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Note: From Sinaloa; have to wonder from who they getting the Barret
rifles? Not to mention the Beretta ARX 160's, of which quite a few
have been observed lately.

They donate weapons to local police

ESCUINAPA._ A total of 10 handguns, 20 magazines and a thousand
cartridges, were received as a donation by the General Department of
State Armament and Munitions, the team reinforces the weaponry with
which currently account.

Filiberto Bibriesca Sandoval, head of the law enforcement agencies,
said delivery of the weapons was made on 31 October in the capital of
the state, which were 10 Glock 9mm pistols.

In addition to the delivery of 10 additional magazines that already
have the weapons, gave them a total of one thousand rounds of
ammunition, equipment that comes to slightly remedy the lack of

"We lack more weapons, we must renew some already obsolete, but there
are quite useful weapons that meets the needs, there are some
elements that bring other handguns and rifles, some bring both"
explained Bibriesca Sandoval.

He said that in order to equip the corporation, since early this year
made the request for the purchase of 30 guns, which were applied in
coordination with federal, state and city to the Ministry of National

For purchases allocated a resource of just over 800 thousand pesos,
with which to acquire ARX160 rifles, caliber 223 mm, the latest
generation of the brand Beretta, which is expected to be delivered
not later than December .

Police forces
They asked for 100 weapons from the Department of Defense
The head of the SSP said that the purchase is already requested and
have failure to authorize by the Secretary of National Defense

Picture: IONSA.

The State Public Security Secretariat requested the purchase of more
than 100 weapons, including Barret rifles, to equip the state police,
said Francisco Manuel Cordova Celaya.

The head of the SSP said that the purchase is already requested and
failure to authorize the Secretary of National Defense. "They
requested an order for more heavy weapons, hopefully is approved the
sale by the armed forces in order to better serve our police," he said.

"Barretts we want 10, 12 more weapons, and need 100 more rifles and
handguns also."

He noted that with better equipment agents will have more tools to
fight crime and confront the criminals when they are attempting to
attack them.
"Made much more complicated in an ambush, because at the time that
offenders typically ride in armored cars to protect them and with
these high-caliber weapons against armor would help a lot," he said.

Córdova Celaya, forward to next year intends to purchase more heavy
vehicles for local corporations.

State Preventive Police already has two 50-caliber Barrett rifles,
delivered as a loan by the Ministry of National Defense, and two
armored 'Tiger', in a lease package.

Least 100 more rifles needed by the police to deal with crime

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