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Note:  older story, but still very relevant.  This the main road to "rocky point".   Also up the road from some very bloody shootouts of year or two ago.  Control of the this AZMEX border area continues to be disputed.  

Blog: Sonoran border town occupied for hours by armed convoy

An armed convoy took over the Sonoran border town of Sonoyta for hours Sunday night, Mexican news reports said. Later, there was a big shootout between criminal gangs east of town.
September 04, 2012 3:30 pm  •  Tim Steller, Arizona Daily Star 

A convoy of 20 vehicles carrying armed men drove into Sonoyta, Sonora Sunday night and effectively took control of the border town for several hours, Mexican news reports say.

Sunday night about 9:30, the convoy stopped at a baseball field and, according to at least two reports, kidnapped people there, then spent hours in town before leaving. The residents spent the uncertain hours huddled in their homes, leaving the streets largely empty except for the armed men, reports said.

"They arrived a little before 10 o'clock at night, they parked across from the baseball park and later they drove around the streets of town, Mayor Agustin Quiroz Murrieta said.

An armed confrontation between criminal groups took place later Monday morning in an area about 50 miles east of Sonoyta. The Sonoran Attorney General's Office reported finding one person shot to death in the remote area near a village called El Plomo, about 15 miles south of the Tohono O'odham Nation's southern border.

About 400 police and soldiers responded to the area of the shootout, securing guns and vehicles, but the gunman had fled.

Sonoyta is across the border from Lukeville, Ariz. and an hour's drive north of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, the beach town where a deadly shootout between criminal groups took place in July.

The shootout near El Polomo was in the same broad area, between Nogales, Sonora and Sonoyta, where two shootouts took place in 2010, and residents and officials have fled due to lawlessness.

Indeed, on Monday, Sonoyta's mayor left town for Hermosillo.

Note:  an update

Blog: Stirrings around Sonoyta, y más Sonoran narco news

Courtesy: Municipality of Sonoyta, Sonora
The mayor of Sonoyta, Sonora said 450 police and soldiers re-established control over the border city across from Lukeville, but he didn't say when. Reporters in Sonora say it took almost a full day.
September 05, 2012 1:15 pm  •  Tim Steller, Arizona Daily Star

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First, the news from Sonoyta

The ramifications of Sunday night's incident in Sonoyta are still shaking out. That night a convoy of 20 vehicles carrying armed men  took over the border city for several hours.

While the town's mayor says in a press release (reprinted below) that the arrival of 450 troops and police took care of the situation, journalistic accounts from Mexico differ. In Luís Alberto Viveros' column, he says it took almost 24 hours for outside authorities to arrive in Sonoyta. By that time, the bad guys were gone.

In El Sol de Caborca, Marcos Francisco López Robles also reports that it took a long time for a noticeable police influx to take place, and that it was long after the convoy had left.

He also reports that the state's attorney general insisted, when confronted by skeptical reporters Tuesday, that Sonora remains an average state when it comes to crime and that Sonoyta residents are trafficking in rumors about Sunday night's incident.

Second, from New Hampshire

The U.S. Attorney for New Hampshire announced Tuesday the indictment of Chapo Guzman and a group of accused cartel advance men who allegedly tried to set up a trafficking operation in Spain. (Disappointingly brief indictment attached)

I previously wrote about that case in the context of the arrest of Rafael Humberto Celaya Valenzuela, a mid-level Sonoran politico.

The most interesting new detail: Celaya Valenzuela and the three others were not arrested in Madrid but in Algeciras, a port town near Gibraltar in the mouth of the Mediterranean.

Third, from Federal Highway 2

The Mexican military reported it seized more than three tons of marijuana from a tractor trailer. They inspected the truck at the Cucapá checkpoint between Sonoyta and San Luís Río Colorado and Federal Highway 2.

Fourth, from the mayor of Sonoyta: 

Here's the statement by the mayor of Sonoyta, Sonora, Agustín Quiroz. Sorry it's in Spanish, but I don't have time to translate just yet. 

Agradece alcalde la coordinación de todas la corporaciones por la seguridad de Sonoytenses.

Luego de que un convoy armado tomará la ciudad, se logró estabilizar la situación.

04-Sep-12 Sonoyta, Son

La mañana de este martes el alcalde de Sonoyta, Agustín Quiroz anuncio que la situación crítica en la que se encontraba Sonoyta había sido estabilizada gracias a la intervención de los diferentes niveles de gobierno en materia de seguridad.

Luego de que un convoy armado de unos 20 vehículos irrumpieran en el municipio fronterizo, elementos de seguridad entre ejercito nacional, policía municipal, estatal y federal pusieron en marcha un operativo con la intención de salvaguardar a la población sonoytense, tras un reporte vía telefónica la noche del domingo 2 de Sep.

"El comando abandonó la zona durante la madrugada, para después percatarse unidades de seguridad que se había realizado un enfrentamiento donde resultó muerto un presunto sicario, y tres arrestados" narró el alcalde.

Comentó que son poco más de 450 elementos que se encuentran resguardando y protegiendo la ciudad y sus al rededores, así como intervenciones de helicópteros por parte de la Policía Estatal de Sonora.

El enfrentamiento tuvo lugar en el kilometro 33 en la carretera que une el municipio Sonoytense con el ejido La Nariz en la brecha conocida como La Cebolla, donde fueron hallados 5 vehículos con numerosos impactos de bala.

Debido a su cercanía con la frontera de Luckeville, AZ. Sonoyta es un poblado donde es común la presencia de bandas relacionadas con el narcotráfico, sin embargo es la primera vez que se presenta una situación de esta magnitud.

Hasta el momento la situación permanece estable, agradeció el alcalde la organización de elementos de seguridad quienes continúan  recorriendo las calles y avenidas del municipio coordinando esfuerzos en la lucha contra la inseguridad, cada uno dentro del ramo de su competencia.

( translation)  

Mayor thanked the coordination of all the law enforcement corporations for Sonoyta's safety.

After an armed convoy took over the city, the situation was stabilized.

04-Sep-12 Sonoyta, Son

The Tuesday morning Sonoyta Mayor Agustin Quiroz announcement that the critical situation in Sonoyta had been stabilized thanks to the intervention of the different levels of government security.

After an armed convoy of about 20 vehicles stormed the border town,  security elements comprising the national army,  municipal, state and federal police launched an operation intended to safeguard the population sonoytense after a report by telephone the Sunday night Sep. 2

"The commando left the area during the night, and then  security units that had a confrontation where a suspected gunman was killed and three arrested," the mayor told.

He said that they are little more than 450 personnel that are guarding and protecting the city and its surrounding hinterland to and helicopters interventions by the Sonora State Police.

The clash took place at kilometer 33 on the road linking the town with the ejido La Nariz  in the gap known as La Cebolla, where 5 cars were found with numerous bullet wounds.

Due to its proximity to the border of Lukeville, AZ. Sonoyta is a town where it is common the presence of drug-related bands, but this is the first time there is a situation of this magnitude.

So far the situation remains stable, the mayor thanked the organization for security elements who continue walking the streets and avenues of the municipality to coordinate efforts in the fight against insecurity, each branch within its jurisdiction.

Note:  Some rare but still incomplete details on this weapons bust in Sonora.   Good photo also.   
Would be very interesting to get the details on this one, especially s/n of all,  and what exact 5.8 ammo was recovered.  

Teachers to detect child with gun,  And State Police agents seize arsenal at his home. 
- 8 September 2012

Hermosillo, Sonora. - Elements of Public Safety State Police, in coordination with personnel from the Ministry of National Defense on Thursday seized an array of different calibres, armored vehicles, tactical uniforms and radio equipment in a home in Colonia El Bachoco, where they stopped a woman.
Through a press release yesterday it was reported that at 19:45 hours, through the Emergency number 066 it was learned that within a colony Bugambilias campus was a child under 9 years carrying a firearm , so  immediately went municipal and state agents.
Municipal police took over the small child and secured the weapon, while the elements came to his home, located at 59th Avenue Bachoco, in the colony of the same name.
They were meters before reaching the house when the officers noticed a man with a gun tucked in his waist , so gave chase, cites the statement.
At the scene, state police squad secured a 9-mm pistol and interviewed Brenda Arellano Marisela Rojas, who allowed access to the property for search.
Military personnel arrived at the scene in support to protect the building and alerted the Federal prosecutor.
On the dining room table was located AR15 rifle while in the rooms found in a closet totaling 13,000 cartridges of different calibers, 96 magazines, 13 handguns, seven rifles, 76 portable radios, radio 3 bases and 56 radio cases.
In addition, there were four bulletproof vests, 6 plates for vests, 10 Findings, 7 seat, 18 Slings, 3 pouches, binoculars, a power source, a radio frequency scanner and two money counting machines also secured various military uniforms, being 5 jackets, 14 pants, 5 hats, 3 pads, 4 shirts and 23 pairs of boots.  Also found a Silverado pickup, apparently armored, with Arizona plates, inside which was a AR15 rifle, a Jeep Commander armored truck, with Sonora plates and inside another AR15 rifle, and a black Lincoln Navigator without plates, where a gun was found 5.7 × 28 caliber pistol.  
Inside the house not able to locate the suspect, so they stopped to Brenda Arellano Marisela Rojas, who was made available to the Attorney General's Office, as well as the weapons secured.

13,000 rounds of ammunition, including 1,267 of  5.7 × 28 caliber, known as "cop killer"
Radio equipment
Military uniforms, boots and trimmings
Two money counting machines
1 Desert Eagle .50 caliber pistol
One .22 caliber pistol
Two 9mm pistols
Two .25 caliber pistols
three  38 caliber pistols
five  5.7 × 28 caliber pistols
1 .45 pistol 
1 MP5 9mm rifle
1 9-mm submachinegun  Uzzi
2 Rifles   5.7 × 28
3 Rifles   AR15
Two   AK47 rifles
1 Shotgun
3 vehicles, two of them armored.

Detectan maestros a niño con arma de grueso claibre Y en su casa agentes de la Policia Estatal decomisan arsenal
– 8 SEPTIEMBRE 2012  

Hermosillo, Sonora.- Elementos de la Policía Estatal de Seguridad Pública, en coordinación con personal de la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional, aseguraron este jueves un arsenal de diversos calibres, vehículos blindados, uniformes tácticos y equipos de radiocomunicación en un domicilio de la colonia El Bachoco, donde se detuvo a una mujer.
A través de un comunicado de prensa se informó que fue ayer a las 19:45 horas cuando a través del número de Emergencias 066 se tuvo conocimiento que dentro de un plantel de la colonia Bugambilias había un menor de 9 años que portaba un arma de fuego, por lo que acudieron de inmediato agentes municipales y estatales.
Policías municipales se hicieron cargo del pequeño y aseguraron el arma, en tanto que los elementos estatales acudieron a su domicilio, ubicado en el número 59 de la avenida Bachoco, en la colonia del mismo nombre.
Fue metros antes de llegar a la casa cuando los agentes observaron a un hombre con un arma fajada en la cintura que corría hacia el interior, por lo que iniciaron su persecución, cita el comunicado.
En el lugar, los policías estatales aseguraron una pistola escuadra calibre 9 milímetros que tiró al suelo y se entrevistaron con Brenda Marisela Arellano Rojas, quien permitió el acceso al inmueble para una revisión.
Personal militar llegó al lugar en apoyo para resguardar el inmueble y se dio aviso al agente del Ministerio Público Federal.
Sobre la mesa del comedor se localizó un fusil AR15, mientras que en las habitaciones encontraron dentro de un clóset un total de 13 mil cartuchos de diferentes calibres, 96 cargadores, 13 armas cortas, 7 armas largas, 76 radios portátiles, 3 bases de radio y 56 cargadores de radio, precisa.
Además, había 4 chalecos antibalas, 6 placas para chalecos, 10 fornituras, 7 cinturones, 18 portafusiles, 3 portacargadores, unos binoculares, una fuente de poder, un escáner de radiofrecuencias y dos máquinas para contar dinero.Se aseguraron también diversos uniformes militares, siendo 5 casacas, 14 pantalones, 5 gorras, 3 hombreras, 4 playeras y 23 pares de botas.En el domicilio se encontró un pick up Silverado, al parecer con blindaje, con placas de Arizona, en cuyo interior había un fusil AR15; una camioneta Commander blindada, con placas de Sonora y en su interior otra arma larga AR15; y un Lincoln Navigator negro sin placas, donde se localizó una pistola escuadra calibre 5.7×28.
Dentro de la casa no se logró ubicar al sospechoso, por lo que se detuvo a Brenda Marisela Arellano Rojas, quien quedó a disposición de la Procuraduría General de la República, al igual que el armamento asegurado.
Los detalles
El aseguramiento:
13 mil cartuchos útiles, entre ellos 1,267 calibre 5.7×28, conocidos como "matapolicías"
Equipo de radiocomunicación
Uniformes militares, cargadores y fornituras
2 máquinas para contar dinero
1 pistola Desert Eagle calibre .50
1 pistola calibre .22
2 pistolas calibre 9 milímetros
2 pistolas calibre .25
3 pistolas calibre 38
5 pistolas calibre 5.7×28
1 pistola .45
1 fusil MP5 calibre 9 milímetros
1 subametralladora Uzzi calibre 9 milímetros
2 Fusiles 5.7×28
3 Fusiles AR15
2 Fusiles AK47
1 Escopeta
3 vehiculos, dos de ellos blindados.

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