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Note: of most interest to those heading south for the Holy Week.

PF starts OperationEaster 2017
Details Posted on Saturday April 08, 2017,
Written by Marco A. Flores



This Saturday, the "Semana Santa 2017" operation will be launched, which will be headed by the Federal Police Caminos Division, in the northern region of the state, for which an official exit flag is expected in Magdalena de Kino.

This was reported by Reynaldo Martin Millán Maldonado, head of the Nogales station, said that the plan began this Friday at 23:59 hours and ends on April 23 at 00:00 hours.

"With the purpose of the holiday period of Easter, the Ministry of Government through the Commissioner of Public Security and the Federal Police, through the regional security division, plan for Easter 2017, in which the primary purpose is reduction of crime and accidents in the 372 kilometers of the federal highway, "he said.

The police chief added that the operations will be using "Radar" to prevent road accidents, detecting vehicles that exceed speed limits and which will be applied the corresponding sanctions, also with the operation "Safe Traveler", where elements will travel in buses, ticket sales and promotion platforms, verifying the presence of local security and performing random checks.

"We have a state of strength of 80 elements, with vacation and off duty days cancelled for the operational officers, in the center will send four elements per shift, to cover with that service in specific," he added.

From today until April 23, the Federal Police Caminos Division will implement the operation.


09 / Apr / 2017

Omar Chiquete

New Day / Nogales, Arizona

Long lines of vehicles were formed last Friday to leave the United States, especially at the Dennis DeConcini, POE in the Downtown.

Officials at the Nogales, Arizona, Police Department turned off the traffic lights to divert traffic by blocking downtown intersections along the long line to cross into Mexico.

This occurred during the evening, when work on the entry lanes to Mexico slows down the vehicular traffic; The large number of vehicles that traveled to the South, being the start of the weekend, made things difficult.

City Police Officers took control of the intersections to send the vehicles to the North and to be made a single row to avoid blockades at intersections.

Mariposa also received long lines for late-night entry to Mexico, but since there are no intersections on Mariposa Road, there was no need for police officers, but the line of cars reached the intersection with Target Range Road.


Note: On this side of the border, as usual, putting rodents, reptiles, etc. ahead of your families.

Border fencing affecting local wildlife in Southern New Mexico
By: Julio-Cesar Chavez
Posted: Apr 08, 2017 05:30 PM MDT
Updated: Apr 08, 2017 05:30 PM MDT

Border Fence Ecology
SUNLAND PARK, New Mexico - The Southwest Environmental Center set up a trip Saturday with several dozen people to take a look at the border barriers , and their effect on wildlife in the borderplex.

"This is the pedestrian fencing kind of design, and this is the worst kind for wildlife," said Kevin Bixby, Executive Director of the Southwest Environmental Center.

About 700 miles of the 2000 mile border have some kind of barrier, which the Southwest Environmental Center says is hurting wildlife, not letting them travel freely in search of food, water, and mates
"Some animals could squeeze through there, rodents rabbits, lizards, snakes...I've seen existing pedestrian fencing along the border where these gaps do not exist," Bixby said.

A new type of fencing at Sunland Park and Anapra has gaps that allow smaller animals to get through, but it may not be enough for larger animals in other parts of the border.

"Mexican wolves are extremely endangered. There are only about 113 in the wild in the US side, 35 or so in Mexico...They need to be able to maintain that genetic connection by being able to interbreed with each other," Bixby explained.

The issue isn't only with population that are at risk today, it could lead to problems with healthy animals in the future.

"When we put up a barrier like this it fragments populations, and it makes those smaller populations more vulnerable to extinction," said Bixby.

A risk Bixby says could be increased, if gapped fencing is replaced with solid concrete.


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