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"Nonviolence works with rational people . Gandhi would not have worked in Nazi Germany ," he said .
A significant change of perception for one of Mexico's premier peace activists. Some may remember his peace caravan though the U.S.

In the 1970's in order to prevent another successful revolution, the PRI government instituted draconian gun control. Making Mexico a poster child for the failures of gun control. Doing much, in addition to massive corruption, to enable today's drug cartels. Leaving the people of Mexico mostly defenseless against the thugs, that 94% impunity. The bumper sticker come to life, or more accurately, death for thousands of Mexicans. "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns". Government and non government outlaws alike. Not that it makes much difference.

Despite lack of weapons, many self defense groups have risen in Mexico. The people won't take it anymore. They are fighting back. For real, not via press conferences or polls. Armed citizens, a nightmare for corrupt governments and criminals everywhere.

The "American" doper continues to fund the DTO / TCO / Cartels / drug gangs / government corruption, Murder and misery.


Legitimate and worthy to arm for self-defense: Javier Sicilia
To the violence and suffering of Mexico and a State, which does not provide " security and justice," the poet said in favor of the use of weapons

EFE 11/24/2013 19:36

MEXICO CITY , Nov. 24 - . Given the violence affecting Mexico and an absent state, which does not provide "security and justice " , the poet Javier Sicilia considered legitimate and " most worthy" take a gun for self defense.

I find it quite worthy someone taking a gun and say, ' they are not going to take my dignity or the dignity of a community ' " in this situation said this staunch defender of peace in an interview.

He said that " a principle of dignity " as the state does not give "security and justice to its citizens," and they do not listen to peaceful movements like yours, " any defense is legitimate."

Sicily is the subject of a documentary film from the murder of his son Juan Francisco , along with six more young people at the hands of organized crime in Temixco , Morelos on March 28, 2011 bringing about the caravans made ​​by the Movement for Peace with justice and Dignity ( MPJD ) .

" Javier Sicilia . Loneliness in another. A meeting with Mexico in resistance" condensed in an hour almost 10,000 miles traveled by the MPJD to cities in Mexico and the United States to denounce organized crime .

" To console is to be in the solitude of the other ," says the poet in the film , love that defends against hatred as "the only way to counter violence."

However,Sicilia comprehends the "defensive violence " of the communities that have taken up arms to tackle organized crime. "Nonviolence works with rational people . Gandhi would not have worked in Nazi Germany ," he said .

And in Mexico today ? " Well, we've tried to make it work ( smiles). But it seems that even if we do not ... " lamented Sicilia.

Only " if people come out again " en masse to protest against the state and " make a peaceful civil resistance" , with demonstrations and pressure measurements and not go to the polls or not paying taxes, "we could do without weapons " he said.

"I do not think you have to look for justice into your own hands , but I think it is legitimate to defend " and " protect your people ," said the director of the film, Louise Riley.

And I think right now no, but there are moments in history that was legitimate to take up arms to transform the country , " she said .

"It seems that they can commit a crimes if they are criminals, and some others do not ," said the journalist.

The documentary, which on Monday issued a Mexican channel and is part of a project on "leaders" who also participate in Chile, Venezuela , Cuba and Uruguay , includes an interview with Sicilia , speeches, marches images and testimonies of family deceased or missing.

Like Maria Herrera , mother of four children killed , and another woman who remembers the murder of her brother, sister and brother-in-law . "Pain hurts , and it hurts to the blood " she cries between tears.

Javier Sicilia , who during the presentation of the documentary to journalists left the room and not seen again , was "reliving a lot of pain , extreme fatigue ."

According to the documentary and Sicilia , the " war on drugs " launched by Felipe Calderón (2006-2012) has caused more than 70,000 deaths and 27,000 missing and 300,000 displaced , with a 94% impunity for the drug gangs .

"Everyone has a good deal of responsibility," including President Enrique Peña Nieto , said Sicilia , who asked for more budget for the Mexican Victims Act and make this issue a priority said.

United States created the war on drugs , weapons liberalized and has 25% of the world's prisoners , most of the drug war and " Blacks or Latin Americans," he said.

And besides , society - and Mexican - American " is not able to stand up and unite to say enough ," and the media " have been complicit in this silence ," said the poet.

He warned that while there is " no exemplary punishment " and citizens do not lobby the State , " the country will not find it's way out of this reality."

A few days after the 103 anniversary of the Mexican Revolution (1910-1917 ), Sicilia said rescue democracy , dignity, humanity and solidarity "is the revolution that this country needs . Everything else is pure ideology , pure trash from the State . "



Legítimo y digno tomar pistola para autodefensa: Sicilia
Ante la violencia que sufre México y un Estado ausente, que no ofrece "seguridad ni justicia", el poeta se dijo a favor del uso de armas

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