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Note: Sing along? 12 handguns, 33 long guns, 165 magazines, 22,981 rounds, and a ultralight in a sahuaro. All this in Sonora for month of March.

Department of Defense seize more than 5 tons of ' pot ' in March
Details Published on Saturday April 5, 2014 ,
Written by Editor / El Diario de Sonora

Perform the arrest of 27 people , as well as securing 33 long weapons.

About five tons of drugs , hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition and cash were seized by members of the Secretariat of National Defense ( Department of Defense ) last March, according to official reports.
According to reports from the Department of Defense , personnel of the 45 Military Zone based in the border criminal arrested in flagrante delicto to 27 individuals in different proceedings , which were made available to the appropriate authorities .

During the raids they seized a total of five tons, 735 kilos of marijuana; a kilo and 150 grams of cocaine and 14 kilos and 550 grams of methamphetamine , as well as 12 handguns, 33 rifles, 165 magazines for different weapons and 22 thousand 981 cartridges different calibers.

Also seized two grenades, 35 vehicles and one million 593 thousand 250 pesos during the proceedings and 737mil $ 940 , three buildings and even an ultralight aircraft.

Effective military forces also found and destroyed seven clandestine airstrips located in northern Sonora .
According to the statement , both detainees and the subject matter insured were already made available by the federal authorities .

For complaints of illegal activities anonymously the Department of Defense provides the telephone numbers (631) 313-0316 and (631) 352-1252 , and email .


Note: 2 pistols , five rifles, 22 magazines, 566 cartridges and two Tahoes on a dirt track, just south of Douglas, AZ

Posted April 5, 2014 , 3:12 a.m.
During a raid in Agua Prieta the Army seizes a arsenal
Inside, was the rifle type "AK 47 " plus magazines and bullets.
Also two vehicles reported as stolen , cartridges and magazines
Agua Prieta , Son. - Nuevo Dia

An array consisting of five assault rifles , two pistols and 500 rounds of ammunition , were seized in the town of Agua Prieta , by agents of the State Public Security Police ( PESP ) and staff of the Department of National Defence.

In a statement reported that the firearms were in two trucks reported as stolen , confiscated by agents belonging to the Joint Operations ( BOM - Operaciones Mixtas), abandoned in the colony of New Sonora.
Yesterday , around 8:00 pm , which on a dirt tracks in the vicinity of the colony of New Sonora, they saw two Chevrolet Tahoe vehicles that were apparently in a state of neglect , to inspect realized that inside were several firearms.

During the operation recovered 5 rifles of.223 caliber 7.62x39mm also two handguns 9mm and .40 was achieved. They also seized 22 metallic magazines , 2 drum magazines, and 566 cartridges of various calibers.

Subsequent to verifying the data of the vehicles they realized that they had been stolen .
One of these, online Tahoe, 2012 model was reported as stolen in El Paso, Texas , while the truck of the same make , black color, model 2002 had been reported stolen in Baja California.

Because of this , the BOM operation that integrates PESP and the Mexican Army made ​​vehicle seizures , also of arms and cartridges, which were turned over to the appropriate authority.


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