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Note:  We would ask than anyone making a similar find, especially weapons, ammo, gear, communications equipment, etc. please try to get details.  i.e.  make, model, caliber, S/N, location, how found or stashed, etc.  And any other details that could be of interest or possible significance.
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AK-47s found near Madera Canyon
Posted: Friday, June 29, 2012 8:42 am
By JB Miller For the Nogales International | 1 comment 

A hiker in the Madera Canyon area found three assault rifles in a black trash bag one mile north of Old Baldy Trail.
After receiving a report of the discovery on Wednesday, June 20, the Pima County Sheriff's Office determined that the rifles were found in Santa Cruz County, and notified the local sheriff's office.
Santa Cruz County Sheriff's deputies then went to the site and recovered what turned out to be a stash of AK-47 assault rifles.
Lt. Raoul Rodriguez said the rifles were "badly rusted" and had "obviously been there for quite some time." Four rifle magazines were also recovered.
Rodriguez said the weapons were taken to the sheriff's office and secured.

Note:  A rare appearance of the 5.7x28  

Murder with a 'cop killer'
A young motorist neighbor Bachigualato Colonia El Alto was killed with guns, "cop killer", minutes after he left his home
Photo: IONSA.

A young motorist neighbor Bachigualato Colonia El Alto was killed with guns, "cop killer", minutes after he left his home on board a van.

The victim was identified by relatives as Alex Duarte Erenas Elise, 23 years old at the time of the attack who was traveling in a Nissan, white, with plates of Sinaloa.

According to police reports, the attack occurred around 13:00 pm after the victim left his home located in this field and took down the street José Manuel Otto.

At the crossroads of José Manuel Otón y Francisco Javier Clavijero., barely two blocks from the Culiacan-Navolato road, he passed a group of criminals carrying guns, the "cop killer".

They, without words began to fire on the vehicle that traveled Erenas Duarte, who was shot several times so that he lost control of the vehicle finally came to a halt by hitting the sidewalk. After committing the murder the offenders fled the scene, so the witnesses asked for  police officers and paramedics of the Red Cross.

Rescuers tried to resuscitate the victim who had ceased to exist within the vehicle, so they requested the presence of the Special Public Prosecutor in voluntary manslaughter.

Minutes later the representative of the social and PGJE experts arrived in the area where collected as evidence several of said spent cases, then ordered that the body of Duarte Erenas and vehicle, were taken to the Forensic Medical Service facilities which would with the research

THE finalized
The victim was identified by relatives and authorities as:
Elise Alex Duarte Erenas
Age: 23 years old
Address: Colonia El Alto de Bachigualato
n At the time of attack traveling in a Nissan Estaquitas, white with plates Sinaloa.
n Around 13:00 hours the victim was circulating in the unit for Street José Manuel Otón y Francisco Javier Clavijero.
n Gunmen blocked his way and started shooting at Erenas Duarte.

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