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Brother-in-law of the former Sonora governor Padrés is a fugitive from justice: PGR

10 * Jose Dagino Acuña has a warrant for possession of firearms for the exclusive use of the Army; the authorities don't know his whereabouts

By his gathering weapons of the type reserved for the exclusive use of the Mexican Army, a federal judge exercised criminal action against the brother-in-law of PAN former governor Guillermo Padres Elias, identified as Jose Dagnino Acuña, who escaped and is now considered a fugitive from justice, he revealed the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR).

After Excelsior newspaper announced the arrest of Luis Aristides Lopez Moreno, veterinarian for the ranch "El Pozo Nuevo PADRES" a criminal arrested in flagrante delicto while transporting more than 35 million pesos in a cooler; the Attorney General's Office in Sonora (PGJE) conducted several searches, including a luxurious mansion in the exclusive residential Los Lagos de Hermosillo, belonging to Jose Dagnino Acuña, where several weapons and expensive vehicles were seized with the serial number altered .

Dario Figueroa Navarro, Sonora PGR said that all the evidence of that case were handed over to the agency of the Public Prosecutor's Office for further investigation by operation with recourse of illicit origin, while the weapons were delivered to a federal prosecutor in a preliminary investigation for crimes in relation to the General Law on Firearms and Explosives.

Jose Dagnino has warrant, he is a fugitive, so we continue to look, but he is a fugitive from justice, we have no idea where he is, if we knew, we would had captured him already, has a defense but despite that we will detain him," said the delegate of the PGR.

In the raid conducted on December 9 and part of the preliminary investigation for illicit enrichment involving former governor of Sonora and his brother Miguel Padres Elias, authorities found in the house of brother-in-law Jose Dagnino,

a 9mm Luger pistol with a loaded magazine;
a loaded Glock .40 caliber pistol;
high-powered rifle with a telescopic sight, caliber 270;
as well as many rounds of ammunition for the 9mm.

In the luxurious mansion in Los Lagos, at 307 de la calle Ruisenor, personnel of the PGJE and the PGR also found,
a Harley Davidson motorcycle and
a truck Mercedes Benz, with the serial number altered.


Note: photo at link, Appears to be 10 AR pattern rifles.

Seize assault rifles moved to Southern Sonora
23 / Aug / 2016 - 11:02 a.m.

Securing the weapons and two people are the result of strategic actions for Public Security and Combating Crime in Sonora
By: Staff

Hermosillo, Official Sonora.- of the National Security Committee of Affiliated Regional Security (CNSASR) arrested 45-year-old Lauro after locating firearms in the vehicle he was driving.

The incident occurred when officers conducted a inspection at kilometer 048 + 000, in the Sonoyta-San Luis Rio Colorado highway after Lauro had violated a section of the Regulation of Traffic Federal Highway, so they asked him to stop and they checked the white Chevrolet, with license plates from Baja California, realized that inside a hidden in the floor, a compartment with several Assault rifles, .223 caliber and magazines of the same caliber which they moved from Mexicali, Baja California bound for Southern Sonora.

Lauro was traveling with Dolores, 73 years old; who resides in Mexicali, Baja California, who also was made available to the Prosecutor of the Federation, affiliated to the Attorney General of the Republic, who will follow up investigations.


Note: photo at link.

Seize weapons and vehicles after fighting in Michoacan
Details Published on Saturday August 20, 2016,
Written by Editorial / El Diario

Elements of Michoacan Police seized two rifles, magazines, and vehicles reported robbed and tactical equipment, after a confrontation with armed men in the municipality of Tuquicheo.

The State Public Security Secretariat reported that elements of Michoacan Police detected on ranchería El Tepehuaje, near the town of El Rodeo, at least 10 men who were located in a camp.

Noticing the police presence, the men opened fire on the soldiers and who responded, so an exchange of fire began, but there were no people injured on either side.
The armed civilians managed to flee so that an operation was implemented with the support of soldiers to find their whereabouts.
On the site, used as a camp, state authorities located and seized two trucks, a Honda CRV, one of them, according to the SSP had been reported stolen. In addition there was a Ford Ranger without license plates.

Also, a AK- 47 rifle, one AR-15, 13 magazines for a AK 47, a magazine for the AR-15, 378 rounds of ammunition for so-called "goat horns" and 8 more for .223 caliber. Among those seized by the authorities were six tactical vests eight military-style uniforms, uniform pixelated similar to the Secretariat of National Defense, (Army) plus four berets, a camouflaged cap, two pixelated shirts, a balaclava, a pair of boots and a camisole.


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