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Note: Busy AZMEX night & day between Lukeville and Nogales. Security situation continues to deteriorate . Especially the area between Lukeville (Sonoyta) and Sasabe (El Sasabe). Operational control of area still being disputed.

Note: Approx. few miles south of Ali Chuk on the Tohono O'odham Res. "Migrants"? Doubtful. Or "Burreros" (guys who carry the drugs) ? Have heard the victims were wearing mil. type camo, not confirmed. Body count may be rising.

'Armed group "hunts" migrants two dead
Details Published on Wednesday April 2, 2014 ,
Written by Editor / El Diario

Sonoyta, Sonora

Traveling in two vehicles which were reported injured seven people.

A group of migrants who were traveling in two vehicles were " hunted " by heavily armed men who shot them on a local road that is north of Caborca, as a result leaving two people dead and seven injured .
According to reports from the State Police Investigating registered overturning around 05:40 am on Monday , was recorded in the 32 kilometer stretch Sonoyta - Lead , where a person was injured by gun fire .
Those killed were identified with the names of Ricano Lorenzo Hernandez, 30 -year- old native of Chihuahua; and Omar Aguilar Morales, 26 years old, from the state of Puebla , who passed away at the height of Santa Ana, when he was taken by a unit of the Red Cross for medical care .
The injured are: Venancio Quintana Saldaña, 49-year- old native of Guerrero; Noe Cruz, 32 years old, and Francisco Rodríguez Torres , both originating in the Federal District; Gerardo Rangel Ruiz , 32 years old Trinidad and Pablo Gutierrez , 35 years old, both originating in Guadalajara , Jalisco ; Misael Romero Sandoval, 18 years old , originally from Puebla ; Lares and Homero Rodriguez, 30 -year- old native of Zacatecas.
Also injured was Fernando Núñez Rodríguez , 53-year- old native of Guadalajara , Jalisco, who had a bullet wound in the right femur . All the injured were taken to hospitals in Caborca ​​and Puerto Peñasco for medical care .

According to the statements of the victims, all aboard a vehicle brand Dodge Durango, blue , 2001 model , with Arizona plates and a vehicle Chevrolet Tahoe, white, 1996 model , without license plates circulation, when they encountered two more high pick-up type vehicles , and by not obeying the indication to halt, they were fired on.
Because aggression, Tahoe vehicle left the road and later tipped over, both vehicles with bullet wounds on their bodies .


Note: mucho ammo

Caught with weapons and tactical gear
Details Published on Wednesday April 2, 2014 ,
Written by Editor / El Diario

State and Municipal officers detain them during a raid on a hotel in this border.

Four people, including a woman, were arrested in possession of firearms and tactical gear , during a joint operation conducted by State and City Managers in a hotel in this border.
According to reports from the Attorney General of the State , the arrested were identified as Alejandro Cervantes Lopez, 33 years old, Aaron Gabriel Aguilar Soto 32; Manuel de Jesus and / or Francisco Javier Olivas Mota, 37, and Rosa María Félix Apipilhuasco , 32 , all from Nogales , Sonora.

According to the authorities the arrest of the above took place around 13:00 pm at a hotel in the city located on Calle Jesús García Ruiz Cortines and the Lomas de Nogales colony.
In this place the police officers in coordination with the Public Ministry Agent First Common Law , located a vehicle Sedan Totoya line Camry, 1997 model , golden color with Arizona plates , which was addressed by today arrested.

After inspection they found two rifles caliber 7.62 x 39 mm; 9mm pistol with its own magazine supplied with ten rounds of ammunition ; nine magazines for rifle 7.62 x 39 mm cartridges supplied with 30 rounds each; 373 rounds of ammunition of the same caliber and 14 .45 caliber rounds of ammunition.

They were also found 15 cell phones of different brands and models ; a tactical vest black, backpack, boots and carrying several keys for different car brands .
These authorities stressed that the arrest of this criminal gang was possible after several investigations and the arrest of two persons riding in a stolen , same car were arrested hours before the operation .
The detainees, vehicle , firearms , chargers, cartridges and other objects were made ​​available to the Deputy Public Prosecutor's Office based in this city and it is he who defined the legal status of the above .


Military find safe house ' narcotúnel ' into Idependencia
Details Published on Wednesday April 2, 2014 ,
Written by Editor / El Diario

In coordination with U.S. authorities was that made ​​the discovery .

Elements of the Secretary of Defense on this border secured a home located in Del Rosario colony, where there is a presumed narco tunnel leading to U.S. territory.
Since last night the staff of 45th Military Zone in this city, kept guard at the address marked with the number 714 located in Independence and the streets Granados end of that sector.
Could be in the scene to establish that military personnel managed the discovery of the tunnel in coordination with the U.S. authorities , who reported them to the possible construction of this at such address.
The authorities assume that within the home in what could be a garage is an excavation that could measure more than 200 meters long in the direction of Nogales Arizona.
Military forces will be noted that the Federal Public Ministry who perform a search warrant in the building so that this information is confirmed.
The home is located about 25 meters from the International online and in the back of the house , buckets , various tools and a wheelbarrow as were used for the construction of the tunnel were observed.
Note that in the garage of the home pick up a car , GMC, white from behind, with Sonora plates , plus soldiers claimed that when taking the house there was no one inside.
Up to press time the military forces remained guarded home awaiting the arrival of the appropriate federal authorities for official inspection .


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