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AZMEX I3 9-4-14

AZMEX I3 9 APR 2014

Note:  In Altar valley, a few miles south of border, between Nogales & El Sasabe  
Unknown at this time if Mex. govt. will return them or let them continue north.  
Ref. also AZMEX I3 6-4-14

Army releases 162 people in El Saric
Details Published on Sunday April 6, 2014 ,
Written by Editor / The Journal


Mexican Army conducted the release of 162 people of different nationalities who were deprived of their liberty in camps near Saric .

The Ministry of National Defense through the Commander of the 45th Military Zone , said that among those released 97 Mexicans, 60 Guatemalans, three Hondurans and two Salvadorans were , who had a good health and that they were made available to the relevant authorities.

With these actions, the Mexican Army and Air Force contribute to the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Mexico for a peaceful , confirming its commitment to ensure the safety and security of citizens

The Department of Defense recognizes the cooperation of the public for their strong support to denounce criminal acts , so it provides the phone number and email address below : 45 / a . Military Zone (631) 3521252 and complaint. .

Note:  the answer.  

Migrants ' released ' in Sonora , continue their path to EU
The 162 migrants were liberating Saric , Sonora, received humanitarian assistance and then continued their route to the United States

04/09/2014 15:53 ​​Daniel Sánchez Dorame / Correspondent

The 162 migrants were liberating Saric , Sonora, received humanitarian assistance and then continued their route to the United States. Photo: Archive

Hermosillo, Son. April 9 - . The 162 migrants were allegedly released by the Mexican army in the border community of Saric , Sonora, received humanitarian assistance and then continued their route to the United States, which have entered illegally their fate is unknown.

This was confirmed by both the Secretary of Public Safety in Sonora, Munro Ernesto Palacios, as the state delegate of the National Migration Institute ( INM ), Enrique Iberri Claussen , officials made ​​it clear that , contrary to reports by the Department of National Defence ( Department of Defense ) , migrants of different nationalities were not deprived of their liberty .

It was last April 3 , when a press release the Mexican Army reported that members of the 45 / Military Zone detected four camps nestled in the desert close to the international line, where there were 162 migrants " deprived of liberty " among them there were 97 Mexicans, 60 Guatemalans, three Hondurans and two Salvadorans.

On April 4, the Army contacted the Beta Group is one of the two sides of the INM , one is the Beta and the other agents are operating ; in this case the Beta Group immediately moved 50 kilometers from the town of Sasabe and the ranch 'La Sierrita ' 162 people located in a camp , fully complying with Article 70 of the Migration Act , regardless of their nationality , people attended in order to ensure their human rights.

In this case, people interviewed , were offered food, water and only 17 of them, all Mexicans, asked to be moved to a town to contact their families; that was the intervention of the INM Group Beta , no children among them , there were three women and said they would continue their way to the United States, "said the delegate of migration in Sonora.

Although it was initially reported that migrants were deprived of their liberty , the official newsletter of the Department of Defense consigned not arrest anyone suspected of trafficking, while the INM also detected the presence of ' smugglers ' among 162 interviewed migrants.

According to the statements of immigrants , they had 15 days sleeping in Sasabe desert , near the international line between Sonora and Arizona, the camp had brought water for drinking and cooking with charcoal grills , were waiting for the best time to cross to the United States and according to the authorities after his 'rescue' continued their journey in search of the American dream .

Among the risks faced by people attempting to enter the United States illegally are inclement weather and organized crime groups who kidnap people for use as couriers to smuggle drugs.

On 1 April, in a chase and armed aggression were two dead migrants and seven injured when the victims began their transit to the United States through the desert and were intercepted by armed men who tried to hold them and to resist , they fired bursts of heavy caliber.

on 20 March, gunmen ambushed a group of ' burreros ' returning from a drug delivery in the border region between Sonora and Arizona , leaving seven people dead and four wounded in the town of Caborca, but until time the authorities have clarified the crime or arrested suspects .


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