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New Mexico Hunting Guide, Client Wounded in Border Ambush
Laura Bryant

While guiding an aoudad hunt in Presidio county Texas, a New Mexico hunting guide was shot in the abdomen and seriously wounded Friday night after what appears to have been an attempt to kidnap his clients on the Mexico border.
The guide remains in critical condition in a Texas Hospital. His client was also shot in the arm and is expected to recover.
Multiple assailants fired upon an RV parked near a hunting lodge where the party were staying for the hunt. The contracted hunter and his wife were asleep in the in the RV when the attack began. Walker Daugherty 26 of Chloride NM was wounded while attempting to stop the assailants from taking the RV with his clients inside. He was assisted by another guide Michael Bryant; the men were staying inside the lodge with their wives.
Per a family source, everyone was in bed preparing for an early hunt, the guides and cooks inside the house and the clients in the rental RV parked nearby. Walker heard voices outside and went to see what the noises were, he witnessed men with guns attempting to take the RV, he then ran back inside to get help. Walker and Michael armed themselves to defend and protect the client and to attempt to deter the assailants while the hunter attempted to escape in the RV which was being shot at repeatedly. The vehicle is riddled with bullet holes from the attack and suffered other structural damage.
The attack lasted long enough for Walker to run back to the house and get more ammunition, when he was close to the door his sister, saw him get shot and was able to drag him inside the house and away from the gunfire. The women in the lodge were able to get a spotty cell signal and call 911.
The family has been earning a living guiding and outfitting out of the remote ranch for years. The business had experienced several thefts and had been working with the US Border Patrol to apprehend illegal aliens in the area in the past month. The theft events and the attack occurred in the United States.
The attack has the family concerned that the attack was not just an attempt to rob the property. They believe the assailants intended to kill all the party. The attackers were strategically placed around the lodge and the men were fired upon from different areas.
The client's wife, a nurse was able to help keep Walker from bleeding to death while they waited several hours for a medivac helicopter to take him to El Paso. It took local law enforcement over an hour to get to the remote scene. The family says the men and their wives were grilled about the veracity of their account by Law Enforcement and the assailants got away and likely returned to Mexico. Kidnapping along with drug and human trafficking, has become common along the Mexico border especially if there are reasons to believe that an intended victim is a person of means. The family however are self-employed outfitters earning a living as guides although the clients were likely the intended targets.
Friends have set up a go fund me account to assist with medical expenses and the long recovery process that Walker is expected to endure. He is uninsured.


Two men shot in remote Presidio County
January 7th, 2017 under Top Stories

Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez during the investigation on Saturday. (Presidio County Sheriff's Office photo)

PRESIDIO COUNTY – Two men were shot at a remote south Presidio County ranch on Friday night, according to the Presidio County Sheriff's Office.

Walker Daughtry, 26, of New Mexico was flown via helicopter to El Paso for a gunshot to the abdomen. Edwin Roberts, 59, was transported by U.S. Border Patrol EMS to a Presidio EMS ambulance that was waiting in Candelaria, then driven to Presidio Lely Airport and airlifted to El Paso with a gunshot wound to the arm, said Joel Nuñez, chief deputy sheriff, who added that the Presidio County Sheriff's Office is taking the lead in the investigation.

The event unfolded about 9:30pm Friday when Nuñez was in the remote border community of Ruidosa assisting Presidio EMS with a service call.
He said he received a call from the Circle Doug Ranch west of Candelaria about shots being fired by multiple shooters with two individuals shot and severely injured.
"I was first to arrive to secure the victims inside the ranch house and I requested assistance for shots fired from unknown shooters around the perimeter of the house," Nuñez said.

The men injured by gunfire were part of a group of six hunters leasing the Circle Doug Ranch, including three males and three females, he said.

The chief deputy sheriff said no arrests have been made at this time, as the sheriff's office awaits results of "ballistic evidence."

Responding agencies in order of arrival were the Presidio Police Department, US Border Patrol, Texas Department of Public Safety highway patrol troopers, sheiff's office deputies from Presidio, Sheriff Danny Dominguez, and Deputy Mitch Garcia of Marfa.

Nuñez praised the cooperation of the various agencies involved in the matter: "This situation exemplifies the support by local, state, and federal agencies. Backup for this situation was efficient and greatly appreciated considering the distance between Presidio and the remote Circle Doug Ranch, approximately 10 miles west of Candelaria by a rocky, mountainous dirt road. An estimated 45 minutes was an excellent response time."

He added, "Coordination by all agencies resulted in a well-executed extraction of the victims. Native Air Ambulance landed a helicopter on the ranch by the house for extraction of the more severe injury."


Two injured in shooting at ranch in Presidio County Friday night
Saturday, January 7th 2017, 6:36 pm MST
Saturday, January 7th 2017, 6:36 pm MST
By Chelsey Trahan, ReporterCONNECT

The Presidio County Sheriff's Office is investigating a shooting that happened Friday night at 9:30 p.m.

Authorities were called out to the Circle Doug Ranch, west of Candelaria in reference to shots fired and two individuals severely injured.

The Presidio Police Department, Border Patrol, Texas Department of Public Safety and Presidio County deputies all responded to the scene.

Walker Daughtry, 26, was shot in the abdomen. He was flown by helicopter to El Paso.
Edwin Roberts, 59, was shot in the arm and was also flown to El Paso.

The two victims were part of a group of six hunters leasing the Circle Doug Ranch on vacation.
Details on how the shooting occurred have not yet been released as the investigation is open




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