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Comment : Review; law school, politician, constitutional law professor, community organizer, what else could be expected?
Released to time with the death of "el Divo"?

Universidad Panamericana confirms Peña plagiarism in theses, but will not proceed
by: Process on August 29, 2016


Plagiarism by peña La Faculty of Law at the Universidad Panamericana confirmed that Enrique Peña Nieto a alumnus committed plagiarism in the thesis presented to graduate with a degree in Law at this university.

However, the team of experts who reviewed it concluded that "we are facing an accomplished act, on which it is impossible to proceed in any way."

In a statement released Sunday, the Faculty of Law stressed that, consistent with its institutional principles, proceeded to review the performance of the then School of Law, in the titling process of alumnus Enrique Peña Nieto concerning the thesis "The Presidencialismo Mexican and Alvaro Obregon ", carried out in 1991.

Of this review, he said, the following were identified:

-The Titration procedure complied with the requirements of time and form force in 1991.
-The Thesis presents own ideas, cited foreign ideas and ideas of others not mentioned.

He adds five ways of using other people's ideas were found:

-Reproducciones textual fragments of previously published works, according to academic standards.
-Reproducciones textual fragments without an appointment footnotes or bibliography section.
-Reproducciones Textual quote which there is no footnote reference but in the reference section.
-Reproducciones Textual in which credit is given to the author of ambiguous or imprecise manner.
-Cases In which credit is given to the original author, but not the source from which the quotation was taken.

Based on the above, he said, the Faculty of Law proceeded to search rules that allow respond to a discovery of this nature and concluded that:

1) This is an unprecedented case in which there are no provisions in the applicable regulatory bodies titration procedure. a technical consultation to the National Autonomous University of Mexico was asked to confirm in writing this criterion.

2) The General Regulations of our institution does not apply to former students.

3) We are facing an accomplished act, on which it is impossible to proceed in any way.

In other words, Peña committed plagiarism, but you can not do anything.



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Confirma UP plagio de Peña en tesis, pero no procederá
por: Proceso en 29 agosto, 2016

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