured in Mexico , responding to care was made.
The unit was introduced by peripheral Colosio, south , speeding patrols with several short distance following his departure, while the response of Municipal and State Police , with some units was wagered at the ends of guarding the area.

Later, due to a roadblock established by state police public safety on the peripheral and access to housing complex Canoas , the truck with the criminals turned to his left , entering the fractionation references to arrive at an abandoned where complex down the men with assault rifles in hand, setting fire to the unit and starting a confrontation.

A short distance away , a panel of the Municipal Police and Federal Force strategically that introduced two sides of the building, exchanging fire with the gunman , killing him one of them , while the other was injured and arrested on the spot, assuring weapons and cartridges.

Minutes later, members of the Fire Department come to the site to extinguish the fire of the damaged unit , arriving one more unit of paramedics to assess the offender fell into the unoccupied building and providing the second of the gunmen care impacts projectiles received by the authority.

Finally, the scene elements from the Medical Examiner accompanied by the prosecution for diligence and collection of evidence and transfer of the body to the local morgue lend .

The drill was excited and amazed that the fact was not made ​​known to the civilian population in order to measure the response of both authorities and the community in a controlled and planned exercise several months in advance and with a successful outcome for the coordination of the authorities , though the results will be evaluated internally to realize the successes and failures of the simulation in terms of response coordination , communication and joint strategies of authorities of the three levels of government.


Note: and from Sinaloa with real bullets & tiger?

Seize military equipment after ambush

These are five fragmentation grenades, four assault rifles AK-47 magazines and 38 normal magazines, one drum magazine, 1,200 bullets, military clothing, tactical boots and a truck stolen in Ahome
06-12-2013 | 24:00 =

The confrontation in Burrión Guasave
7:21 a.m.

GUASAVE -. Upon ambush and firefight between soldiers in The Burrión area of Guasave, offenders, the Army said war equipment was recovered.

These are five fragmentation grenades, four assault rifles AK-47 magazines and 38 normal disk, 1,200 bullets, military clothing, tactical boots and a truck stolen in Ahome, unveiled the military personnel.

It was reported that Profepa has taken a bengal tiger at the site.

The ministerial authority confirmed that no one was injured or arrested.


Enfrentamiento deja un muerto durante simulacro binacional
Detalles Publicado el Viernes 06 de Diciembre de 2013,
Escrito por Cesar Barragan / El Diario

Un agente atropellado, un maleante abatido a tiros, así como varios detenidos, fue el resultado de un simulacro de persecución binacional que inició en el vecino país y culminó en esta frontera, donde participaron autoridades de los tres niveles de gobierno.
Dicha acción sorprendió y asombró a residentes de distintas colonias, conductores de vehículos y comerciantes de las áreas donde se llevó a cabo el simulacro.
El operativo inició minutos después de las 10:00 horas en la garita Mariposas, cuando cuerpos de emergencias fueron alertados por las autoridades norteamericanas, sobre la persecución de un vehículo con varios delincuentes que se les daba a la fuga hacia México.
Al internarse los fugitivos al país por dicha garita, atropellaron a un Agente Fiscal, para continuar con su huida hacia el sur de la ciudad, iniciándose la persecución por parte de las autoridades mexicanas.
Agentes Fiscales, elementos de la Policía Municipal y Estatal, se unieron a la persecución sobre el periférico Luis Donaldo Colosio, que se convirtió en enfrentamiento a la altura del conjunto habitacional Pima II, donde hubo intercambio de balazos.
Continuando su trayectoria hacia el sur por el bulevar mencionado hasta llegar a la colonia Canoas donde los presuntos criminales se internaron al estacionamiento de una edificación abandonada, donde chocaron su vehículo con una patrulla.
Los fugitivos lograron salir del auto disparando contra los agentes antes de que la unidad explotara, ocultándose en el interior de dicho centro comercial abandonado, la edificación fue rodeada por elementos de las diferentes corporaciones policiacas.
Finalmente el Grupo Operativo de la Policía Municipal entraron al lugar para enfrentarse con el grupo armado, resultando un delincuente muerto a tiros y un oficial herido, mientras que intentaron huir fueron arrestados por efectivos de la Policía Federal Preventiva.
Socorristas de la Cruz Roja, arribaron al lugar para atender a los heridos mientras elementos del Cuerpo de Bomberos Gustavo L. Manríquez, sofocaron el fuego del auto siniestrado.


Publicado diciembre 6, 2013, 1:41 AM
Causa simulacro binacional expectación
Por dos flancos ingresaron las fuerzas federales para aseguraron el aérea y abatir a los delincuentes.
Vehículos abordados por delincuentes cruzan la frontera, arrollan a un agente de Comercio Exterior en garita Mariposa y son sometidos en Canoas por las fuerzas federales

Hiram G. Machi

Nogales, Sonora. - Nuevo Día
Un simulacro binacional se protagonizó la mañana de ayer con la participación de los tres niveles de gobierno de ambas fronteras, con el objetivo de medir estrategias de reacción ante la actividad del crimen organizado y valorar el intercambio de comunicación e información entre agencias de ambas naciones.
El escenario consistió en la presencia de los conductores de dos unidades con rifles de asalto y municiones, que huían de autoridades estadounidenses, internándose una de ellas a México, mientras que el segundo vehículo con gatilleros fue asegurado en aquel país.
Una camioneta logra cruzar la frontera por la Garita Mariposa, arrollando a un oficial de Comercio Exterior, iniciando una respuesta de autoridades mexicanas, las cuales fueron alertadas minutos antes por los vecinos del norte.
Ante la alerta roja emitida en ambos país, el operativo, denominado "Espejo", implementado por la Policía Federal Fronteriza, es la primera fuerza en arribar al sitio, uniéndose varias unidades oficiales de Comercio Exterior a la persecución de los sicarios.
Simultáneamente se efectuó el llamado paramédicos de Cruz Roja, alertando sobre el oficial lesionado en la Aduana México, dando respuesta a la atención.
La unidad se introdujo por periférico Colosio, al sur, a toda velocidad con varias patrullas a corta distancia siguiendo su marcha, mientras la respuesta de Policía Municipal y Estatal, con algunas unidades fue la de apostarse a los extremos resguardando el área.
Más tarde, debido a una barricada establecida por policías estatales de seguridad pública sobre el periférico y el acceso al conjunto habitacional Canoas; la camioneta con los delincuentes viró a su izquierda, introduciéndose al fraccionamiento en mención para arribar a un complejo abandonado en donde descendieron los hombres con rifles de asalto en mano, prendiendo fuego a la unidad e iniciando un enfrentamiento.
A corta distancia, los grupos especiales de la Policía Municipal y las Fuerza Federales, estratégicamente ese introdujeron por dos flancos del edificio, intercambiando disparos con los gatillero, dándole muerte a uno de ellos, mientras el otro fue lesionado y detenido en el lugar, asegurándoles armas y cartuchos.
Minutos después, elementos del Cuerpo de Bomberos llegan al sitio a sofocar el incendio de la unidad siniestrada, arribando una unidad más de paramédicos para valorar al delincuente que cayó al interior del edificio deshabitado, así como brindar al segundo de los gatilleros atención por los impactos de los proyectiles recibidos por la autoridad.
Finalmente, en la escena del crimen se prestan elementos del Servicio Médico Forense acompañados por el ministerio público para la diligencia y levantamiento de evidencia y el traslado del cuerpo a la morgue local.
El simulacro causó expectación y asombro porque el hecho no fue dado a conocer a la población civil con el objetivo de medir la respuesta, tanto de autoridades y la comunidad en un ejercicio controlado y planeado con varios meses de anticipación y con un resultado exitoso para la coordinación de las autoridades, aunque los resultados internos serán evaluados para percatarse de las fallas y los aciertos del simulacro, en cuanto a coordinación respuesta, comunicación y estrategias en conjunto de autoridades de los tres niveles de gobierno.


Note: and from Sinaloa

Aseguran equipo de 'guerra' tras emboscada
Se trata de cinco granadas de fragmentación, cuatro fusiles de asalto AK-47, 38 cargadores normales y una de disco, mil 200 balas, ropa militar, botas tácticas y una camioneta robada en Ahome
06-12-2013 | 12:00 PM

Se registra enfrentamiento en El Burrión Guasave
07:21 AM

GUASAVE.- Tras la emboscada y tiroteo entre militares y delincuentes registrados en El Burrión, Guasave, el Ejército aseguró equipo de guerra.

Se trata de cinco granadas de fragmentación, cuatro fusiles de asalto AK-47, 38 cargadores normales y una de disco, mil 200 balas, ropa militar, botas tácticas y una camioneta robada en Ahome, dio a conocer el personal castrense.

Se informó que la Profepa se hará cargo del tigre de bengala asegurado en el predio.

La autoridad ministerial confirmó que no hubo heridos ni detenidos.


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