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Note: Like in the U.S. much of it disrespected, ignored, trashed by the ruling class.

Celebrate the100th anniversary of the promulgation of the Constitution
Details Posted on Saturday February 04, 2017,
Written by Francisco Espinoza / El Diario



With the participation of the civil, military and educational authorities, the centenary of the promulgation of the Political Constitution of the Estados Unidos Mexicanos. (United States of Mexico) was celebrated.

The municipal president Cuauhtémoc Galindo Delgado, together with the commander of the 45th military zone, Gen. Salvador Fernando Cervantes Loza, of ​​the DEM brigade presided over the ceremony of honors and raising of the flag, in the plaza Miguel Hidalgo.

The secretary of section 28 of the National Union of Workers of Education (SNTE) Guillermo Rivera Caperón, as official speaker stressed the importance of article Three of the Constitution, which guarantees free, quality secular education for Mexicans .

"It gives security to all Mexicans," he said, "to have access to a decent education. To speak of our Constitution, is to speak of a document that has allowed us to grow as a country, as a nation that has developed in every way. "

The article Third Constitutional means, he emphasized, is implied the progress that in educational matters has been achieved through the years, through teachers and the National Education System.

This was one of the greatest achievements of the Revolution of 1910 and the Mexicans of today, he stressed, are aware of the benefits embodied in the Constitution of 1917 and that today marks its first hundred years.

"It establishes that education must be secular, free, democratic, obligatory and of quality," he stated, "in the understanding that secularism in education responds to the needs of the peoples who have aspired to ensure, not only Freedom of conscience, but a way of life. "

At the ceremony, students at Grimac High School read poems related to the centennial of the Constitution, while the institution's youth mariachi sang several songs.



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