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15 / Mar / 2016
Hermosillo, Sonora

Sonora is ready to receive thousands of tourists who will enjoy the various tourist destinations that the entity has announced Jesus Antonio Berumen Preciado, General Coordinator of the Commission of State Tourism (COFETUR).

In fulfilling the instruction of the Governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano, to increase tourism in the state and that this is a new engine of economic development and generating jobs for Sonora, said, working in coordination with different agencies, so safe holiday for visitors.

"This is the presentation of what the. governor has instructed us to the three levels of government, the tourism sector of the state, tell all our visitors that we are ready for Easter, are ready to receive them in our beaches and our peoples, the Rio Sonora route, the Magical towns "he said.

Adolfo Garcia Morales, Secretary of Public Security, said his job will be to protect and assist the population, especially vacationers visiting the busiest tourist areas, there will be actions of monitoring and crime prevention, as well as in risky situations.

Among the actions that they perform will be to work in coordination with the three levels of government and various corporations of public security command centers to be located in the various tourist destinations, will work 400 elements and 80 units to provide public safety, a strategically distributed presence.

For his part, Undersecretary of Health, Luis Becerra Hurtado, reported that one of the actions undertaken during this holiday period, will offer a 24 hour service in 18 hospitals in the state, providing care with 411 doctors and 356 nurses, health promotion will be conducted and information for accident prevention will be provided.

Alberto Flores Chong, coordinator of the State Civil Protection Unit, said that will focus on work in places of great conglomeration of people in 22 municipalities, which are the most visited by tourists also said, will work in coordination between the different agencies of government, the municipal civil protection units, emergency and safety bodies.

The UEPC said, be aware of weather warnings and will be providing information to the population for the prevention of accidents, whether in crowded places or on the road, among others, adding that will run the line 01800 2PROTEGE, or 119 directly from cell, in case of an emergency.

The Director General of the SCT Center in Sonora, Javier Hernández Armenta said that due to the reconstruction and repairs being made on the road four lanes, from Station Don to Magdalena, there are 14 departures equivalent 120 kilometers of detours, two-way movement, which he said is necessary to hold to 60 kilometers per hour.

In these sections, he said, it is important to avoid passing, to avoid a car accident, adding that each of the 14 deviations represents 5 minutes of time travel on the repaired sections.

Meanwhile, Alfredo Martinez Olivas, Director General of Roads Board, said that since February began repairing and actions patching on feeder roads in different municipalities, benefiting vacationers and inhabitants of the region.

On behalf of the various mayors, Heliodoro Soto Holguin, of Huatabampo, announced that it is working in coordination with the three levels of government, clean tourist destinations will remain and different activities will be undertaken to attract tourists to the magical towns and different rural areas in the state.

Antonio Berumen Preciado said that it is expected that half million tourists visit the various settled beaches in the state and 500,000 more come to the magical towns, the route of the Rio Sonora, among other tourist points of the entity, so, reiterated, Sonora is ready, as the Governor of Sonora wants to make Sonora a new tourist destination.

During the presentation of Operational Family Easter in 2016, was attended by directors of various state and municipal agencies, presidents of OCV, tourist offices, Mexican Red Cross, Federal Police, Ministry of Defence and mayors, among others.


Note: and then this:
PGR Dismantles false checkpoint.
Details Published on Friday March 18, 2016,
Written by Editorial Staff


Arrested 24 men who were posing as agents to screen drivers.

Derived from joint actions between the Attorney General's Office (PGR) and the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), an illegal roadblock that was located at km 92 + 500 of the federal highway 15 Los Mochis-Navojoa was dismantled in the state of Sonora.

After a thorough investigation was initiated following a citizen tip, the General Inspectorate of the PGR with the support of the Mexican Army caught in flagrante delicto 24 civilians, who posed as elements of the Attorney General of the Republic, performed inspections to private and cargo vehicles traveling around the place, all under the supervision of an effective element of the Federal Ministerial Police.

At the checkpoint, were PGR logos announcing an "operation", mounted for this purpose with various tents and road signs, as well as enable a plant light that allowed them to perform these actions during the early morning.

The element of the Ministerial Federal Police and 24 civilians who were posing as police personnel were made available to the appropriate authority, for legal purposes that may be required


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