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Note:  photo at link, not sure if it from this incident.

Marines seize  arsenal in Empalme; arrest woman
Details Published on Monday October 12, 2015,
Written by Sun


They seized an arsenal of high-powered firearms, tactical equipment and a grenade launcher.
The Navy and the State Public Security Police seized an arsenal of high-powered firearms, tactical equipment and a grenade launcher in a home in Empalme, a town located 140 kilometers from Hermosillo;  a woman was arrested.
In a report from the State Public Security Police, it was reported to have carried out a joint operation between the two police agencies in a home located on Constitution Avenue between Calle Nicolas Bravo and Juarez.

The operation started with a arrest of a woman named Melissa Anahí "N" aboard a gray 2014 Jeep Cherokee, which had been reported stolen August 4, 2014.
On Saturday night October 10, she was outside of the searched home where 13 rifles, a grenade launcher, a handgun, five drum magazines, 13 portable radios, 3,429  .40 caliber rounds of ammunition were seized, 90 20 gauge shotgun cartridges, jackets and uniforms, among other materials.

The arrested woman, arms and other tactical equipment were made available to the Public Prosecutor of the Federation for the demarcation of responsibilities.


Note:  A problem that is not going away.  This one in TX, same happens in AZ.   Citizens need to be sure it really is law enforcement.  Protocols? 

Feds join hunt for police-impersonating men involved in shooting
Officer impersonation a common occurence
Posted: Monday, October 12, 2015 9:00 pm
 May Ortega
Posted on Oct 12, 2015

Federal investigators have joined the search for a trio of suspects following a drug-related shooting near Donna last week. The men involved, and still at large, were described as heavyset, Hispanic men dressed in police tactical gear -- a factor that is raising concerns among law enforcement.
After a failed drug deal, shots rang out on the expressway on Friday, police said. One vehicle involved was seen speeding, with police lights flashing. Police later found more than 500 pounds of marijuana and -- following a search -- arrested one suspect, who was also dressed in a law enforcement uniform. His identity has not been released due to the ongoing investigation.
No injuries were reported during the shooting.
The apparent impersonation of law enforcement marks the third such incident in the region since August. On Sunday, a group of four to five men dressed as police broke into a pastor's home in Harlingen, beat and robbed him. This followed a third impersonation in Weslaco Aug. 19 when a man attempted to pull someone over. Some of these cases also involved the use of police lights.
Obtaining a police uniform that's convincing to a typical civilian - and sometimes experienced officers - is not challenging.
An eBay search for "Hidalgo County Sheriff patch" yields several results, some bearing a striking resemblance to the official brown and gold patch worn by local officers. The best imitations are priced at less than $25. Patches for Cameron County police are selling for $5 each.
It takes about $50 to buy a complete police costume, local department patches included. If an impersonator wants some extra protection -- like last week's suspects -- the Green Beret, a local store, sells bullet proof vests for about $100.
San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez said there are several resources available for criminals intent on imitating officers.
"Anybody can buy these patches, go to a print shop or an embroidery place to get these things done," he said.
These high-quality products can be confusing for the public, Gonzalez added, given that local officers are frequently working in and out of uniform.
"Sometimes these outfits are so convincing that our most experienced offers have trouble distinguishing them," he said. "It's even harder for normal people to tell."
This is not the only aspect of the recent crime weighing on Gonzalez' mind.
"These types of violent events are happening in broad daylight more often," he said.
The Donna shooting left not only one vehicle riddled with bullets, but a bystander's vehicle was shot once as well. The time of these occurrences, combined with suspects mimicking police, can confuse people, Gonzalez said.
"If people see these types of things, they should not hesitate to call 911," he said.


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