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Note:  The area has been contested for several years now.

24 / Oct / 2015


Again multiple executions with bullets, including a decapitated person  near Rancho La Sierrita, municipality of Caborca, a few meters from the international border line with Arizona, United States.

Sonora State Police spokesman said that after receiving the report of what happened, they, accompanied by municipal, federal police and soldiers, were sent, finding about 53 kilometers from the town of El Sasabe, a township of Saric, in toward Sonoyta.

Confirmed that seven people were dead, in an advanced stage of putrefaction and one of them decapitated, only identifying a ex-convict for drug trafficking in that country, Cipriano Obeso Berrelleza, 38, originally from Caborca ​​and resident of Altar, where the apparently he used migrants to cross to the USA with twenty kilos of drugs each.

Relatives who saw him for the last time in that town on Saturday October 17, reporting him as missing four days later, suspecting that the movement of drugs, especially marijuana, has been the cause of multiple murder.


Man shot,deprived of life 
Details Published on Saturday October 24, 2015,
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The scene was attended by the Deputy Public Prosecutor's Office.
Elements of the State Police investigate the facts which killed Arnoldo Escalante Valdez, 52 years old, whose body was found about 17:05 pm yesterday on a dirt road leading from the ejido El Campito to Agiabampo .
The victim, who lived in the ejido Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, municipality of Ahome in Sinaloa state, was located in a secondary irrigation canal and had several wounds from bullets.
In the place where he was found murdered, staff of the Attorney General of the State found several handgun shell casings.
The scene was attended by the Deputy Public Prosecutor's Office who ordered the lifting and transporting the body to conduct the proceedings of law.  Likewise, the Representative issued an order Social research elements of PEI to find the person or persons responsible private life have Arnoldo Escalante Valdez.


Note: If you avoid the crossfire, there's more.   Caborca, in northern Sonora.   About 60 miles south of the border, area between Nogales & Lukeville.  On a primary smuggling route.  There is talk that Sonora has  (sorry no link)  the 2nd highest rate of TB in Mex.  Mostly computer english. 

Neighbors require prompt attention in Caborca
Details Published on Saturday October 24, 2015,
Written by Marco A. Manriquez / El Diario 

Agua Prieta.

The people of San Luis neighborhood and nearby  colonies fear an epidemic outbreak of dengue.
The neighbors have complained for five years before suing the health authorities and municipal for a solution on land adjacent to their homes in San Luis because it is a real nest of poisonous bugs and mosquitoes; and incidentally it serves as a den of thugs that will only lead idle and will "tronárselas" hidden under the bushes out there in the dark place.

This was determined by vigorously, Mrs. Norma Alicia Hernandez Hernandez, neighbor by calle General Ignacio Pesqueira , between Avenues Tubac and J, of that settlement and its surroundings.

Very bothered and accompanied by respected Mr. Marcelino Torres Alvarez and her grandchildren, as well as some high school students who at the time went by, the representatives of the inhabitants of that neighborhood  agreed that the caborquense mayor, Karina Garcia Gutierrez has done excellent work as head of the current municipal administration, but must also bring order to this matter that already has five years  been suffering from all kinds of animals.

"Two-legged animals to come we will be'jodiendo 'because even steal from all neighbors and we do not' scrubbed 'do', lived between laughter and courage Dona Norma.

Joining with the conversation, Marcelino Torres said with a characteristic rustic accent, mosquitoes attack  them 'because health authorities have not been fumigating the area.
If we add the poisonous snakes we had to exterminate from fear of attacking a family and still have to endure the fires generated by weeds proliferating throughout the property belonging to the engineer Javier Rios.

 Torres Alvarez  said, while stressing that it is much filth there is in place, that even found dead dogs and other animals or pets that people will throw in the 'pigsty'.

He added that the girls and boys of the Technical Secondary School No. 8, as well as children of primary school 201, in Pueblo Viejo, are endangered, if not for animals, another for boys without a job or benefit using the bushy vegetation to hide and to offend, no authority, so far, has perceived them or arrested, much less in charge of Health, which is the primary responsibility that must be addressed because it is in play a lot, which is the caborquenses safety, living there or they have to go through that smelly and gloomy place, the owner seems to have many influences so nothing has been done.  


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