Tuesday, November 11, 2014

AZMEX EXTRA 11-11-14


Note: This puts the BP agents at a very serious, possibly fatal disadvantage in any confrontation with drug cartel escorts, enforcers or scouts. A rifle not sighted by the person employing it is likely to miss the target. Consequences can be crippling or fatal. The "deadlining" the M4's and not replacing them is very suspect .

From BP Local 2544, AZ

Anybody have an M-4 we can borrow?
Everyday we are reminded of how mismanaged our Agency is but this takes the cake.

Imagine you are at work. Your company only has limited amount a pens. Some people use them, some don't. But as the years pass, some pens become broken and some run out of ink. The managers at your company act surprised "We didn't know that they would get broken we didn't know they would run out of ink!". To remedy the problem, they replace half as many pens that were thrown away.

Now imagine your a Border Patrol Agent and it is not a pen but a M-4 rifle! Imagine it's not about some report your doing but about protecting your life!

Border Patrol M-4 rifles are being deadlined at an alarming rate and not all are being replaced. Again we have to ask "HOW DID THESE PEOPLE GET IN CHARGE?" Did they honestly think that these rifles would last for ever and they wouldn't need to be replaced. How is it that managers didn't see this coming?

How is it the a Border Patrol Agent can't get an M-4 that is "sighted in" for him or her? Every LE Agency we talk too, scoff at the idea of officers sharing weapons, especially a weapon that needs to be "sighted in".

Millions of dollars are spent on "feel good" programs ran by good ole boy managers and sending managers to foreign countries to do who knows what while the Agent on patrol gets the shaft. This is a slap in the face to every Agent who does the day to day job of patrolling the border and protecting our nation.

Disclaimer: The Border Patrol will not accept donated weapons but thank you to the Gun Shops and citizens who have offered.



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