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16 arrested in multiagency operation targeting Tucson-based heroin trafficking ring
Phil Villarreal, Ina Ronquillo, Mac Colson
8:51 AM, Nov 3, 2016
1 min ago

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Pima County Sheriff's deputies are assisting state and federal law enforcement agents to serve warrants across Tucson Thursday.

Sixteen arrests were made and a total of 32 start arrest warrants at 12 locations were served.

Investigators were working to dismantle a local drug trafficking organization suspected of distributing and selling heroin, marijuana, and various firearms.

Investigators from multiple federal and local law enforcement agencies, including U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the Drug enforcement Administration, and the Pima County Sheriff's Department participated in the raids.

According to a release, those arrested face state charges, including racketeering, distribution of narcotics for sale, procession of narcotics for sale, use of wire and electronic communication in drug-related transactions, and money laundering.

"We are tirelessly investigating and prosecuting those suspected of bringing heroin and other dangerous drugs into our communities," said Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. "By joining forces with local, state, and federal authorities we will continue to take down major drug trafficking operators in Arizona."

During Thursday's raid agents seized about 2 pounds of heroin, 2 pounds of cocaine, more than half a dozen vehicles, computers, cell phones, several ledgers, and scales.

This investigation began in August 2015 when agents received information that one of the men arrested in Thursday's operation, 42-year-old Sean Dixon, was involved in drug trafficking in Tucson.

As the investigation continued, authorities uncovered evidence that linked Dixon to a drug trafficking ring responsible for transporting large amounts of heroin and marijuana in Tucson and to states on the East Coast including Maryland and Virginia.

Several of Dixon's relatives are also charged in the case, including his wife, Pauline Dixon, 42, and his nephew, Terrence Gooden, 34.

The other Tucson residents arrested for their alleged involvement in the trafficking ring are Dixon's nephew, Ricky Manning Jr., 35; his niece, Janeayi Manning-Qualls, 33; Raymond Pro, 39; Virgil Fleming, 45; Teresa Torres, 73; Ezekiel Jackson, 28; Robert Glaspie, Jr., 25; Enrique Estrada, 44; Andres Acedo, 36; Jennifer Ann Estrada, 38; and Rosalva Perez, 56.

The operation is still ongoing and several of the suspects remain at large.


The San Juan Bosco beyond the capacity of attention for Haitian migrants
Details Published on Thursday November 3, 2016,
Written by Marco A. Flores


Wednesday in Nogales already they have served more than 120 Haitian migrants and they keep coming.
Attention to more than 100 Haitian migrants already exceeds the capacity of groups of public initiative, as the Shelter for Migrant San Juan Bosco, especially since the Caribbeans demand certain very different attentions to those offered to other migrants as Mexicans or Central Americans.

Francisco Loureiro Herrera, director and founder of the hostel, said that Wednesday in Nogales to more than 120 migrants are treated, and unknown others when they will be called to be attended to by immigration authorities in the United States, but recognizes that the process is slow and They are arriving every day, more and accumulate.

"The problem is that these people, as they do not speak our language, there are sometimes problems, such as with food, they are different, we already have that problem because we can not do for different groups certain foods, mainly because we lack the ability economic "he said.

He said the city government assigned a couple of agents of Public Security to support safely, while seeking more shelter volunteers as Haitians are directed with order and respect above all internal regulations. "Supposedly one of the leaders said they were promised many things and not been fulfilled, we do not promise, we do offer shelter with whatever is available and in our possibilities," he added.

Loureiro Herrera ruled out receiving support from the three levels of government, plus he asked the help of volunteers to assist migrants during their stay in the shelter, as some volunteers stopped coming and only four people were left to volunteer, because it is an activity 24 hours a day.

"Right now we are informed that eight more arrived and you have to serve them, the ideal plan is that they were not lying, lying on the ground at the checkpoint, not to disturb citizens crossing to the United States, we thought that these people abided our regulations, but it seems that it didn't work and we are taking measures to convince them to respect "he said.

He exemplified that if one wants to go outside to smoke on the street, the come out and fill the street, if one wants to find a shop to buy things, butdo not know the streets and the responsibility if something happens, is the staff at the hostel, where if they remain inside and are safe and do not have to leave.

He also gave the example that in the case of toothbrushes, use it once and thrown away, do not like to wash them to continue using them, contrary to the custom in Mexico situation and Haitians are upset if they are advised to wash them for continuous use, a fact that complicates the delivery of brushes, because you can not give three every day.


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