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Note:  Been over 70 years now that the superiority of semi auto rifles was decisively established. That and the larger, now standard capacity magazines.  Less is indeed less.  Very often a fatal disadvantage.  Semi automatic firearms have been commercially available since 1896.  Mexico also developed one of the the first semi auto rifles, the Mondragon Modelo 1908.   Unlikely the disarmament will apply to the drug gangs. 

Self-defense without weapons of exclusive use of the Army: Rubido
SNSP holder ensures that the crime rates in Michoacan fell to the entry of the federal forces
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MEXICO CITY , Feb. 11 - . The head of the National Public Security System , Monte Alejandro Rubido Garcia said the AUC in Michoacán no longer to bear arms that are  for the exclusive use of the Army, but still continues the process of disarmament.

As part of the lecture series "Seminar on Violence in Mexico ," which takes place at the College of Mexico , adding that the crime rates in Michoacan fell on  the entry of the federal forces , especially in crimes such as robbery, murder, kidnapping and extortion.

Rubido Garcia said there is perfect coordination with the surrounding to enhance security and avoid the so-called " cockroach effect " states , so there has been a close exchange of information between the agencies  of the police.

He mentioned that the process of integration of community guards belonging to the Rural Municipal Police or is done as a service to their community, and said that most of them will return to their traditional activities.

He also assured that he has control of 27 municipalities from Los Reyes to Huetamo , where you have reinforced security and said that federal forces are those in control of them , especially in Apatzingán .

The official pointed out that the main thing is the reconstruction of the social fabric in Michoacan, and the support to be given to the state, which should show its full potential , it is the largest producer in the country of avocado, lemon, cucumber and melon.

In consideration , the more " beyond security strategy strategy social support provided by the government of the Republic for the reconstruction of the social fabric is more important."



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