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PGR destroys 7 tons of drugs in Sonora
Details Published on Friday April 22, 2016,
Written by Editorial / El Diario

The Attorney General's Office (PGR), Sonora State Delegation and the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) were destroyed in Sonora,

seven tons 262 kilograms of dried marijuana plant,
just over 87 kg of methamphetamine,
1014 liters of liquid methamphetamine and other substances.

The Deputy Regional Control, Criminal Proceedings and Amparo (SCRPPA) instructed the destruction of narcotics, through its delegation in that entity, in accordance with the National Narcotics Incineration Calendar.

Yesterday, burning took place at the Radiomonitora Station of the City of Hermosillo, site where also were destroyed just over three kilograms of cocaine, 36 liters of liquid methamphetamine with diesel, 273 grams, 700 milligrams of cocaine sulphate and 32 marijuana plants.

The narcotics were related to 46 preliminary investigations initiated by crimes against health and taken in different raids in Sonora by the PGR, Ministry of the Navy of Mexico (Mexican Navy), Federal Police and Sonora State Investigation and Public Safety .


Operating results of Blue Lightning
Details Published on Saturday April 23, 2016,
Written by Editorial / The Journal

New suspects made available, other seized, eight vehicles and over three tons of confiscated marijuana, are part of the results obtained by the corporations that make up the "Operation Blue Lightning" and now patroling the streets of Nogales, as reported National Safety Commission (CNS).

Through an official statement, the federal agency said there have been also seized 122 cartridges, three magazines, 251,010 pesos, two guns and three radio communication equipment.

According to the federal authority and as a result of the coordination and exchange of binational information based on the agreements of border management within the framework of the Protocols of Border Violence (PVF), the need for conducting Operation Binacional "Blue Lightning" was shown .


Note: photo at link.

Federal Police catch three gunmen
Details Published on Saturday April 23, 2016,
Written by Editorial Staff


They were aboard a stolen Cherokee, with an assault rifle with a telescopic sight.
Three subjects were arrested by members of the Federal Police in possession of an assault rifle, a handgun and more than 120 rounds of ammunition when they were driving aboard a van without license plates and reported as stolen in Sonora Nogales.

Carlos Gabriel Montes Lopez, 21 years old, Marcos Ibarra Patricio Orejel, 19 and Marco Rodriguez Francisco Cervantes, 24 who were made available to the appropriate authorities.

According to official reports PFP on travel surveillance detected a white Jeep Cherokee, model 2015, without license plates where three subjects were circulating at the intersection of Alvaro Obregon Avenue and General Abelardo L. Rodriguez, of this city.

in a routine officers located inside the car a long gun with 2 magazines, 59 rounds of ammunition, a handgun with a magazine and 63 cartridges and four cell phones, a portable radio transmitter and thousand US dollars.

In addition to corroborating the number of those items, officers were alerted that has been reported stolen in force, so that those mentioned were retained in place.

All three were sent along with weapons and the vehicle to the premises of the Federal Public Ministry, where investigations for the demarcation of responsibilities will be made.


Arizona Marshal - Gov. Pavlovich recognizes safety work
22 / Apr / 2016 - 8:14 pm

The US Marshal endorsed the actions of the governor, to recognize problems frankly and willingness to work with US authorities
By: Staff

Hermosillo, Sonora Sonora.- Between Arizona and there is a working relationship and besides sharing a border they collaborate in combating crime rates that affect both states, said US Marshal in the District of Arizona, David Gonzales, in a meeting with Pavlovich Claudia Arellano Governor.

The meeting to work bilaterally on the security issue also was raised by the Governor Claudia Pavlovich, that agents of the state and municipal police could receive training from American elements.

The US Marshal endorsed the actions of the Governor Claudia Pavlovich, to recognize existing problems frankly and willingness to work with authorities in the United States for a common benefit.

"It is a committed person and very honest and frank about problems and is easy to work with, makes everyone feel at ease and comfortable, and that makes a relationship work."

He said that although warnings about acts of crime in Mexico occurred, they also occur in Arizona and the rest of the neighboring country, so we must work together to ensure the safety of the citizens of the two states.

"Any place you go there are problems of crime and I think that sometimes the government reacts more about certain things, but we must also be cautious on both sides of the border because we also have problems with crime in Arizona and the United States and sometimes you have take it as a grain of salt because there are problems of crime in any country. "


Seized 7.4 million dollars of marijuana at Mariposa POE
Details Published on Saturday April 23, 2016,
Written by Rosalia Muñoz

Nogales, Az.

Over 7 million in marijuana were seized by officers of Customs and Border Protection assigned to the Mariposa commercial POE, aboard a trailer.
Through a press release, the office of CBP (for its acronym in English) reported third largest seizure of marijuana in the history of the ports of entry in Arizona, on 21 April.
The statement said following a canine officers alert sent to a second inspection the driver of a truck 51 years intended to enter the United States through the aforementioned commercial POE with a cargo of watermelons.

In the inspection process they detected a total of 14 thousand 800 pounds of marijuana hidden packages made in plastic wrap between boxes watermelons, and whose value on the black market reaches 7.4 million.
The goods and the vehicle were seized, while the driver, who is a resident of Nogales, Sonora, was made available to the relevant authorities for investigation.


Note: this one Might need a few grains of salt, Along With some tequila. Over the past few years, it is Estimated That Thousands have "disappeared", many to be "found" working for better paying employer.

24 / Apr / 2016

From 2012 to date, 197 members of the Mexican Army and Air Force have disappeared, according to the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA).

So far the current administration, the whereabouts of 183 soldiers, 13 corporals and a second sergeant is unknown. However, in the last administration, when Felipe Calderon declared war on drug trafficking, the number of missing in the military forces was 45 military, MVS News reported.

The average cites a report by the Department of Defense, dependence by Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, which details it was in 2014 the year with the highest incidence since 130 soldiers were reported missing; in 2013 there were 67 cases; and so far in 2015 and 2016 there was no reporting of this crime.

In comparison, during the presidency of Calderón, 2011 it was the year with the highest incidence: 22 military unlocated were recorded; followed by 2012 with 15; and 2010 with eight. From 2006 to 2009 there were no reports.

In 2015, the Department of Defense reported that there is no clarity about what could happen to the soldiers registered under this condition and the cause of it is unknown. The truth is that elements were active, and there were no reports of missing from senior commanders.


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