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Marines secure more than one ton of methamphetamine in Sinaloa
7 December 2016
By Editorial Staff


Marine elements secured in Sinaloa more than a ton of methamphetamine, as well as material and equipment for its production.

According to Semar, this is the second seizure of that amount of drug so far this year, after the first assurance was reported in Michoacán last August.

On that occasion, agents of the PGR went to the company Autotransportes de Carga Tres Guerras, where they secured 1,020 kilos of methamphetamine and phenylacetone.

The Navy reported Tuesday that during a ground surveillance patrol it dismantled a clandestine laboratory, where it secured material and chemical precursors for the manufacture of synthetic drugs.

In the action, registered in Algodones, the Marines also secured six cookers, 15 gas cylinders, three centrifuges, three freezers, five fans, an electric plant, 20 tanks, 40 cylindrical coolers and 23 gallons of acetone.

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Note; fighting over retail drug trade.

The night of terror that left 9 dead on Monday
Unveils narcomenudeo violence in Mazatlan
For the Attorney General's Office of the State, the dispute is between the Cartel del Pacifico and the Beltran Leyva, State Public Security Secretariat states that there are groups from other states that want to infiltrate
Noroeste/ Writing
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Unveils narcomenudeo violence in Mazatlan

Veladoras appeared yesterday in the area of ​​Colonia Francisco Villa where three men were killed.
MAZATLÁN.- For the state authorities, the violence that Mazatlán experienced in a few hours late Monday night, which left at least nine people dead and three more detained, is a dispute over the territorial control of narcomenudeo in the port.

And while Attorney General Antonio Higuera Gomez blamed the cartels of the Pacific and the Beltran Leyva, State Secretary of Public Security Genaro Garcia Castro said that people from other states are trying to "invade" the square.

Separately, the state prosecutor said in Culiacán that four members of a Beltran Leyva criminal cell are responsible for killing eight people in the Francisco Villa, Lico Velarde and Valle del Ejido colonies in the port on Monday. "They had a week working in that area and dedicated precisely to the dispute over narcomenudeo control," he said.

"We consider, as far as we have, it's the Pacific cartel, and the Beltran Leyva cartel," he said.

The prosecutor said that one of the detainees confessed to work for a subject who is nicknamed "El Martin de la Zapata", who receives instructions from the Beltran Leyva cartel.

Interviewed in Mazatlan, Genaro Garcia Castro, Secretary of State Public Security, said that the economic growth and tourism of the port makes it attractive for criminal groups.
"Surely with the development that Mazatlan has had now is very attractive for people who are committed to commit the crime of narcomenudeo, you better know that, here we have had the arrival of up to four cruises in a single day, imagine all Those people who come from various parts of the world, for them it is attractive (for those who engage in narco-trafficking), it is a market, then it became attractive, groups from other states come, they want to venture into the drug market in Mazatlan, specifically , And obviously those of other plazas because they do not want to leave, "he said.

Same group carried out all the murders
Garcia Castro said that on the testimony of two detainees, that cell committed three attacks hours earlier in the colonies Francisco Villa, Federico Velarde and Valles del Ejido, events that killed eight people, before facing marines in the Fraccionamiento Real Pacífico, where a delinquent was shot down.
"It was not fortuitous, it was a pursuit because they made the mistake of doing three events, so that gave us time to identify vehicles and make a chase and make a stop, in Valles del Ejido where they were identified," said Garcia Castro.

Deny use of grenades

Although during the Real Pacifico clash, citizens reported detonations of grenades and bazookas, the State Secretary of State Security said that only AK-47 and AR-15 assault rifles and pistols were used.
He warned that there may be more members of that armed group that have not been detected.
He denied that security has gone out of hand with the administration of Mario López Valdez because of the violent events that have occurred in different parts of Sinaloa, but it is worrisome what happens.

Mazatlan enjoys good safety, says Felton

For Mayor Carlos Felton, Mazatlan continues to enjoy "good levels of safety, despite the violent night we recorded on Monday.
"Mazatlan enjoys good levels of safety, this has to be repeated a lot. Although the authority can not predict situations like last night (Monday), it can coordinate and find those responsible, and that is a great achievement that in Mazatlan the last two events of insecurity were resolved in a satisfactory manner, "he said. .
"I walked in the street until 11:00 at night and there is no problem, of course cause some alarm, but people can walk quietly, Mazatlan is a safe place and we will be very aware."

When questioned on the subject, Governor Mario López Valdez was very brief.
"The response yesterday was given, a coordination between the civilian forces, the federal forces, and those who tried to break the peace yesterday were made available to the authority and will be paying for those events," said Lopez Valdez.


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