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Note: photos at links Major bust? Have not yet learned source of the weapons. Fast & Furious link?
Mexican govt. "leakage"?
Fast & Furious - Mexican Lives didn't Matter.

Decommissioning arsenal and thousands of bullets in Sonora


Sonoyta Sonora.-
Elements of the State Coordination of the Federal Police in Sonora secured an arsenal that included 18 long arms, including a Barret and over a hundred thousand cartridges, which were transported hidden in a lead-lined compartment in a tractor trailer truck.
The facts were recorded when and at kilometer 226 + 800 of the Altar-Sonoyta highway, Caborca-Sonoyta section, had contact with a semi-trailer, which was driven in an irregular manner, That they proceeded to stop the truck.
When questioning the driver, identified as Luis "N" 44, was nervous and said that the unit was from Tijuana and was destined the city of Torreon.

The members of the Federal Police requested a inspection of the truck, where they located a hidden compartment lined with lead to avoid the x-rays, in the center and along the platform, which concealed firearms and cartridges of different calibers.
Therefore, the driver was arrested, who was read the Card of Rights that Assist the Persons in Detention.

18 long arms were counted,
12 of them with grenade launchers,
1 Barret 50 caliber rifle,
A .38 caliber handgun,
Magazines of different sizes and
16 20 liter( 5 Gal.) buckets filled in total of more than 100 thousand cartridges of caliber 7.62.

The detainee, the vehicle and the materials were placed at the disposal of the Agent of the Public Prosecutor of the Federation, an authority that will follow up the investigation and assign responsibilities.

Also: https://cdn.oem.com.mx/tribunadesanluis/2017/06/portada20170626.jpg


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