Thursday, November 1, 2012

AZMEX EXTRA 31-10-12


Note: investigate a few weapons? As the following press release
from Mex. army, grenades everywhere.
The Mexican government has details on all weapons recovered,
including from their own supplies. Should aid dollars be made
contingent on release of that info?

Mexico: Probe to follow Miguel Alemán weapons seizure
Posted: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 9:18 pm
Ildefonso Ortiz

Mexico's Attorney General's Office, known as the PGR, has launched an
investigation into the seizure of a weapons cache left behind by two
gunmen in a rural part of Ciudad Miguel Alemán, which lies across the
Rio Grande from Roma.
The Mexican military was carrying out a routine patrol in the rural
area of Puertecitos when they spotted two men in the brush who ran
away when they saw the soldiers, according to a PGR news release
issued Wednesday.
When the soldiers took a closer look, they found two duffel bags on
the ground.
Inside the bags authorities found two grenade launchers, two hand
grenades, one AR-15 rifle, one AK-47 rifle, a hunting rifle, a .22-
caliber rifle, three handguns and various types of ammunition.
The weapons were turned over to the PGR for further investigation.

Note: updated from earlier in week. Large number of grenades.

Lomas de Sotelo, DF, to October 29, 2012.

The Mexican Army said in Apatzingan, Mich., Weapons and cash of the
criminal organization "The Knights Templar".

The National Defense Secretariat informs the public that within the
framework of the Comprehensive Strategy of the Mexican state against
Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime, on 27 October this year, troops
of the 43 / a. Military Zone, by exploiting information failed to
detect a ranch called "Los Caballos", located in the town of Los
Cuiniques, Apatzingán Township, Mich., Which was used by organized
crime for various illegal purposes.

When arriving at the said place, military troops were attacked with
gunfire and grenades by an indefinite number of people, so that
their physical defense repelled the attack and died on the scene one
of the attackers died on the scene and the rest ran away.

Importantly, this ranch allegedly owned by Enrique Plancarte Solis
(a) "Kike Plancarte" and / or "Kiki", who is noted as one of the main
leaders of the criminal organization "The Knights Templar".

After securing the area, the military personnel carried out the
review of the property have been located within the following:

13 kilograms of marijuana.
600 grams of crystal.
80 grams of cocaine.
15 handguns.
19 rifles.
1 .50 caliber Barrett rifle.
106 40 mm grenades.
4 hand grenades.
One mortar shell.
17 grenade launcher attachments for 40 mm caliber.
3 85 mm caliber rockets.
1 antitank rocket launchers.
339 magazines for different calibers.
22,260 cartridges of different calibers.
5 weapons (knives) of different sizes.

U.S. $ 312,310.
2 vehicles (one reported as stolen).
Afterguard diverse.

The seized and the body of the deceased were made available to the
appropriate authorities.

These actions did affect the operational and logistical structures of
the criminal organization "The Knights Templar" and limit their areas
of influence to strengthen the rule of law should prevail throughout
the country.

The National Defense Secretariat reaffirms the unwavering decision to
continue fighting front and forcefully to various criminal
organizations operating in our country, in a framework of respect for
the rule of law and with the firm intention to strengthen the climate
of peace, order and security deserved of Mexican society.

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