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Border agents finding more drugs in body cavities
Posted: Thursday, August 11, 2016 10:36 am | Updated: 10:40 am, Thu Aug 11, 2016.
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NOGALES, Ariz. -- Border agents here are seeing an uptick in smugglers concealing illegal drugs inside their bodies, authorities say.
Customs and Border Protection officers arrested two people Aug. 8 for their alleged involvement in separate smuggling attempts at the Port of Nogales.
Officers at the Dennis DeConcini crossing referred a 33-year-old Tucson woman for further inspection when she entered the U.S. through a pedestrian lane. After a CBP narcotics-detection canine alerted to the presence of drugs under her clothing, officers found more than a quarter of a pound of cocaine, worth nearly $3,000, hidden in a body cavity.

A few hours later at the Morley pedestrian crossing, officers referred an 18-year-old male Nogales, Arizona resident for further inspection and found more than a pound of heroin, worth a little more than $20,700, shaped as an insole within the subject's shoes.

On July 30, officers arrested four Tucson residents after they attempted to enter the United States on July 30 with nearly two pounds of methamphetamine and heroin within their bodies.
Officers at the Dennis DeConcini crossing selected a 39-year-old man and his four passengers for a secondary inspection of the driver's Jeep SUV. After a CBP narcotics-detection canine alerted to the possible presence of drugs, officers searched all five individuals. Although officers found no drugs on the driver, they discovered a 22-year-old woman was hiding a meth-filled condom in her underwear. Two female passengers, ages 49 and 43, voluntarily removed items containing meth that were concealed within their body cavities.
The fifth subject, a 40-year-old man, had to be medically monitored until he could safely pass a condom filled with heroin…on Aug. 1.

In a more traditional smuggling attempt, officers arrested three Mexican nationals involved in separate weekend attempts to smuggle more than $300,000 in methamphetamine and marijuana through the Port of Nogales.
The first incident occurred early Aug. 6 when officers at the Dennis DeConcini crossing found nearly 58 pounds of meth, worth almost $173,000, concealed inside the back bumper of a Buick SUV driven by a 29-year-old resident of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

On Aug. 7, CBP officers working with a narcotics-detection canine at the DeConcini crossing located more than 32 pounds of meth, worth in excess of $96,000, within the cab and dashboard of a Chevy truck driven by a 34-year-old man from Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico.

Earlier in another Chevy truck, officers and a canine at the Nogales West Mariposa crossing discovered more than 65 pounds of marijuana, worth almost $33,000, in the vehicle's gas tank. Officers identified the driver as a 30-year-old woman from Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico.

Officers seized the narcotics and vehicles, and turned the subjects over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations.


Note: In Hermosillo, Son.

Seize more drugs and weapons
But not only more weapons and drugs have been detected, there is also a greater number of arrested.
Photo: Gamaliel González
By: Miguel Angel Urquijo | 11.08.2016 6:43
Hermosillo, Sonora (GH)

Southwest Hermosillo has become an area of ​​importance for the state Department of Public Safety , as it is where most "white" weapons (edged weapons, i.e. knives, machetes and pocket knives) and firearms and drugs have been seized in the last five months.

But not only more weapons and drugs have been detected, there is also a greater number of arrested, through actions of the State Program of Social Prevention of Violence and Crime.

On April 25 the Secretary of Public Security, Adolfo Garcia Morales, presented a plan that divided Hermosillo into four quadrants, each in charge of different police forces and even the army would have one, the northwest of the capital.

From that day until August 9 (105 days), statistics reveal that the quadrant southwest outperforms the other three: seized 415 weapons, 406 of them white. (edged weapons, i.e. knives, machetes and pocket knives)
( Leaving 9 firearms? )

In the quadrant they have secured 142 knives, 76 pocket knives, 72 machetes and 106 other weapons.


Note: Victim disarmament continues in Sonora.

11 / Aug / 2016

Hermosillo, Sonora

With the intention to reduce the presence of guns in Sonora homes and generate greater security for citizens, officials from the three levels of government will participate in the Campaign Despistolización 2016 initiating permanently in the municipalities of Hermosillo, Cajeme and Guaymas.

A gun does not give tranquility, creates insecurity, creates a risk in families , stated Infantry Lieutenant Colonel D.E.M. CristobalCastaneda Camarrillo , Deputy Chief of the 4th Military Zone.

In an inter-agency coordination between the Secretariat of National Defense, State and Municipal Police, the municipalities and the State Public Security Secretariat it reported that only by uniting wills will it be possible to remove many weapons.

To facilitate the process, he recalled that as in previous years, it will not be required any personal information of who is present at the arms exchange modules, facilitating citizens to participate with more confidence.

The State Coordinator of Outreach and Citizen Participation of the SSP, Juan Pablo Acosta Gutierrez explained that the objective of this campaign is to reduce crime rates caused by the use of guns in Sonora homes and eliminate the possibility or risk of fatal accidents family and in society itself, arising from the use of firearms, explosives and cartridges.

The family that keeps a gun at home runs 4 times the risk of being triggered accidentally, hence the importance of strengthening awareness highlighted the danger of having a gun at home.


The first fixed arms exchange module is located in the 4th Military Zone in Colonia Loma Linda and the second fixed arms exchange module in the Municipal Market; mobile arms exchange module will be available this week at the Diana Laura Riojas Park in the park in the Colonia Nuevo Hermosillo.


In Cajeme the arms exchange module the fixed arms exchange module will be located at Plaza Alvaro Obregon, Calle 5 Febero north between Montero Morales and calle Hidalgo west, the mobile arms exchange module in the square located at Bulevqar Las Torres and Manzano in Col. Beltrones.


In the port the arms exchange module is located in the City Hall and the mobile arms exchange module in calle El Diamante and calle Mar del Norte in Col. San Germán; on a schedule from 9:00 to 14:00 from Monday to Saturday until next November 5.

To provide greater ease to the population, it will have the support of Municipal Police units, available to provide at home arms exchange for those who request it through a free line 066.

Acosta Gutierrez announced that the stimulus of food stamps for the exchange, is up to three thousand pesos per high power weapon, and according to the agreed all weapons of various calibres such as automatic and semiautomatic, calibres be received 7 mm, 7.62 mm, 5.56 mm, 12.27 mm, 0.223 inches and 0.30 inches.

On behalf of the municipal government, it was present at the premises of 24th Infantry Battalion, the City Secretary Jorge Andres Suilo Orozco and the Director General of Citizen Participation and Crime Prevention of the SSP, Roberto Velez Gonzalez.


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