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Border Patrol arrests 15 smugglers, seizes marijuana
Posted: Monday, December 23, 2013 4:38 pm
Posted on December 23, 2013

U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Yuma Sector's Wellton Station seized 13 bundles of marijuana and arrested 15 suspected smugglers near Gila Bend on Friday.

According to agent Douglas Choi of the Yuma Sector Public Affairs Office, agents were on routine patrol near Sentinel when they spotted a large group of people walking toward Interstate 8.
"We have been seeing some activity around that area," Choi said. "It's kind of an open area. The closest towns would be Gila Bend and Dateland."

Choi said agents and an Office of Air and Marine (OAM) helicopter responded to the area, locating 13 bundles of marijuana and apprehending 15 Mexican nationals, all of whom had all entered the country illegally.

"Agents had observed them, so they responded to the area and apprehended them," Choi said.
The marijuana had a combined weight of 572 pounds and was worth an estimated $286,000.
The 15 men and 13 bundles of marijuana were turned over to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.


BP agents arrest 9, seize 488 pounds of pot
Posted: Tuesday, December 24, 2013 10:30 pm
From staff reports

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Wellton Station seized 488 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $244,000 and arrested nine suspected drug smugglers Monday.
After agents patrolling near Gila Bend observed a large group of people walking toward Interstate 8 near Citrus Valley, an Office of Air and Marine helicopter responded to the area and observed nine men hiding behind brush along with 10 bundles.
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Agents responded to the area and apprehended the nine men, all Mexican citizens that had entered the country illegally. The bundles, which reported contained pot, were seized.
The men and pot were turned over to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.


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Hidalgo County Sheriff's Commander Padilla arrested
Posted: Tuesday, December 24, 2013 10:12 am
Ildefonso Ortiz |
Posted on December 24, 2013
Ildefonso Ortiz

McALLEN – Federal authorities have arrested the second-highest ranking law enforcement official in the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office.
On Tuesday morning, Hidalgo County Sheriff's Commander Jose Padilla was arrested by agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations assisted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, a former federal law enforcement official said on condition of anonymity.
While details of the arrest have not been released by any law enforcement agency, Padilla was arrested at 1:30 a.m. while he was returning from Las Vegas and is the latest lawman tied to the ongoing Panama Unit scandal for which nine former lawmen were set to be sentenced on December 19, however the sentencing was pushed back "in the interest of justice" court records show.
The postponing of the sentencing came just days before Padilla's arrest. He is expected to be formally charged on Tuesday morning, meaning that the sheriff's commander may spend the Christmas holidays behind bars.
Padilla is accused of helping suspected drug traffickers by providing protection during drug transactions, another law enforcement official familiar with the case confirmed. He is facing charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana and money laundering.
The nine lawmen were set to receive their punishment for various drug conspiracy charges involving the stealing of drug loads from suspects which were then sold to another drug trafficker for profit.
The case got their name from the Panama Unit, a street level drug enforcement task force made up of sheriff's deputies and Mission Police Detective Jonathan Trevino, son of Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino. The arrest sparked public interest because, in addition to Trevino, Alexis Espinoza another Mission police officer also convicted in the case came from a law enforcement family; he is the son of Hidalgo Police Chief Rudy Espinoza.
While most of the former officers pleaded guilty during the trial, Deputy Jorge Garza fought the charges unsuccessfully and went to trial in early August. During the week-long trial, Garza's attorney Lilly Ann Gutierrez put the spotlight on Sheriff Lupe Trevino and his department rather than on Garza. Gutierrez called several people to the stand with several current and former police officers, including Padilla, asking for protection under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution granting him protection from self-incrimination.
Various witnesses portrayed Padilla as a ruthless enforcer who forced deputies to bring cash to him for political purposes regardless of the costs, a claim that Lupe Trevino denied when he took the stand.
Tomas Gonzalez, the owner of a Weslaco produce company and suspected drug trafficker, was mentioned during the trial as a political supporter who was ready to donate campaign money.
Gonzalez was arrested by federal agents on August 2 during the time of the Panama Unit trial and remains in federal custody facing various drug conspiracy charges. A law enforcement official confirmed that Padilla is believed to have helped Gonzalez by having deputies around when drug deals were carried out in order to scare off rival drug dealers looking to steal the drugs.


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AUC , last exit to social glut : Archbishop of Morelia
23 DECEMBER 2013

Self-defense and takes Ixtapita The Huacana , Michoacán .
Photo: Francisco Castellanos

MEXICO CITY , ( ap ) - . Archbishop of Morelia, Alberto Suárez Inda , accepted that self-defense groups operating in unconstitutional , but justified his presence because people are fed up with the onslaught of organized crime.

"The Church does not see well the formation of self-defense , but we see that there are times when people have resorted to this as a last choice " the prelate said at a press conference .

To disarm these groups , he said, the authorities need to first remove the weapons from the criminals that threaten the peace of the people.

Is necessary, he stressed that authorities restore order and establish the basis for trust in the authorities there .

"We need to restore order to put bases there reliable authorities for municipalities are really serving the people and not the people to serve the servants ( ... ) live in a situation of violence , sadly it's something terrible and uncertainty " he explained.

Suárez Inda said it is unconstitutional for some people - want - the paramilitaries take justice into their own hands but so is the other - organized - crime act with impunity " destroying all righteousness and crushing the dignity of people , living with the threat or extortion or kidnapping , which can not be granted , "he said .

The prelate said that " the Church will continue to denounce anything that goes against human dignity , in addition to continue to work towards converting those engaged in crime ."
Restore order and fight for better administration of justice , he added, will be the challenge for Michoacán in 2014.


Asegura Ejército Mexicano armas y granadas en Sinaloa
El armamento fue asegurado a varios miembros de un grupo armado que abandonaron sus vehículos cerca de Sinaloa de Leyva
24-12-2013 | 12:28 PM

CULIACÁN, Sin._ Elementos del Ejército decomisaron un arsenal compuesto por 18 armas de fuego (en su mayoría fusiles automáticos), tres granadas, dos mil cartuchos útiles y chalecos tácticos.

El armamento fue asegurado a varios miembros de un grupo armado que abandonaron sus vehículos cerca de Sinaloa de Leyva.

Los sujetos lograron huir del cerco que los soldados tendieron en el lugar.

En esa misma zona, en lo que va de este mes, elementos castrenses han tenido varios enfrentamientos con grupos armados.

El primero ocurrió el pasado 11 de diciembre en la zona del Batamote, rumbo a la cabecera municipal de Sinaloa.

Los delincuentes que en este entonces lograron eludir a los soldados abandonaron en un rancho 4 fusiles AK-47, cinco granadas, mil 200 cartuchos, uniformes tipo militar y se localizó un tigre encadenado.

Dos días después, en un recorrido por el mismo poblado, los soldados se percataron que en dos humildes viviendas se ocultaban varios hombres armados y mantenían estacionadas camionetas blindadas, por lo que al intentar verificar el lugar fueron recibidos a tiros.


Autodefensas, última salida al hartazgo social: arzobispo de Morelia
La autodefensa toma Ixtapita y La Huacana, Michoacán.
Foto: Francisco Castellanos
La autodefensa toma Ixtapita y La Huacana, Michoacán.
Foto: Francisco Castellanos

MÉXICO, D.F., (apro).- El arzobispo de Morelia, Alberto Suárez Inda, aceptó que los grupos de autodefensa operan en la inconstitucionalidad, aunque justificó su presencia porque la población está harta ante el embate del crimen organizado.

"La Iglesia no ve bien la conformación de las autodefensas, pero vemos que hay momentos en que la gente ha recurrido a esto como una última salida" afirmó el prelado en rueda de prensa.

Para poder desarmar a estos grupos, dijo, es necesario que las autoridades quiten primero las armas a quienes amenazan la paz de las poblaciones.

Es necesario, subrayó, que las autoridades restauren el orden y establezcan las bases para que haya confianza en las autoridades.

"Necesitamos restaurar el orden poner bases para que haya autoridades confiables para que los municipios realmente sean al servicio de la gente y no la gente al servicio de los funcionarios (…) vivimos una situación de violencia, tristemente es algo terrible y de incertidumbre", abundó.

Suárez Inda afirmó que es inconstitucional que algunas personas –las autodefensas—quieran hacer justicia por su propia mano pero también lo es que otras –del rimen organizado—actúen impunemente "destruyendo toda justicia y aplastando la dignidad de las personas, viviendo a través de la extorsión o la amenaza o de secuestros, lo que no es posible conceder", sostuvo.

El prelado sostuvo que "la Iglesia continuará denunciando todo aquello que vaya en contra de la dignidad humana, además de que seguirá trabajando para lograr la conversión de quienes se dedican a delinquir".
Restaurar el orden y pugnar por una mejor impartición de justicia, abundó, será el reto para Michoacán en 2014.


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