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They were caught with arsenal and marijuana
Details Posted on Wednesday December 07, 2016,
Written by Editor / El Diario



Agents of the Federal Police insure three 'goat horns' and almost 200 kilos of drug.
Agents of the Federal Police detained 5 subjects with an arsenal and a strong shipment of marijuana.
This is part of the Strategic Actions

Implementing in the State. Officers assigned to the Regional Security Security Division as they were carrying out their patrol service on the Santana - Altar Road (2410) were marked off by a 2003 Chevrolet pickup pickup truck, green with no license plates and the driver Exceeded speed limits in contravention of the provisions of the Federal Highway Traffic Regulations.

The presumed delinquent ignored printing a greater speed so that a chase was initiated at high speed carrying out a tactical maneuver they stopped the flight; Managing to stop the driver named José R. and companions who respond to the names of Luis Angel; Alexis, Marcos Alejandro; And José Leonardo; All Mexicans.

The detainees were secured with three "goat horns" (AK's), a Chevrolet Avalanche pickup, reported stolen, a Bush Master long gun, a handgun, 5 rifle magazines, 107 rife cartridges, two handgun magazines, and 26 handgun Cartridges

Also 22 rectangular packages containing marijuana with a weight of 190 kilograms of marijuana, as well as communication equipment and tactical clothing.

For the above and before the commission of conduct sanctioned by the law; Reading the bill of rights that assist the persons in detention and they were placed at the disposal of the Federal Attorney attached to the Attorney General of the Republic in the State. Who will continue with the inquiries and criminal proceedings against them. With these actions the Federal Police ratifies the unwavering commitment to recover and guarantee the safety of Mexicans in the State of Sonora.


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