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AZMEX I3 24-2-17

AZMEX I3 24 FEB 2017

LATEST: MCSO has now released 58 undocumented immigrants since ICE hold policy ended staff , Associated Press
4:00 PM, Feb 24, 2017
2 hours ago
central phoenix | phoenix metro

PHOENIX - The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office says they've now released 58 undocumented immigrants since ending an Immigration and Customs Enforcement policy to hold immigrants for transfer.

For years, immigrants being released from jails in Phoenix would routinely be kept locked up an extra couple days to give federal authorities time to check their immigration status and launch deportation proceedings.

It was a policy put in place by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and widely denounced by critics who cited it as a pattern of unfair treatment toward immigrants. Jail systems in other cities have also faced legal challenges contending it's unconstitutional to keep a person in jail after they're released on bail or complete their sentence.

Newly elected Sheriff Paul Penzone said the Maricopa County Attorney's Office informed him of the legal issues surrounding policy, and he responded by doing away with the practice.

Since the policy was changed on Feb. 17, MCSO says 58 undocumented immigrants have been released from custody. Charges against those people included DUI, aggravated assault on an officer, drug possession and burglary among others.

Included in the charges for the 58 people were the following:
7 assault charges
25 drug charges
26 DUI cases
4 leaving the scene of an accident or hit and run

Sheriff Paul Penzone announced Friday that his office will now be able to transfer custody of inmates who are deemed in violation of immigration laws to ICE, but said it's the responsibility of ICE to track the inmates and make the request:

"Following the consistent practice of notification, ICE will be responsible to respond to the appropriate MCSO detention center prior to the completion of the release process. Upon transfer of custody at the conclusion of release detention, the detainee will become the responsibility of ICE and will be immediately transferred from Maricopa County Jails to a detention center under ICE's authority. MCSO will not detain individuals beyond the legal limit and conclusion of their release process. Should ICE fail to respond prior to completion of the process, we will be legally obligated to release them consistent with the court's order." - Sheriff Penzone.

ICE still now has the opportunity to detain these individuals after their release as well, but data on how many of them have been recovered has not been released.



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