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Note: No, didn't, can't even, make this one up. We locals are shocked. Oui, shocked.
The previous eight years?

FBI launches campaign to crack down on corruption on US borders
December 29, 2016 @ 5:36 am

PHOENIX — The Federal Bureau of Investigation is launching a campaign to urge citizens to keep an eye out for possibly corrupt officials working on the U.S. border.

To get its message to the public, the FBI created a public service announcement along with the Department of Homeland Security that will be shown in certain cities including Phoenix.

"Every day at America's borders, drugs, weapons and even people are illegally smuggled into our country," FBI Special Agent Alfredo Duron says in the video.

Duran goes on to say that some border agents are letting the smugglers get away with it.
"Some public servants, sworn to protect our borders, are turning a blind eye and lining their pockets," he said.

The PSA calls on citizens to speak up if they notice anything fishy when they are at a border checkpoint.

"If you live near, work at, or cross the border, you can be our eyes and ears," Duran said in the PSA. "When you witness public corruption, don't turn a blind eye. Report it to the FBI."

The PSA said the FBI's top criminal priority is to take down "these corrupt federal officials."

The border awareness campaign is targeting 10 FBI field offices whose areas of responsibility include U.S. ports of entry such as border crossings, airports, and seaports. The cities aside from Phoenix are Buffalo, Detroit, El Paso, San Antonio, Fargo, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami and Seattle.


PESP capture "El Nito Amavizca" in Sonora
Details Posted on Thursday December 29, 2016,
Written by Editor / El Diario

Elements of the State Public Security Police of the State of Sonora captured of Rodolfo "N" known as "El Nito Amavizca" who is considered number 12 in the list of priority criminal targets of the Federal Government and who identified as a lieutenant of a Drug trafficking organization.
The 42-year-old Rodolfo "N" was held in the afternoon of December 27 in the city of Hermosillo as part of the prevention and surveillance strategy to safeguard the safety of Sonorans.

He traveled in a level 6 armored vehicle, a 2012 Chevrolet Cheyenne crew cab, in possession of a .38 super-caliber firearm with 3 loaded mags and more than 22 thousand dollars in cash.

He tried to avoid his detention by offering to the officers the amount of 500 thousand dollars in exchange of leaving him free, a situation that did not impede the fulfillment of the duty, they proceeded to the arrest and this offer also settled in IPH by the probable commission Of the crime of Bribery.

Failing to achieve his objective, he threatened the officers and attempted to intimidate them by identifying himself with the nickname "El Nito Amavizca", presumed leader of some places of the Beltran Leyva Cartel, in several states of the country, such as Chiapas, Michoacán, Federal District , Nuevo Leon, Sinaloa, Sonora and Baja California, and Guerrero, where it could concentrates its operations in Acapulco and Zihuatanejo, where the current violence is due to the dispute of places where this Cartel participates.

Cell phones and identifications with different names were secured, and also he has other criminal records, such as detention in 2009 at Apodaca Airport, NL and another in 2015 in the municipality of Hermosillo; In both cases by carrying firearms of exclusive use of the army.

According to the First Respondent National Protocol, the person was detained and placed at the disposal of the Federal Public Ministry of the PGR Delegation in Sonora, who will determine the corresponding proceedings for the crimes for which he was detained, as well as For the completion of the provisional arrest warrant for extradition requested by the United States Government.


Note: photo at link.

PESP capture urban narco
Details Posted on Thursday December 29, 2016,
Written By Editorial Staff


They spot him on a car carrying synthetic drugs and a gun.
They arrest people in possession of firearms in municipalities where the State Police of Public Safety is operating.

Yesterday, the municipality of San Luis Río Colorado assured Miguel "N", 23 years old, in possession of an gun and a wrapper with granulated substance similar to the drug known as "crystal".
The arrest was registered in the vicinity of Calle 23 and Callejón Félix Contreras in the colony Residencias, they approached a Nissan Sentra, however when finding the drugs and the gun the officers proceeded to arrest the subject, Who was made available to the corresponding Public Ministry.

Meanwhile, in the municipality of Cajeme days before Christmas in the colony Ruso Voguel, they secured a person with a .380-caliber firearm with cartridges.
The person provided several names, including of a minor, but the arrest was made for the possession of the weapon, being available to the corresponding Public Ministry according to the National Protocol First Respondent.

In other events occurred in the colony Municipio Libre detained Guillermo "N" also in possession of firearm. PESP officers relieved him of a .9mm-caliber pistol and cartridges so he was detained, being made available to the Public Prosecutor's Office.


Note: Powder burns?

Balean a hombre en "partes nobles"
Por: Redacción ElImparcial | 29/12/2016 8:11

Una herida de aproximadamente 0.5 centímetros de longitud en el área de sus "partes nobles", producida con un arma de fuego, sufrió un hombre de 53 años de edad, identificado como Silvestre, en el Poblado Miguel Alemán.

Agentes municipales de la localidad informaron que a las 18:10 horas del martes, atendieron un reporte en el Centro de Salud de Miguel Alemán, donde se encontraba el lesionado que había sido baleado en el área de su órgano reproductor.

En la clínica se informó que el originario del Estado de Guanajuato había llegado momentos antes al área de urgencias con una herida cortante que tarda menos de 15 días en sanar y no ponen en riesgo la vida, de acuerdo al médico que lo atendió.

Al ser cuestionado sobre el hecho en el que resultó herido, el perjudicado manifestó que mientras se encontraba en la vía pública, sintió un golpe en el pene, e ignoraba con qué objeto lo habían golpeado, ni quién fue el responsable.

Los oficiales realizaron el informe policial homologado y dieron aviso al agente del Ministerio Público sobre los hechos.


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