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San Luis RC (just south of Yuma, AZ)
First dengue death

In many parts of the city brigades of fumigators are observed. Health officials claimed to have registered only 20 confirmed cases of dengue.
Tribune San Luis
November 13, 2014
By Joel Galindo Olea

San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora.-A male individual originally from the state of Sinaloa; He became the first person dies of dengue in San Luis Rio Colorado; so health officials are still analyzing lab tests of some samples and autopsy to determine the cause so far unknown, these that contributed to the complication of the epidemiological situation and accelerating damage to health , resulting in the fatal outcome; it General Hospital director of the Health Department of the state government of Sonora, Dr. Sergio Kelly Barraza said.

Explained the state official; last weekend entered a 35-year-old who had symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and fever; section where intensive care was provided through hydration and seeing he had improved, he was discharged on Sunday.

Continued Dr. Sergio Kelly Barraza; that was yesterday; around 7:30 pm when this person again went to the General Hospital, who already had deteriorated in the digestive tract where the laboratory results confirmed the diagnosis of dengue.

"The unfortunate thing is that despite all the efforts made by specialists, this person had no response to treatment, for an analysis of platelets in just a few hours spent in 35-7000 platelets so already presented deterioration in his health derived from kidney and liver "failure; said the director of the General Hospital.

also; Kelly Barraza said that before this unfortunate death of the person, it is possible that there could be other more contagion that could aggravate the patient, together with the dengue.

"We are going to learn later from the laboratories of the Department of Health from the state capital, Hermosillo, Sonora, where the causes that contributed to the complication of dengue epidemiological picture presented and accelerating deterioration is determined resulting in the fatal outcome "; the doctor explained in a press conference.

Finally; Dr. Sergio Barraza Kelly shared with the media that are officially 20 dengue cases in San Luis Rio Colorado that have been confirmed; of which ten have been by the laboratories of the Ministry of Health, while the remaining ten by the Epidemiological Association have coordinated their work with health authorities.



Note: SLRC is just south of Yuma, AZ

Dengue concerns prompt county to issue mosquito prevention tips
A health worker in San Luis Rio Colorado, Son., sprays against mosquitoes in efforts to prevent an outbreak of dengue fever in the city.

Posted: Saturday, November 8, 2014 6:20 pm | Updated: 11:41 pm, Sat Nov 8, 2014.
Posted on Nov 8, 2014by Amy Crawford

The appearance in San Luis, Ariz., of a mosquito that can carry dengue plus confirmed cases of the illness in Mexico has prompted the Yuma County Health Department to issue tips to the public for preventing the spread of the insects.
Mosquitoes breed in standing water, say health officials, and residents can go a long way to curb them by emptying or removing receptacles in their yards that can trap water.
Eggs of Aedes aegypti, a mosquito variety that can carry dengue, were found in mosquito samples collected last month in San Luis, Ariz., by the Yuma County Pest Abatement District.
There have been at least four confirmed cases of humans contracting dengue in San Luis Rio Colorado, Son., although county health department officials say no cases so far have been reported on this side of the border. Humans contract dengue from bites by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that got it from biting from other, already infected humans.
"San Luis (Rio Colorado) has identified cases of dengue, so we're just trying to be proactive," said Maria Nunez, deputy director of the health department.
Whether they are dengue carriers or of other varieties, mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs, health officials say, and even a small puddle is sufficient for breeding.
The arrival of cooler temperatures does not necessarily make concerns about mosquitoes a moot point, said Joey Martinez, a vector control specialist for the health department.
"There can still be a risk," he said. "As long as standing water doesn't freeze, mosquitoes can still breed."
He added that mosquitoes also can breed indoors, in drinking glasses and plant and flower vases filled with water, pet water dishes, and puddles from plumbing leaks

The department is offering these tips to the public for eliminating mosquitoes:
• Empty, remove or cover any receptacle in the yard that can contain water, particular discarded cans or bottles.
• Discard or move old tires that can trap water.
• Change the water in flower or plant vases twice a week.
• Screen or cover rain barrels and openings to water tanks.
• Repair leaky plumbing and outside faucets.
• Clean clogged rain gutters.
• Change the water in bird baths twice a week.
• Stock ornamental ponds with mosquito fish.


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