Tuesday, October 1, 2013



Note:  Have gotten several questions on this.  Following from Border Patrol Local 2544, Tucson Sector.

Government Shutdown
We want to clarify a few things with the looming shut down.

1. Border Patrol agents are required to report for duty. We are "exempt" from furlough, meaning that unlike many other government employees who don't actually report to work, we will report for work.

2. We will not be paid until a funding mechanism (appropriations bill or a CR) is put in place. We don't know if that will be days, weeks or months at this point. Only the politicians can make that decision.

3. All leave will be cancelled. If we take a S/L day it will actually become an unpaid day (no charge to our S/L balance, but no pay for the day either).

4. Union representation will cease and the union office will not be staffed. All union officers are required to report for regular patrol duties.

We will be updating as things evolve.

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