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Note: Many Arizonans will remember the false hysteria back in 1994 when the CCW program was passed and implemented. Many years later in 2016, still no blood in the streets. Currently 291,386 CCW permits active in AZ, plus uncounted numbers of Constitutional Carry. Still no bloodbaths.

Not everyone will carry a weapon, there will be tests': Jorge Luis Preciado
01/11/2016 11:55 / PHOTO: Cuartoscuro.
Senator reiterated his proposal by saying that tests will be given to applicants to reduce misuse


Senator Jorge Luis Preciado confirmed his proposal to bear arms by ensuring that persons wishing to have the legal use of them have to go through a series of tests of various kinds, in order to qualify the attitudes and skills of stakeholders: 'the chances that misuse would be reduced'.

In a telephone interview with Adela Micha for Grupo Imagen, Preciado Rodriguez stressed that the tests applied are of a psychological nature, fingerprints of citizens, which will be entered into a database and that, unlike what is believed, 'it will not be anything like the old west':

For example, in other countries allow their citizens arm themselves, you can see that not all do; in Uruguay, in Chile, Guatemala, Switzerland, was a decrease in crime rates because criminals know that people can bring a weapon "for purposes of personal protection of loved ones.

He clarified that the National Action Party (PAN) indicated that the proposal is' a personal capacity ', although they have not shown a sharp denial for the same:' but argue that there are other ways to combat insecurity-and - but it must be seen from a complementary aspect 'and not as a belligerent data.

Aspects such as lack of access to education, poverty, hunger (and other basic needs) are responsible for the violence, (ending) in crime; but when the citizens are prepared, we see that the (proposal aims) to defend your life, your loved ones and heritage ".

Rodriguez Preciado intends to amend the General Law on Carrying Firearms and Explosives, so as to harmonize standards and other requirements caliber 'today have a weapon is a very selective practice; unless one possesses money or political influence 'and / or administrative' friends you can access; ordinary citizens can not.

In addition, if we can have firearms at home, but if you want to take it to be repaired , for example, you risk an arrest for possession (...) if this is carried out and that's what the proposal is "remove some topics or legal issues that, together, form a series of contradictions in the field of arms regulation.

The senator recalled a campaign like More Guns Less Crime, which was implemented in the USA where a forum of opinion was conducted with individuals and groups, both pro and con, to serve as reference for the citizens, discussion points, and let the people consider the pros and cons.

We will meet on November 19 at the Monument to the Revolution for the right to life. The respect for others, as others should respect my life and family, "he said.


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