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Note:  Local interest mostly.  
As always, when media says "immigrants", it is actually illegal immigrants.

Border ranchers say Border Patrol not securing border

SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. (AP) - Ranchers along the U.S. border with Mexico say the Border Patrol doesn't do enough to protect them from smugglers and others cross the border illegally.
The ranchers criticized the Border Patrol at meeting hosted by a group of border sheriffs in Sierra Vista on Wednesday.
The ranchers say the government needs to stop immigrants before they cross the international boundary.
Peggy Davis and her family run a ranch 25 miles north of the border. She says her home has been burglarized on numerous occasions and that her family has had to clean up trash by the tons.
Paul Beeson, the commander for the Customs and Border Protection Joint Field Command in Arizona, said the CBP is committed to securing the border and has created three task forces to tackle safety issues.


Note:  more local interest.   SLRC just south of Yuma.  Linked to upsurge in violence in north central Sonora and TJ? 

Police Director hovering between life and death
Tribune San Luis
September 16, 2015
Fredy Mejia

San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora.- still dominating the deep consternation among the citizens of this municipality by the devious and cowardly attack suffered by the lawyer Francisco Vazquez Bustamante, Director of Preventive Police Headquarters and Municipal Transit, happened last Monday night, This has disturbed the peace of the community.

Meanwhile, it was learned that after being the victim of the attack, he was first helped by a municipal agent who lives nearby and taken by ambulance to the Clinica del Noroeste, who provided first aid.

Once stabilized, it was decided by the treating doctor that he was sent in another ambulance, properly guarded by military elements, the (PEI) State Police and the Municipal Police, to the border crossing, where  was waiting a emergency helicopter and he was airlifted to Phoenix to receive more specialized medical care.

It was learned unofficially that in the clinic he was received in the emergency department and was treated by   Dr. Manuel de Jesus Baldenebro Arredondo, former mayor, as he underwent surgery to stabilize his condition.

Meanwhile, there is great secrecy within all police forces and by members of the Secretariat of National Defense, who during the last hours conducted surveillance tours of the city to the whereabouts of the  alleged perpetrators.

The attack resulted in the immediate closure of the main exits from the city, strong vigilance being set up to the toll booth at the Colorado River bridge.

Several vehicles were intercepted for inspection.

It is recalled that the attempt on the life of the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau came when he moved northward apparently toward headquarters down the calle 22, when suddenly he met a blue Volkswagen Jetta,  from which came the shots.

Unofficially it was learned that were at least five gunshot wounds in the body, one to the head, where according to reports last minute apparently is an injury grazed by a bullet, but so far no It has been confirmed, but the others are seriously injuries.

Also in white Nissan Titan pickup and UC-00967 plates traveling in they were observed 11 impacts from a  AR-15 rifle.

The municipal government strongly condemns the assault

"The attack on Mr. Francisco Vazquez Bustamante, is not only an attack against a public servant who had served with full transparency in his duties and obligations as public safety director, but is also an attack against the peace of our community, which precisely work, dedication and commitment led by Mr. Vazquez Bustamante managed to maintain the safest municipality in Sonora. "

So was announced in a press release 26  by the City of San Luis, and firmly urges the competent authorities to investigate these regrettable events, as soon as possible to determine who or who is responsible and the law is enforced .

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