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Note: Not to forget all the "civilians" also. Video at link.
Dozens turn up to remember fallen officers killed by illegal immigrants

Note: Much money, earned them a trip to the DF. Never to be seen again?
Take note also of the people from the middle east.

Busted with 1 million dollars and 700 laser visas
Details posted on Sunday November 2, 2014,
Written by Staff / El Diario

Nogales. Sonora

A million dollars and 700 laser visas were secured him a family Chulavista colony personnel Seido,by personnel, the property they also took custody of people from the Middle East and Guatemala.

Elements of the Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (Seido) reported that family arrested in raid Esther Alicia Pinedo Rivera, 38, allegedly 'coyote'; and her husband Pastor Alberto Lopez Gomez, 41, and daughter Judith Lopez Pinedo, 23, residing at calle Segundo Paseo Esplendoroso number 44 B.

During the operation performed the morning of last weekend, when federal agents surprised her at her home the alleged "coyote" and when inspecting the property, located four people from the Middle East and further 700 visas laser, a million dollars and several cash deposits.

The family was moved to Mexico City for arraignment
The family and especially Esther Alicia, are being investigated on charges of organized crime, smuggling of migrants, money laundering exchange, conspiracy against the USA. The DEA is charging.


Note: another version, add Chinese.

Arrested in Nogales to 'coyotes' who had 700 visas
In the operation, federal agents arrested three persons and rescued nine others.
2/11/2014 7:17 PM

Agents of the Federal Police in Nogales arrested the members of a family who used to enter illegally migrants to the United States.

During a raid on a house in the colony Chulavista, federal investigators arrested two women and a man, whom they seized them $ 1 million and 700 possible counterfeit laser visas.

According to the report, in the operation were arrested Esther Alicia Pinedo Rivera, 38, her husband, Pastor Alberto Lopez Gomez, 41, and daughter, Judith Pinedo Lopez, 23.

Similarly, were rescued from the safe house several people from China and five children in Central America.
The smugglers were sent to Mexico City and will be charged with offenses of organized crime, smuggling of migrants, money laundering and conspiracy against the United States.

It was reported that for months the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) investigating Lopez Gomez and Lopez Pinedo Pinedo Rivera.


Comment: A look at what is coming for the U.S. with the corrupt BHO administration

Flawed legal system encouraging Mexico's criminals, says former foreign minister
October 30th, 2014
05:05 PM ET
By Madalena Araujo, CNN

Mexico's brutal cycle of violence and crime is fueled by a legal system that continuously fails to investigate, arrest and penalize its criminals, former Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda told CNN's Michael Holmes, in for Christiane Amanpour, on Thursday.

"In general, in Mexico, the rule of law does not really lead to punishment for those who commit crimes. There are no investigations. There are very few trials and very few sentences, let alone prison," he said.

Protests have broken out across the country following the disappearance of 43 students more than a month ago. They were allegedly taken by the police before staging a demonstration in the south western town of Iguana, never to be seen again.

The incident has brought into light the underlying issues of rampant narco-crime and endemic corruption. Castaneda explained why offenders in Mexico have a "very high level of confidence" they will not be brought to justice.

"So when the army kills 22 people in Tlatlaya, or 43 students from Ayotzinapa disappear, the people who did that, whoever they may be, have very little to fear because they know that the ones who did similar things before have not been punished," he said.

Kidnappings and mass graves have also become commonplace in Mexico, with several discovered in the country since the students vanished. But why has this particular case sparked so much outrage?

"So if you take these two things, the army executing 22 people and the local police executing or disappearing and doing away with 43 people plus six who were killed in front of everybody, that's a lot of people who are dying at the hands of the authorities in Mexico, either local authorities, state authorities or federal authorities," Castaneda said.

He also told Holmes that the situation is partly to blame on President Enrique Peña Nieto's government, "which has done so well on so many other fronts," he said, but "in this area of law and order and drugs and fighting the cartels and organized crime is simply pursuing former President Felipe Calderon's policies."

"Those policies led to a real massacre, a disaster in Mexico, more than 70,000 people died; 25,000 disappeared."

"And President Peña Niter has neither changed policies nor punished those responsible for the extraordinary levels of violence of the previous administration."


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