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Note: a busy AZMEX Monday.

Smugglers Run: Sherriff's Office seizes piles of cannabis and ammo off Interstate 8
March 7, 2016 @ 5:59 pm

PHOENIX — Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Detectives arrested 13 drug traffickers carrying marijuana bales and boxes of ammunition near Interstate 8 Monday.

MCSO agents patrolling the highway near mile marker 86 noticed thirteen men dressed in camouflage, carrying large packs walking through the desert. Sheriff's deputies converged on the men with the help of Border Patrol agents, and all of them attempted to flee, hiding in trees and bushes.

Eventually, all 13 suspects were apprehended. Two were found to be juveniles; the 11 adult suspects were charged with drug trafficking and booked into 4th Avenue Jail in Phoenix.

The suspects were found to be transporting 920 pounds of marijuana and 2100 rounds of ammunition through the desert. MCSO estimated the drug's street value to be half a million dollars.

This arrest occurred just days after Sheriff Joe Arpaio's press conference "No Drug Bust Too Small," where the Sheriff showcased nearly $6 million dollars in drug seizures and announced the arrests of 102 suspected drug peddlers.

At the March 3 press conference, MCSO showed the 53 pounds of heroin, 6 pounds of cocaine and 93 pounds of meth they have taken off the streets.

"The seizure of large amounts of ammunition shows guns and violence continue to be coming into this country from Mexico and needs to be dealt with and stopped," Arpaio said.


Border Patrol can't even secure it's own buildings!
security cameraIn an Office of Inspector General Report, the Border Patrol's use of Forward Operating Bases (FOB) are riddled with security and health and safety violations. As outlined in this OIG REPORT, the Border Patrol has no problem violating OSHA standards or even care about their employees safety.

But what is missing from this investigation is that the Border Patrol cannot prove that FOBs are an effective way to secure the US/Mexico border. In fact as Local 2544 has contended for many years, the FOBs are used as propaganda for elected officials in DC, when they conduct border tours.

Border Patrol Managers have yet to prove that FOB are effective in apprehending illegal aliens or deterring others from entering illegally. But yet, they will continue to waste tax payer money in 'feel good" operations. In our meeting with OIG, we gave them countless examples of wasted manpower and resources. We are able to show that with the increase in manpower and infrastructure, the FOBs are a redundant and many times Agents assigned to these bases spend more time sitting around off duty then they do working.

The question remains: if Border Patrol Managers cannot come up with a plan to secure their own buildings, how can you expect them to secure the actual border.


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PF 5 seizes 5 "goat horns" on bus
Details Published on Saturday March 5, 2016,
written by Editorial / El Diario

Product of the different points of vehicle inspection and motor carriers, in order to prevent crime in the Sonoran capital; elements of the Federal Police managed to secure five guns, AK 47 type, along with several magazines, which were transported by a passenger on a bus to Culiacan.

It was during a vehicle inspection point located at km 15 + 500 of Highway 15, section Hermosillo- Nogales; where the Federal agents stopped a passenger bus from Nogales, to the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa, for a safety inspection.

During the review, the officers noticed a young man on the back of the bus, which was between his legs a sports bag with strange dimensions, for this reason the federal police asked the individual display the contents of the suitcase.

Inside the luggage Higuera who gave his name Abraham Higuera Quezada, 21 years old, he was found in possession of five firearms, type AK 47, along with five metal mags.


PF destroys a million poppy plants
Details Published on Monday March 7, 2016,
Written by Editorial / The Journal

Product of the different flight and land patrols in the State of Chihuahua; elements of the Federal Police located about eight poppy plantations and destroyed more than one million plants, in the area of Hidalgo Parral.

The eight plantations were located in the vicinity of State Road Varitas- La Mesa, at the town of Memelichi; where a convoy of federal police realized the extensive planting in different areas of a plant similar to those of Poppy.

Thus, the officers proceeded to destroy the plants, which were in an area of ​​67,851 square meters, 1 million, 118 thousand, 268 poppy plants, that were burned by personnel from the Federal Police.


SEIZED 6.2 tons of drugs
07 / Mar / 2016

Nuevo Dia / Nogales, Sonora

Product safety tours, motor carrier inspection and inspections on different roads of the State of Sonora, elements of the Federal Police seized a truck that was carrying six tons 249 kilograms of "grass", similar to those of marijuana characteristics.

The seizure was at kilometer 164 + 200, National Road Highway, section 15, Hermosillo-Nogales, where staff Divisions of Regional Security and Gendarmerie of the Federal Police, marked the driver of a truck, which was observed irregularities in the license plate, why the elements requested an inspection to transportation.

The driver, who gave his name Alberto Guadalupe Rodriguez Duran, 32, told the soldiers who was carrying frozen chicken from Culiacan and to the city of Mexicali, in Baja California.

During the review, the federal police corroborated that the license plates did not belong to the refrigerated box, so they began a full vehicle inspection.

Inside the refrigerated box they were found some plastic containers with frozen chicken, in the rear of the box 603 packages wrapped in plastic tape were found, which inside contain "grass" with characteristics similar to the marijuana and a total weight of six thousand, 249 kilograms.

Thus, personnel from the Federal Police read the detainee the duty of Attending Persons in Detention, and he was made available along with the seized drug to the appropriate public prosecutor, so that their legal status is determined.


DRUGS SEIZED AT HOME premises searched
06 / Mar / 2016

New Day / Nogales, Sonora

More than a million pesos in a drugs and cars, by military authorities in coordination with the Attorney General's Office (PGR), the catear housing.

Yesterday afternoon, the Public Prosecutor, after obtaining the search warrant at the residence located at Marseille, number 25, the fractionation Casa Blanca seized about eleven thousand doses of cocaine, ready for retail distribution .

It was reported that in the building also the seizure of nearly a kilogram of crystal was achieved, as well as crack cocaine, it would be processed in blenders who were inside the house, later to be put in small doses in plastic bags.

Similarly became known that four vehicles were recovered, which is said have been reported stolen abroad, carrying them "makeshift" plates.

The house, which was used as a kitchen and distribution center, as was seized, with seals that were placed at the entrances by PGR personnel.

Last minute, it was reported that federal agents have seized a large amount of marijuana was transported in a truck by the International Highway Number 15, in the stretch Hermosillo Benjamin Hill, that could exceed five tons of marijuana, which came in 500 packages.


Six tons of pot Seized in Hermosillo, Son.


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