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Note: Some would suggest additional digging under the Burke rock.

Blog: Brian Terry's parents call for firings after Fast & Furious report
Tim Steller, Arizona Daily Star Comments

The parents of murdered U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry called
today for the U.S. Attorney General to fire some employees in the
light of an internal investigation released last week.

In a written statement put out by the family's public relations firm,
Kent and Josephine Terry said Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer
should resign because of his role in misinforming Congress about
Operation Fast and Furious. They said he is responsible for the
infamous Feb. 4, 2011 letter in which the Justice Department denied
"gun walking" took place in Fast and Furious — a letter the
department later retracted.

They also said that in the day after Brian Terry was shot, on Dec.
14, 2010, someone should have told Attorney General Eric Holder that
the guns found at the scene were bought by a suspect in Operation
Fast and Furious.

"Those DOJ personnel that were notified of this critical information
in the following hours and days and subsequently failed to pass it on
immediately to the Attorney General were derelict in their duties and
exhibited horrible professional judgment," the Terrys, who are
divorced, said in their statement.

They also accused former U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke of
deliberately misleading them about the origin of the weapons found at
the murder scene.

"Mr. Burke traveled to Michigan to brief the family in the murder
investigation and specifically told the family that the weapons found
at the murder scene were not related to Operation Fast and Furious,"
the statement says. "We call upon the the Attorney General to
investigate whether Dennis Burke attempted or conspired to keep the
connection between the two cases secret."

Josephine and Kent Terry also questioned why the Secretary of
Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, was not told about the
operation, when an agent for Immigration and Customs Enforcement was
intimately involved with it. And they concluded that had the federal
agencies on the border shared information about the flow of weapons
from Fast and Furious, the shooting might have been avoided altogether.

"If Brian and his team had known about this information, they would
have been on a far more defensive posture and would have taken
appropriate proactive measures to protect themselves from harm the
night they initiated contact with the rip crew."

While Brian Terry's brother, Kent Terry Jr., and father Kent Terry
Sr. have occasionally accused Holder of wrongdoing in the case, the
new statement does not revive old critiques and accepts the report's
conclusion that Holder was in the dark about Operation Fast and
Furious till it had ended in early 2011.

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