Thursday, July 12, 2012


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Note:   An alleged .50 Barrett recovered after ambush of police in Sinaloa few days ago. 

Note:  5,247 Glocks.

Delivered weapons to five municipalities (Sinaloa)  
Martin Duran

Gov. Mario Lopez Valdez led the delivery of new weapons, ammunition, magazines and equipment for police forces from five municipalities and the State Preventive Police in the facilities of the Institute of Criminal Science and Criminal Criminology.

This package is the second to be delivered this year, and applies only to municipalities with the Grant Municipal Public Security.

In his message to the agents, Lopez Valdez said that today criminal groups attacking the police forces because they are affecting interests.
"Today we deliver this equipment, delivered yesterday to seven police elements," lamented the state president.

In total there were 5,247  9 mm caliber Glock pistols, 734,400  (?) chargers and accessories, and r 126,000  rounds for the municipalities of Ahome, El Fuerte, Guasave, Navolato and Culiacan and another package for PEP. (State police) 

Malova noted that this armament was to have agents in the same conditions as criminal groups so they are not surprised.

He said that so far his administration has invested 33 million pesos to equip the police forces.

Note:  "MALOVA" is the governor of Sinaloa 

REQUESTS MALOVA automatic rifles and Barrets from SEDENA (Mex army) 
Thursday July 12, 2012

Gov. Mario Lopez Valdez used his meeting with Secretary of Defense, Guillermo Galván Galván, requesting automatic rifles, barrets and armored vehicles for state police forces.

The request comes from the police who requested weapons similar to those used by organized crime, and be in similar conditions, he said.

"I received as a request from police forces, where the police tell me they are willing to fight crime, but as long as we put in the same capability with automatic rifles and with the barret and bring armored vehicle " he said, according to a bulletin sent to this wording.

The state executive said that the petition was well received by the federal official. On Monday, a gang of criminals ambushed elements of the State Ministerial Police in El Fuerte, the balance was seven policemen and four dead criminals.

"In this sense I think it was a successful initiative must begin to get weapons for our police officers are not disadvantaged when they suffer an ambush or an attack by the criminals," he said.

During his visit to Mexico City, the Department of Defense Malova gave a report on security in Sinaloa.

It also requested the Ministry of Finance increased resources for the construction of works in Mazatlan and Culiacan.

For the baseball stadium in Mazatlan about 75 million pesos and the bypass around 230 million pesos to 230 million pesos pension and 320 million to ensure the storage of one million tonnes of maize.

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