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02 / Feb / 2017


Nuevo Dia / Nogales, Sonora

The 34 gasoline stations will close their operations if the federal government does not apply a special competitive price to fuels in the country's border cities, especially in Nogales.

The Municipal President Temo Galindo Delgado, together with the owners and representatives of the gas stations, as well as the leaders of the chambers of industry, commerce and service providers, reported that because of the refusal of the federation to make a decree that homologates the costs of the hydrocarbons with the American border cities, it was determined to stop selling gasolines of the Mexican side until a solution to this problem is given.

Derived from the measures taken by the Federal Government to raise fuel prices throughout the country, the case of Nogales ceased to be a competitive city in the field of fuel marketing to become the most expensive statewide of Sonora.

Faced with this situation, the owners of the 34 stations that operate in this border, decided to close the sale of these fuels as a measure of pressure for the federation to apply the subsidy that by decree corresponds to this locality and the others on the border, Said Nora Lily Galindo Lopez, spokeswoman.

The Mayor reiterated his commitment to continue pushing actions so that, both PEMEX, as the Ministry of Finance and Price Regulation in the country, apply other measures less harmful to the economy of citizens, industry, commerce, transportation and other items that are affected by the rise in hydrocarbons.

Supported by all organized sectors of the population, the gas station guilds stated that the federation is trying to make fuel dispensers buy expensive and sell cheap, which would lead to chaos and bankruptcy of all the vending stations.

"It is a strategy disguised as a supposed benefit for all, because the Federal Government asks the gasoline marketer to absorb the incentive to sell cheaper and then return them 40 days later in a rather complicated and unsafe way, a situation that does not It suits no one, nor the common citizens, said Galindo Lopez.

He exemplified that this method suggests that in the case of Magna gasoline that costs 16 pesos, the vendors sell it to 13 and then return those three pesos of difference through a model that is not understood.

The leader of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra), Hipólito Sedano, said that only the tax authorities are waiting for the closure of fuel stations throughout the city, without specifying when, but without affecting consumers.

He said that derived from the rise of hydrocarbons, the stations in Nogales, have lost between 70 and 80 percent of their customers who prefer to go to the United States than in Nogales, Sonora, because it is cheaper, despite the exchange rate of the Peso-Dollar.

Temo Galindo for his part, stressed that he has been the only municipal president who has protested against the so-called "gasolinazo", in addition to pushing for pressure for the federation to apply the adjusted price a at the border with the United States.

He also expressed his full support for the movements being made peacefully in Nogales in order to give a fair price to fuels, because, not only affects industry and commerce, but the entire population as a whole That the increase in the cost of gasoline propitiates a rise in the prices of many products and services.


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