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Note: The "Chiracahua Corridor" is a very active and successful smuggling route that gets high level supervision by the cartel.

May 14, 2014 9:48 PM by Lupita Murillo
Chiracahua park employee recalls near-deadly attack

TUCSON - A park employee left for dead at the Chiracahua National Monument nine months ago, speaks out about her attack.

Karen Gonzales, 60, was viciously beaten in broad daylight in one of the park restrooms.
She suffered a brain injury and is now walking with a limp. She tells News 4 Crime Trackers, "I will never forget his face coming at me."

Gonzales was cleaning the women's restroom at the Faraway Ranch Campground when she heard a noise, looked up, and saw her attacker come at her with a rock.

The DNA evidence left behind tied 33-year-old Gilbert Gaxiola as her attacker. The Cochise Country Sheriff's department confirms Gaxiola is an undocumented immigrant.

According to Cochise Co. Sheriff's investigators, Gaxiola hit her so hard, it broke the rock.
The Sergeant told her, he not only hit her with a rock but he slammed her up against the metal door.
Evidence of the dent remains on the door. Gonzales says her hands are still recovering from the injuries. "Maybe some of it was fending off the blows, I don't know. But I know I hit him." She says she also chased after Gaxiola.

During the attack, she says she heard her husband Bob's voice. Bob had just died two weeks before. They'd been married 34 years. She remembers him saying "Oh dude, that rock is not big enough. You don't know how tough this woman is. Oh yeah, you'll knock her out and that's just temporary then she's going to wake up she's going to realize who did this too her and then she's going beat the ?$#@ out of you."

Detectives say Gaxiola dragged her back into the restroom, and then stole her truck. He was seen in surveillance video going through the drive-thru of two fast food restaurants, and a going to WalMart. "He stole my truck to get back to Douglas and he was caught the very next day with a drug load."
Detectives say he abandoned the truck in Douglas. Border Patrol agents arrested him for drug smuggling the next day.

Besides the scenic rock formations of the Chiricahua National Monument the hiking trails are also used by drug smugglers. In the peaks, drug cartels place lookouts to warn of Border Patrol activity. "I had a gut feeling when I was up at the bone yard that someone was watching me, and he was."

At the same time, Gonzales believes she had people watching out for her as well. "I believe that when this guy did this to me my late son was here my late husband was here and Silas Cochise."
Silas was the great grandson of Cochise the chief of the Chiricahua Apaches. He was also a friend of hers. "It's pretty amazing I survived. It makes me think that there is something else I have to do with my life. I'm still around for a reason. "

One of those reasons, she was there to hold her mother's hand when she passed just a few weeks ago. But it hasn't been easy, she's had her struggles. She said her son told her one morning, "Mom, I just wish one day you'd wake up and be glad you are alive. I started crying and I said me too, me too. But now I am, so I made it, I made it."

Gilbert Gaxiola is charged with attempted first and second degree murder, armed robbery, three counts of aggravated assault kidnapping, and auto theft. He goes to trial this summer.

Gonzales continues to recuperate and credits the love from her friends and family for helping her through this ordeal.


Note: excerpts, go to link for full story.

ICE: Drunken driver in Mesa officer's death was in US illegally
Posted: May 12, 2014 5:06 AM MST
Updated: May 16, 2014 11:22 AM MST
By Steve Stout - email
By Phil Benson - email
By Shawn Kline - email

The Arizona Department of Public Safety said Raul Silva-Corona, 42, had a BAC of 0.238 percent when he was driving Monday morning the wrong way on Valley freeways for almost 33 miles. That's well above Arizona's legal limit of 0.08 percent.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said Silva-Corona was a native of the Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico, who entered the U.S. illegally in 2003 at the border near Columbus, NM.

Records show Silver-Corona was apprehended by the U.S. Boarder Patrol in May 2002 near Why, AZ. He was then extradited to Adams County, CO, on an outstanding unrelated criminal charge.

The Maricopa County medical examiner said this week that Silva-Corona's death was due to "blunt force injury."

end excerpt

Four dead in accident involving human smuggling, UHP says
By Pat Reavy, Deseret News
Published: Friday, May 16 2014 8:35 a.m. MDT
Updated: 9 minutes ago

THOMPSON SPRINGS, Grand County — Four people were killed and four others critically injured after a van that was apparently involved in a human smuggling operation rolled multiple times on I-70 Friday morning.

About 4:30 a.m., approximately 34 miles west of the Utah-Colorado border, a 1999 Toyota Sienna carrying a driver and eight passengers "lost control, rolled multiple times down the middle of the interstate, ejecting multiple occupants," said Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Todd Royce.

Four men were pronounced dead at the scene, four other men were transported both by ambulance and medical helicopter in critical condition to St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado, he said.

Investigators believe a ninth person, possibly a woman, walked away from the scene. That person had not been located as of noon.

"We're looking at this as possibly being a human smuggling case," Royce said.

The Utah State Bureau of Investigations, Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement were assisting the Utah Highway Patrol in the investigation.

All of the accident victims are Hispanic, he said. Royce declined to disclose what state the license plate on the vehicle was from, but said it was not from Utah.

What caused the van to roll was still being investigated Friday.

Troopers continued to look Friday for the ninth person believed to be in the vehicle. Royce said it was unknown whether the person continued walking away from the area or was picked up while hitchhiking.
"One concern is the medical well-being of that person. If they walked away and haven't been checked out by medical, that's a concern of ours. We'd like to talk to whoever that person is," Royce said. "He's a vital piece to this puzzle."

Eastbound I-70 was closed for about three hours. UHP troopers have since been letting groups of vehicles through at intermittent times. Westbound I-70 is open again.

In 2007, eight people were killed and seven injured when an SUV on U.S. 191 near Bluff, San Juan County, went off the road and rolled. Law enforcers said it was another incident of human smuggling.
In 2005, a van carrying 14 illegal immigrants rolled on U.S. 191 near Moab, killing two people.

Contributing: Whitney Evans


Chase Ends in Crash, Leads to School Lockdowns
Posted: May 16, 2014 10:32 AM
Updated: May 16, 2014 12:21 PM

LA JOYA - A chase ended in a fatal accident near La Joya High School. Authorities are searching for four people, including the driver who fled on foot. As a result of the search, La Joya High School, Lorenzo De Zavala Middle School, and West Academy are on lockdown.

Palmview Police Chief Christopher Barrera said Border Patrol agents were following a white SUV. When the driver entered La Joya, La Joya police tried to pull the vehicle over. The driver instead sped off.

The driver lost control and the vehicle rolled over. It happened in a neighborhood near Saloman Chapa Street and Coyote Drive. Palmview firefighters, La Joya police, Border Patrol agents and DPS troopers are on the scene.

Barrera said at least one person, who is believed to be an illegal immigrant, was killed. Sixteen others were taken to the hospital. The driver, who is the suspected smuggler, fled on foot. The search for that person continues. Authorities are also searching for three others who may have bailed from the vehicle before the crash.

Meanwhile, La Joya ISD school officials said all the students are safe.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS will bring you more details as soon as they're available.


Feds nab pot in Nogales, illegal immigrants and pistol in Patagonia
Port officers in Nogales discovered 465 packages of marijuana in a non-factory compartment in the front wall of a trailer.

Posted: Thursday, May 15, 2014 7:10 pm | Updated: 7:19 pm, Thu May 15, 2014.
Nogales International |

Port officers in Nogales seized yet another million-dollar marijuana load on Wednesday, while Border Patrol agents in Patagonia busted a car full of illegal immigrants, including one from Egypt.

The bust at the Mariposa Port of Entry began when U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers selected a tractor-trailer for further inspection following a positive alert by a drug-sniffing dog. During the search, officers discovered 465 packages of marijuana in a non-factory compartment in the front wall of the trailer.
The pot weighed more than 6,700 pounds and was valued at an estimated $3.35 million. It was the 14th million-dollar marijuana seizure in Santa Cruz County since the start of 2013, according to tallies kept by the NI. The driver of the rig, a 36-year-old Mexican national whose name was not released, was referred to federal investigators, CBP said.

Meanwhile in Patagonia, Border Patrol agents stopped a Mercury sedan and arrested three suspects after learning one of the passengers was an Egyptian national with no legal permission to be in the United States.
In a similar bust in the same area, Border Patrol agents stopped a Cadillac Seville near Patagonia on May 9 and arrested the driver and an illegal immigrant who was in possession of a stolen border-crossing card.
Then, when the agents searched the Seville, they discovered a handgun in the glove compartment, the Border Patrol said.


Note: This one is the murder of Sandra Luz Hernandez, a activist leading a effort to find family members "disappeared". The LeBaron family known on both sides of the border. Comments can apply to both sides also. Some may remember the murder a few years ago on the steps of the state capitol in Chihuahua of activist Maricela Escobedo aka "Rubi's mama". Rubi was murdered by a cartel associate. He was eventually caught, but set free by a court, to everyone's surprise (Not). In Mexico, like the U.S., the constitution is mostly ignored by the ruling class. Mostly computer english

"Society, responsible for death of activist " LeBaron
The social activist Julian LeBaron says that only social participation will prevent the country from collapsing
José Alfredo Beltrán

Julian LeBaron , Chihuahua social fighter against impunity

Rejects Malova security failure
State case defines attention to Sandra Luz
' Murder shows political scum ' : Gilberto Lozano
Deputies Agree Sandra monitor research
"We are looking for a rebellion" : Julian LeBaron

CULIACÁN._ by default and not require results to the authorities , all are responsible for the murder of Sandra Luz Hernandez, a mother in Sinaloa investigating the disappearance of her son Edgar .

"We are all responsible , we are all who participated in the murder of this woman , including me , I'm from Chihuahua, (which ) has allowed everything ," said Julian LeBaron .

Chihuahua criminals murdered her family and friends, after they formed a social movement against them , in response to government inaction .

Today it is in Sinaloa to participate with local activists, the idea of ​​creating a national network which citizens organize and start generating changes to a completely rotten system .

For the social leader, the murder of Sandra Luz is a warning to all .

" But imagine you, who murder the Sinaloa woman and close all businesses in the city and all citizens are with the authority and tell the President and the Attorney General and all these people that come without delivering results , " have exactly one day to bring or deliver them to the responsible authority. we will no longer allow this "bad stuff"

The sinaloneses , LeBaron said , they have no other choice than to require the Governor Mario López Valdez clear that crime.

Only from the participation of society , he said, it will prevent the country from collapsing .

"We see that the country is collapsing , we have almost 100 percent impunity , we have the worst education in the world ," he said .

In his case, he said , he had to go out and protest against the murder of his brother , his friend and his brother-in-law , because he could not look at the face of his nephews , who were without their dad and he did nothing.

"You can not move from apathy , fear, empathy without fear first , what we want to achieve is that the whole country is pissed , angry , to give you courage to what is happening ," he said .

Mexico's problems , he added, will only be solved from the citizens, when they learn to take over their communities.

And he called for a rebellion against injustice.

" The Constitution clearly says that citizens are the bosses and politicians are the servants . They talk about governors and the governed , but in reality we have bought the idea that we are slaves, and we have to continue paying for all this stupidity" , he said.


"Sociedad, responsable de muerte de activista": LeBarón
El luchador social, Julián LeBarón, dice que sólo desde la participación social se evitará que el País se colapse
José Alfredo Beltrán

Julián LeBarón, luchador social de Chihuahua contra la impunidad
Fotografía: Noroeste / Iván Contreras.

Rechaza Malova fracaso en seguridad
Delimita Estado atención a caso Sandra Luz
'Asesinato muestra escoria política': Gilberto Lozano
Acuerdan Diputados monitorear investigación de Sandra
"Estamos buscando una rebelión": Julián LeBarón

CULIACÁN._ Por omisión y por no exigirle resultados a las autoridades, todos son respon­sables del crimen de Sandra Luz Hernández, madre sina­loense que investigaba la des­aparición de su hijo Édgar.

"Todos somos los respon­sables, todos somos quienes participamos en el asesinato de esa señora, incluyéndome a mí, que soy de Chihuahua, (que) todo lo hemos permiti­do", advirtió Julián LeBarón.

Al constructor de Chi­huahua los delincuentes le asesinaron a familiares y amigos, luego de que forma­ron un movimiento social en contra de éstos, y en respues­ta a la inacción del Gobierno.

Hoy está en Sinaloa pa­ra participar con activistas locales, en la idea de crear una red nacional ciudadana que se organice y empiece a generar cambios ante un sistema totalmente podrido.

Para el líder social, el ase­sinato de la señora Sandra Luz es una advertencia a todos.

"Pero imagínate tú, que asesinan a un sinaloense y cierran todos los negocios de la ciudad y todos los ciu­dadanos se van con la auto­ridad y le dicen al Presiden­te y al Procurador y a todas estas personas que cobran sin ofrecer resultados, 'tie­nes exactamente un día pa­ra traernos al responsable o entregarnos su autoridad. Ya no vamos a permitir estas pendejadas'", ilustró.

Los sinaloneses, dijo Le­Barón, no tienen otra salida más que exigirle al Gober­nador Mario López Valdez esclarecer ese crimen.

Sólo desde la participación de la sociedad, subrayó, se evitará que el País se colapse.

"Vemos que el País se está colapsando, tenemos casi el 100 por ciento de impunidad, tenemos la peor educación del mundo", señaló.

En su caso, dijo, él tuvo que salir a protestar ante el crimen de su hermano, su amigo y su cuñado, porque no podía verle la cara a sus sobrinos, que se quedaron sin su papá y él no hizo nada.

"No puedes pasar de la apatía, del miedo, a la empatía sin encabronarte primero, lo que nosotros queremos lograr es que todo el País se encabro­ne, se enoje, que le dé coraje de lo que está pasando", subrayó.

Los problemas de Méxi­co, añadió, sólo se resolve­rán desde los ciudadanos, cuando aprendan a adue­ñarse de sus espacios.

Y llamó a una rebelión contra las injusticias.

"La Constitución es cla­ra, dice que los ciudadanos somos los mandantes y los políticos son los mandata­rios. Ellos hablan de gober­nados y gobernantes, pero en realidad nosotros hemos comprado esa idea de que so­mos esclavos, de que tene­mos que seguir solventando toda esa estupidez", señaló.


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