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AZMEX UPDATE 1-12-13 b


Local interest from couple months back.
Sonoyta cops got 10 new Beretta pistols and 20 extra mags, replacing some very old revolvers.
Also 500 rounds of Aguila 9mm.


Also local interest from last week Mostly computer english

Group of gunmen confront army near Altar
Written by AM Group

Altar, Son - . A shootout , but so far none have been reported killed or injured , occurred the evening of Monday at the ejido September 16 , in the municipality of Altar, where members of a gang braved the Mexican Army , who repelled the attack , trying to stop them.
Although it has not yet any official information, unofficially managed to know that after the skirmish alerted the inhabitants of that ejido settlement and neighboring populations, such as Altar, Llano Blanco, Pitiquito and Caborca, were 3 vehicles i and 7 large caliber weapons seized , plus radio equipment , but not the militant gunmen who managed to escape to the mountain, one of the many gaps there are in the vicinity , aboard an armored vehicle.
Learned that a convoy was driving suspiciously in the vicinity of the ejido September 16 and the fear of the people , someone alerted authorities , arriving moments later the military detected them, but instead of stopping, began shooting and a chase began , leaving abandoned between ' tracatera ' , a luxurious armored vehicle , a BMW X5 , gray , a crew cab pickup Dodge RAM, brown and a Toyota Tundra, gray , all late model .

1 AR -15, 2 semi auto pistols, 40 and 45, respectively, and tactical radio equipment and four AK- 47 rifles , also recovered.

For military personnel no casualties or injuries were reported , while in one of the seized trucks had blood stains, according to federal and state police officers who came to support the Mexican Army .


Says Caro Quintero : " I had to pay already"
Organización Editorial Mexicana
December 1, 2013

Mexico City - . Fugitive drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero , who under questions left a prison last August, sent a letter to the Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto , which says that he already paid off his debt to justice .

In the letter, the former leader of the defunct Guadalajara Cartel asks the Mexican president " not be pressured by vengeance and revenge of America" ​​for the assassination of former agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration Enrique " Kiki " Camarena , by that he was tried .

"What we had to pay already ," said the boss , who was arrested in April 1985 in Costa Rica and sentenced in Mexico to the maximum penalty of 40 years in prison for the kidnapping , torture and murder of Camarena and his pilot that year , as well as cultivation and trafficking of marijuana.

The letter was sent by Caro Quintero 's lawyers last November 19 at the Ministry of the Interior (Interior Ministry ) and the Attorney General 's Office ( PGR ) .

Sinaloa Ends November with 89 murders
According to reports from the PGJE , so far in 2013 have been committed in Sinaloa at least 1,123 intentional homicides

CULIACÁN._ With eight more murders than October, November, according to statistics from the Attorney General of Sinaloa, during the past 30 days 89 intentional homicides in the state.

The innocent victims , among which three minors , the appearance of narcomantas , and the arrest of the son of Ismael " El Mayo" Zambada, a leader of the Sinaloa Cartel , were other events that marked the month that ended yesterday .

According to reports from the PGJE , so far this 2013 have been committed in Sinaloa at least one thousand 123 intentional homicides , so the number of officials and news reports said that the mandate of Mario López Valdez, have been killed a total of 4,497 people .

Three cases that the attention of the public are the deaths of three children, the first was recorded on Monday, 4 at the time a 13- year-old was gunned down along with his uncle, a former agent of the State Preventive Police in the fractionation Urbi Villas del Roble.

For Sunday 24 , the scene was repeated , after an armed group that had killed a man in the community of Villa Angel Flores, " La Palma " Navolato , attacked a family traveling in a car, where he died an under 15 days and a family of the deceased who was injured .

On Monday 25 new account holders the media broke the news of the death of a minor who studied high school, who died after being attacked in front of the Normal School of Sinaloa , Colonia Libertad.


Note : no other info on Juan Francisco

9 alleged drug dealers arrested in Narvarte , two are foreign
Posted on November 29, 2013 by Staff
There are a Colombian and an American .

Elements of the Federal Police arrested nine members of a drug trafficking network with connections in the United States and South America in two homes in the Narvarte . They seized several kilos of cocaine, marijuana , crystal and six firearms.

Official data indicate that among those arrested is a citizen of Colombian origin identified as Vallardo León González Rojas and another with U.S. passport named Juan Francisco Benavides Montañez .

The other detainees names Zerecero Velo Arturo Raul Palacios Barrera, Carlos Alberto Izaguirre Garcia, Fernando Rodriguez Cantu, Juan Gabriel Gonzalez Molina , Daniel Carosilva Francisco Sierra , Luis Alberto Villalpando Terrazas.

The investigation started from citizen reports indicating that there were several armed men carrying suspicious activity in two buildings of Narvarte , so the Federal Police implement operational intelligence and monitoring.

This allowed the agents to locate four suspects leaving a house in the Central Axis who realizing the presence of the officers tried to return but were stopped there was no confrontation.

Continued operations at the second address in the street Casas Grandes , where they detained five others. There were two trucks with several packages wrapped in tape were located .

A total of 4.7 kilograms of marijuana, 7 kilos of cocaine, 2.3 kilos of crystal , and six firearms were seized . The PGR will continue with investigations . (24 HOURS)


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