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Note: Are the conflicts from Sinaloa now making it north to the AZMEX border?

Gunfights in Nogales, Son

10 / May / 2017
Hiram G. Machi
New Day / Nogales, Sonora


Without official details of the shootings made yesterday morning in various sectors of this city, at least four houses and equal number of vehicles with bullet impacts are counted.

That, directly or intentionally and sometimes by collateral damage or "lost bullets" and presumed illegal abduction of people.

The strongest activity took place in Colosio Colony's Los Piras Street, where an armed group and several vehicles caused damage to a house, which one day later appeared in a state of neglect, with the half-open garage door and with several bullet holes on the façade; Likewise, at least two other contiguous homes were hit by assault rifle fire.

At least four vehicles were counted with shots to body and windows, as well as several homes in San Sebastián, El Rastro and other sectors, which according to residents, had damage to windows, shutters, doors and interiors.

The shots were heard to the southwest of the city from the first minutes of yesterday, from the presence of an armed group that crossed the streets.

The shots ceased for some minutes to intensify soon after in the Colosio colony.

Some people were being deprived of their liberty, extracted from their homes, although details of the events were not disclosed, which arose during several hours in various sectors of the city.


They exchange weapons for vouchers
Details Posted on Wednesday May 10, 2017,
Written by Marco A. Flores


Vouchers valued at up to 3,000 pesos ($158 USD) will be delivered to people who come to deliver firearms to the reception module for the 2017 Despistolización Campaign, which began on Tuesday, 9th at Miguel Hidalgo Square.

Celeste Bojórquez Quiñones, coordinator of the Public Security Secretariat's liaison in this border city, informed at a press conference that the event will be held from 9:00 am to 13:00 hours and could be extended until sometime next November. This first stage will be until September 30.

"This campaign is aimed at crime prevention and our main objective is to reduce crime rates, especially so that there are no more assaults or accidents at home, such as homicides and suicides, as well as fostering citizenship coexistence, in which All are well, "she said.

She recalled that community participation in general is required to dispose of firearms in homes, because of the risk they represent to families, for that reason is the opportunity to deliver them and also obtain some economic resources in exchange for these articles.

The state official added that the amount of the vouchers will be evaluated by elements of the Sedena, varying depending on the weapon, if functional could reach up to three thousand pesos and if it is useless, up to one thousand pesos. ($53 USD) They will also take in handguns, cartridges, explosives and all kinds of weapons

"Last year we were somewhat low, compared to the year 2015 for example, here in Nogales, but there was participation and most of the weapons turned in were for hunting, but this time and with the conditions that are taking place in Nogales, we hope That more illegal weapons be delivered, "he recalled.


Note: Translated as we got it.

Instructions from ATF on identification of weapons and explosives
Details Posted on Thursday March 09, 2017,
Written by Editor / El Diario


The Agency of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives of Tijuana
conducted a training on March 8 and 9, about the identification of weapons and explosives to fourteen members of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and Federal Police in the city of Sonoyta, Sonora.

The weapons and explosives identification course covers the classification of weapons and explosives as well as the use of the Agency of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tracking system. The course also included current trends in Mexico related to the trafficking of firearms and explosives.

The course was of benefit to the police and customs officers conducting searches or inspections as they will be able to discover and identify various parts of a firearm and explosive components.


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