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Note: Now we will see how long before the confiscations begin.

SELF DEFENSE GROUPS (Autodefensas) have registered more than 6,000 weapons : Castle
Commissioner Alfredo Castillo said there are 3,116 inducted in the civilian force in the rural state , to be presented Saturday at Tomatlán Tepalcatepec and Buenavista .

05/08/2014 6:28 PM
Apaztingán , Michoacán

Less than 48 hours after the end of the registration program and legalization of vigilante groups in Michoacán , Alfredo Castillo Commissioner confirmed that they have so far registered 6,086 weapons and 3,116 inducted in the rural state force , and presented on May 10 in the municipalities of Buenavista and Tomatlán Tepalcatepec .

At the conclusion of a meeting between federal officials and members of the General Council of Self-Defense in 43rd military zone in Apatzingán, Castillo said the intelligence reports of government were located between 5000 and 7000 weapons in the hands of the self defense groups , so is is close to having all legalized and registered with the Ministry of National Defense.

Leaders of the General Council of the Self-Defense Groups ratified the dismissal of Commissioner Jose Manuel Mireles as spokesman because his protagónicas statements have affected the credibility of the movement.

Alberto Gutierrez, Comandante 5, read a statement in which he said that after a meeting between the peoples of the self defense groups Mireles was dismissed .

"His behavior has endangered the reputation of the self defense groups . Hereby we decree ( Mireles ) no longer represent us as spokesman of the paramilitary movement of Michoacán , and is part of the council." Besides the government makes " psychological examinations or mental type ( Mireles ) , because we believe that after the accident he was not in sound mind ," said the comandante.

So now the spokesmen of the self defense groups will be Estanislao Beltran and Alberto Gutierrez in extraordinary cases , Comandante 5 .

The document that attested to the decision of the General Council of Self-Defense had signed 30 of the 36 municipalities with paramilitaries.

In this regard, the Commissioner for Security and Development for Michoacán said the government stands firm with the agreements , because it is a collegial body and not just one person.

Questioned about government efforts to capture Servando Gómez La Tuta , Alfredo Castillo said there is collaboration between state and federal forces to continue the efforts to detain not only the principal leader of the Knights Templar but also of all the heads of plazas who still are at large.

Finally , he admitted that the gun registration process will continue for a few days , which does not mean an extension and said that special care is taken in the cities of Lázaro Cárdenas, and Tumbiscatío Artega .


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