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AZMEX UPDATE 4-12-13 b


Note : Very big bust . Would seem partnership Negotiations still not going well .

Trailer seized with drugs in Sonora
Detected more than half a ton of "crystal" and cocaine hidden between detergent

CULIACÁN._ A shipment of more than half a ton of "crystal" and cocaine was hidden in bags of detergent carrying a trailer, which was valued by federal authorities in several million dollars in the U.S. market , could not reach their fate in Anglo-Saxon lands but to be detected by the Federal Police in Sonora.

Assigned to operation " Quadrants Carreteros " in coordination with the Ministry of National Defense Staff were able to locate a total of 614 packages that were hidden in the cargo of a truck white with economic number 6782, which was stopped at a check point installed in the San Luis Río Colorado , Puerto Peñasco highway.

Indicated that the operation managed to stop the driver of the load , who was identified as Humberto Rios Diaz, 33 years, which was transferred to the premises of the Business Customs in San Luis Rio Colorado , where he was available to authorities the Attorney General's Office .

According to official reports , to perform in THE SEARCH of the box trailer were located several bags of detergent boxes , among which 548 plastic packages containing 472 kilograms of synthetic drugs called " glass " were found.

In addition , they found 66 " bricks " wrapped in plastic and aluminum containing a white powder with cocaine characteristics themselves giving a total weight of 88 kilos , so that the unit , which apparently belongs to a carrier load , the seized truck, driver, and drugs and remained in the hands of the Public Prosecutor of the Federation.


2 managers for Phoenix car-wash chain plead guilty
By Associated Press
Originally published: Dec 4, 2013 - 6:58 pm

PHOENIX -- Two lower-level managers for a metro Phoenix car-wash chain accused of immigration fraud in its hiring practices have each pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy.

The pleas of Guadalupe Carlos Vazquez-Escorcia and Juan Zarate-Carreon on Wednesday bring the number of Family Car Wash managers who have pleaded guilty in the case to nine.

The two will be sentenced in March.

A July 10 trial has been set for other managers who pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.

Some lower-level managers who have pleaded guilty have said in court that at least one higher-up within Danny's instructed them to rehire workers who had to be fired after a federal audit found nearly half of the company's 1,900-person workforce had presented insufficient or ineligible records when they were hired.

Note: Following mostly computer english. Been a bad few days for our neighbors from Badiraguato.

Sinaloans executed in Sonoyta, Sonora
Details Published on Wednesday 4 December 2013 ,
Written by Editor / El diario de Sonora


It was found inside a pick up with various injuries from projectiles.

Agents of the State Police Investigating inquire about the facts which killed a male person whose body was found around 16:50 pm yesterday at kilometer 16 of the highway from Sonoyta to Rocky Point , 100 meters West of the asphalt .
The deceased was identified today by the name of Cesar Ojeda de la Rocha , who had 36 years of age, was a native of Badiraguato , Sinaloa, and was domiciled in the colony Pápagos this population. Ojeda de la Rocha had been reported missing by his family, who said that the last time they saw him was early Saturday November 30 this year .
The victim was found in the passenger seat of a Nissan vehicle brand , line X -Terra , gray color, 2002 model and had several injuries caused by gun fire in different parts of the body.
In place of the staff made ​​of Expert Services of the Attorney General of the State secured several long gun shell casings .
From the facts attested the Public Prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction who ordered the lifting and transporting the body.


" Sera" Zambada
Anabel Hernandez

For months, from March 2012, DEA agents began investigating a network of smugglers and drug dealers in San Diego , California, and Tijuana. The shares were dubbed Operation Narco Polo , which included wiretaps . Two months later dropped the first of the 12 members , the others throughout the year. And just as most of them had their sentences negotiated with prosecutors in southern California, caught Serafin Zambada Ortiz. This is the story .

MEXICO , DF ( Process ) - . Serafin Zambada Ortiz, The Sera, ran their accounts on Facebook and Twitter confidently . The same was with the information relating to the business of drug trafficking and money laundering controlled , as is clear from criminal record 13 -cr -3575 opened in Court Southern District of California against him and 12 characters in your environment.

And it was an oversight of its employees in May 2012 , who formed a network of smugglers and drug dealers in San Diego , California, and Tijuana , which triggered Operation Narco Polo started two months earlier.

Thanks to her and after more than a year of research , the Drug Enforcement Administration ( DEA ) arrested on 20 November to reckless son of Ismael El Mayo Zambada Garcia, leader of the Sinaloa cartel in the international crossing in Nogales Dennis DeConcini , Arizona.

According to the criminal record of Sera and co-defendants, which had access to this weekly , the DEA intercepted telephone calls between March and October 2012. The file has affidavits alleged accomplices arrested on various drug and money seizures by their captors , and lab reports and photographs. All that arsenal will be used against the son of Mayo.

In addition to traffic offenses methamphetamine and cocaine imputed to Sera in the criminal case , U.S. authorities intend decomisarle all assets, rights , title and interest that constitute its assets or under any income he has derived from operations related to the movement of drugs and any property used for such activity .

Weeks before his arrest , El Sera, 23, rose to their Facebook and Twitter photos of his collection of weapons and drugs and women, one of them even appears with his half brother Vicente Zambada Niebla- arrested in Mexico in 2009 and extradited to the United States in 2010 , where he now faces drug charges in federal court in Chicago - and Ismael Zambada, El Mayo Gordo , another son of Sinaloa capo .

Telephone interview , defending Sera, Michael McDonnell , said he does not know the evidence on the crimes attributed to his client. And when the reporter asks him why he said that Facebook and Twitter Sera are false, says, "so what makes me think they are true? " .

In legal terms, the photographs may be evidence against Zambada Ortiz in court.

Fragment of the report published in the 1935 edition of Proceso magazine , currently in circulation.


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